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Chapter 2

Glacia felt her son's head perch against her shoulder. The older dragoness gently caressed the infant's spine; whispering a gentle lullaby into his ear. Blade sighed in content before closing his eyes and slipping into the realm of sleep. Glacia watched her son's steady breathing with a joy in her heart.

"I thank the ancestors every day for bringing you into my life Blade. I will never let any harm come to you...I promise."

The hatchling only muffled in response to his mother's gentle words. The blue dragoness lifted her head slowly; observing the dark room around them. Blade meant so much to her now. It was all she had left from both of them. She remembered how close she was to losing him. She remembered just how desperate Ember was. How insane she had become.

The pink dragoness looked on in disgust as Glacia strode across the grounds. How dare that slattern. How dare she think that she could just waltz back into the Temple with his body perched over his shoulder.

"How could he...how could he sleep with her...I don't understand it." growled Ember with fury in her eyes. Ever since Glacia returned, the pink dragoness had become extremely unbalanced. This wasn't how it was suppose to be.

Glacia gently padded across the smooth grass. It had only been several weeks since the incident with Dargaul, and Spyro's heroic death. Two large statues graced the courtyard of the temple. One featured the form of a lover tragically lost, while the other featured the noble form of her mate. Both stood in testament to the two ill fated lovers.

The dragoness constantly found herself near the two statues; well knowing that the small infant growing within her was the near incarnation of both. Very gently, the dragoness rested herself before the elegant depiction of Spyro. Soft eyes as gentle as the falling snow turned upwards. She wished that she could see his eyes once more. Those loving orbs that captured her heart and soul. Slowly, she turned her view over the the statue residing next to him.

"Cynder, you're one lucky dragoness. You were lucky to have him for as long as you did." muttered Glacia somberly. A soft wind emanated across the open courtyard. A deep chill crawled up her spine; causing her to shudder in enjoyable fashion.

Ember growled in disgust as she watched her. Nobody could understand how she felt about this. Not even Flame. Spyro and Cynder were her best friends. Even after Spyro rejected her advances, she learned to find comfort in the fact that her best friend would instead benefit from the purple dragon's affections.

"She...she actually deserved it...Cynder deserved it...not...not her.." muttered Ember through clenched fangs before moving closer towards the female before her. The ice dragoness didn't notice nor care about the approaching figure. Ever since the incident she had not spoken to anyone regarding Spyro or her situation. Everyone save Ignitus, who in turn notified everyone else.

Ember did take it the hardest. She was surprised that the pink dragoness cared so deeply for Spyro. She was indeed a good friend, but any relationship between them was strained through the consuming jealousy within Ember's soul.

Then there was Flame. She didn't know much about the fire dragon, only that he cared deeply for his friends. Apparently he and Spyro were very close. The best of friends. She was welcomed kindly by the considerate dragon, even after Ember's protests. She wasn't sure if Ember was aware, but Flame thought more of her then any other female. This gift, however, seemed to be his curse as well, for Ember had never sought to return such feelings.

"I deserved it...I deserved it more then you." whispered Ember as she moved even closer to the unsuspecting dragoness.

Glacia whimpered before moving closer to Spyro's statue. The large marble image bore every feature of Spyro down to the last scale. Glacia gently rubbed her head against the lower half of the statue. A golden plaque was placed on the bottom edge of the marble perch.

Apart we are but half of each other, together we stand in testament to our future. Separated by death yet reunited through love.

Glacia gently rested her maw against the inscription before kissing it softly. The breeze picked up once more; blowing several dead leaves past her feet. She remained there for several moments, continuing to nuzzle the base of the statue much like she would had he been standing before her.

It was by her request that no names be mentioned on the large dedications. Ignitus wasn't keen on granting her request at first, but she managed to persuade him otherwise. Eventually, this child would grow up...and it was only natural that children ask about their missing fathers over time.

"I love you Spyro." whispered Glacia before turning her head away from the marble structure. Eye's of ice met furious pools of sky blue.

"You...you bitch." growled Ember before driving her forehead into Glacia's chest. The ice dragoness fell back in shock, her back coming into contact with the firm statue behind her.

"Ember...God wha...what are you doing!?" screamed Glacia before fits of coughing took over. The pink dragoness looked down at her in disdain. Glacia could sense the fury radiating from within her. She felt the immense hatred that she felt for her.

"You just had to do it didn't you...you had to kill him..take him from us.." fumed Ember before grabbing her counterpart's shoulders violently. Glacia growled violently.

"I...I didn't take him from you Ember...God I loved him!" responded Glacia before being thrown aside. The pink dragoness grabbed Glacia's exposed tail. Digging her sharp talons into the thick scales.

"How could you possibly know what love is...honestly! You just had to take the pleasure in a quick fuck with the purple dragon before you screwed him over!" screamed Ember before throwing the dragoness's body against the base of Cynder's form.

Glacia groaned in pain. She could feel the form within her crying for help. Crying for the pain to stop.

"God Ember..please...I'm..I'm..."

"What...oh pregnant. That's right I forgot. You're bearing the bastard child. I feel sorry for both of you after this day." spoke Ember before pinning Glacia's shoulders down with her talons. Thick blood poured down the base of the statue; forming a small pool upon the ground beneath.

"Ember what's wrong with you! I loved him! I would never have used him!" screamed Glacia before driving her forelegs into her gut. The pink dragoness fell backwards onto the ground. The wounded blue female moved to escape back within the confines of the temple.

"No...you're not going anywhere just yet." came Ember's venomous voice as she wrapped her forearm around Glacia's neck. The ice dragoness couldn't fight back effectively. Not only was she still recovering from her injuries against Dargaul, but the hatchling within her adsorbed much of her strength.

"I'm..I'm begging you..please.." spoke Glacia through a constricted throat. Ember felt tears pour from her eyes as all her hate sprang forward. The pink dragoness growled menacingly into her ear.

"Just like he begged...he would still be here...all you had to do...was save him." responded Ember before driving her knee into Glacia's back. The dragoness fell forward violently; doing whatever she could to protect the delicate being within her.

"Ancestors..please help...Spyro.." groaned Glacia as she pulled herself along the ground. Ember followed her slowly; much like a vulture licking their chops over dying prey.

"You should have helped him. You may have the others fooled, but you don't fool me. All you did was lure him to his death...and then when he begged you to save him...begged you to use that elixir, but you didn't...YOU LEFT HIM TO DIE!" roared Ember in rage.

"SHUT UP!" screamed Glacia before pouncing upon the unprepared Ember. The two female dragons rolled across the ground. Talons broke through thick scales and blood ran free upon the ground's of the courtyard. "I loved him more then my own life!" bellowed Glacia before smashing her talon's across the side of Ember's face.

"LIAR" The two dragoness continued to slash and bite at each other. All good sense had long since been lost to the bowels of emotions and anarchy. Glacia plunged her fangs deep into Ember's neck as the pink dragoness shredded the scales along her side.

"I will kill you for putting our child at risk!" growled Glacia through her occupied fangs. Ember growled in rage before driving the talons in her legs against Glacia's gut. The ice dragoness felt the life inside her scream in pain before falling against the side of Cynder's statue once more.

Ember watched as the dragoness tucked her head between her legs; attempting to calm the crying form within her. As Ember moved closer, she looked up at the statue of the black dragoness. A thick black cloud accumulated over the temple; the large whirlpool of deadly emotions reflecting themselves upon the world through nature.

"How fitting. I only wish that she was here to see this." spoke Ember insanely. Glacia attempted to turn her eyes upward, but doubled over in pain.

"She wouldn't know the friend she left behind." responded Glacia through clenched canines. Ember snarled before moving her maw closer to Glacia's face. Her fangs were stained pink with blood as several thick drops of rain pounded their features.

"I knew her better then you ever would. I knew both of them for almost our entire lives! What makes you think that you're so much better then me...huh...ANSWER ME!" screamed Ember while pounding Glacia's skull against the base of the statue.

A loud rumble echoed high above them. A thick shadow descended upon the courtyard. Covering the statues in a inky blackness. Blood trickled down the base of Glacia's skull, but she continued to cover her already injured stomach.

"What do you want me to say Ember..I loved him from the moment I saw him...and I wanted to rescue him. He sacrificed his life for my happiness...and the reason why I watched him die was because that's what HE wanted damn it!" bellowed Glacia with whatever strength she had left.

Ember recoiled at the words, her blue eyes deep in emotional turmoil. Glacia groaned before resting her head against the statue.

"You...you both betrayed Cynder..." growled Ember as her fangs moved closer to Glacia's jugular. The ice dragoness scoffed before spitting blood upon the ground.

"He never loved you Ember.." A heavy paw slapped her across the face. Glacia cried in pain as Ember pined her talons into her shoulders once more. Glacia found the strength to continue. "He didn't love you...as you wanted...but he was always your friend...just like Flame.."

Ember slapped the dragoness across the face again. Hot tears pouring from both females. The clouds above continued to circle high above, thick drops of rain continuing to fall at a gentle pace.

"Don't...you...dare..bring him into this." responded Ember angrily. "You're the reason why he isn't here today...and that...offspring you have within you can only bring shame to his memory...and hers."

Glacia closed her eyes as the rain picked up its pace. A loud rumble once more tumbled across the landscape. Thick pine trees shook and the smallest insect crawled beneath the surface to escape the coming storm.

"They both loved you Ember...they...they loved all of you...please...don't become something you're not..." begged Glacia as her body slouched forward. Ember growled almost pleasingly.

"I am proud of who I am..Glacia...and I want to honor their memory..." growled Ember as she positioned her fangs over the ice dragoness's exposed neck. Glacia prepared herself for the deathblow.

"I'm so sorry...Spyro...please...our child.."

The attack never came, for Glacia found herself free from the body above her. The injured female opened her eyes slowly to see an orange dragon planted firmly over Ember's form.

"My god, Glacia. Are you okay?" spoke the gentle voice of Ignitus. The ice dragoness quickly found herself surrounded by the Guardians and several other members of the temple.

Flame kept the now furious Ember firmly pinned down upon the ground. Torrents of rain relentlessly descended upon the world.

"By the name of the ancestors Ember what the hell is wrong with you." spoke Flame directly. Ember snapped up at her restrainer violently. Flame responded by pushing one of his paws down firmly on her neck.

"What happened here?" asked Terrador in anger. Volteer and Cyril moved closer to the scene. Glacia attempted to regain her balance, but found her position against the marble statue much to inviting.

"She..she isn't herself." responded Glacia. Ignitus turned his eyes towards the immobilized Ember. The pink dragoness was continuing to spasm in fury, but the stronger male dragon held her firmly against the grass.

"Has she been corrupted?" asked Cyril directly as Volteer moved closer.

"I don't see that being possible. For what reason could she possibly have such thoughts, there is absolutely no reason for it to be." implied Volteer as Ember slowly calmed down.

"She has her hatred for Glacia, that's all she needed." implied Terrador. Ignitus kept close to Glacia while the others proceeded towards Ember's location.

"Are you well Glacia? Heaven help us if the child has been injured." spoke Ignitus with worry. The ice dragoness shook her head and managed a slight laugh.

"All is well Ignitus...I can still feel it. I thank you for your deep concerns." responded Glacia. Ignitus gently placed his paw against her form.

"Rest Glacia. We can't risk any further injury to the child through foolish actions." Glacia shot the older dragon an icy look.

"I would never risk the safety of Spyro's child on foolish actions Ignitus. You of all dragons should know that." Ignitus bowed his head slightly.

"I do know Glacia. Spyro was wise to trust his child with you. I apologize for such hostile actions against you on this day." Glacia shifted her position against the marble structure.

"There is nothing to forgive Ignitus. Spyro's death has been hard for all of us. They were all very close.."

Flame turned his eyes towards Glacia's position when he heard Spyro's name. The pink dragoness beneath him took advantage of the distraction and plowed forward suddenly. The orange dragon yelped as he felt one of his wings twist violently.

Ignitus turned away from the inured dragoness to watch Ember disappear into the temple.

"Quickly...get after her!" commanded Terrador. Volteer, Cyril, and Flame quickly pursued the disoriented dragoness.

"She isn't well Ignitus...you can't let anything happen to her." spoke Glacia in worry. Red eyes blinked before turning towards Terrador.

"You heard her brother. We must find her before she brings harm to anyone else...or worse...herself."

Terrador nodded to the command before following the others into the temple. Glacia placed one of her paws onto the fire Guardian's side. Ignitus turned his eyes downward once more. Blood continued to flow from the fresh wounds. Combining with the heavy rain to form a slow river of red liquid.

"We must get you to a healer. You're losing too much blood. Both you and the young one are in danger." Glacia attempted to respond, but found herself quickly losing conscience. The older dragon gently placed his paws beneath her form; gently lifting her from her position against the monument.

Before moving away from the now empty courtyard, Ignitus turned his head upwards. The noble statues of Cynder and Spyro sat firmly. Both looked down upon the courtyard below; attempting to offer comfort from their place in the afterlife.

Thick blood stained the base of both statues; seemingly unwilling to remove itself even with the constant pounding of thick raindrops..

"Forgive me Spyro...and forgive me Cynder...this is my fault."

Ember pushed aside the doors forcefully. Was this who she was. Was this what she had to resort to now that he was gone. What more did she have to love for. All that she ever wanted was taken from her in an instant. Instead it was given to another much less worthy. Or was she.

"God what have I done!" shouted Ember in disgust of her actions. "What have I DONE!"

Flame burst into the room to find Ember on her knees; hot torrents of tears streaking down her features.

"Ember..please just.."

"Stay the hell away from me Flame. Just go away. Leave me to die here...leave me to suffer for my actions!" screamed Ember as she made for a nearby chest. The orange dragon was quick to react and moved to intercept her.

"I'm sorry Ember but I can't let you do that!" rebuked Flame as he pushed her away from the stone chest.

"Please Flame..let me die. I..I don't know what to live for anymore...and I just tried to KILL the bearer of Spyro's child. Please understand what I have to do..." muttered Ember as she backed away from the dragon. She lifted her paws and stared in horror.

Blood. Thick red blood stained her pink scales. Her once white talons were stained pink and covered with small shards of blue scales.

"Spyro..oh God..I...I have failed you both.." cried Ember as she began to hyperventilate.

Flame moved forward slowly; hoping to comfort his long time friend in her deep depression. Ember took advantage of his soft heart once more and smashed her tail across his muzzle. The male dragon fell to the ground with a sick thud.

Ember looked down at her friend gently. He had always been there for her. Through all of their years. Through all of the battles. Flame had always been there at her side. A true friend to the end.

"I'm so sorry Flame. I don't blame you for any of this. Thank you for being there." Ember gently placed her lips against Flames. Several moments passed before she released the gentle moment.

The pink dragoness slid the top of the stone chest open. Contents of a rather personal nature filled the container to the brim, and it took her several seconds to find exactly what she was looking for. A sharp and rather beautiful knife. It had been a gift. A very special gift. What better way to use it then to depart this miserable world.

"Please.." spoke Ember while she ran her talon along the sharp implement. "Set me free.." She positioned the blade against her abdomen slowly. Thoughts of her friends filled her mind. Thoughts of the dragon she lost twice. "I'm coming.."

"Stop!" roared Volteer from the doorway. Ember looked up in shock for several moments, allowing Cyril to knock the blade from her hand with a well aimed piece of ice. Ember bellowed in anger as she reached for the blade once more.

"I swear don't try to stop me...I just WANT to die!" screamed Ember as the two Guardians moved towards her.

"Please Ember..this is not the way to settle this. Spyro.."

"Don't you dare say his name to me..do you hear me! DON'T SAY IT!"

Both of the older dragons stood still. Both more then unwilling to drive the crazed female over the edge of mental sanity. Ember grasped the knife close to her chest; simply waiting for the right words to push her mind into insanity. Giving her yet another reason to shove the dagger into her abdomen.

"Please Ember. Do you honestly think that this is the best way to solve this dilemma." reasoned Volteer while pacing slowly. Ember kept her sky blue eyes fixed directly upon the two Guardians. Her mind was simply a blank slate. Only one thing mattered to her anymore. She wanted to repent. She wished that she could take back every sin. Take back every cruel word. She wished that she could have something bright in her life.

"It's not worth it." spoke Cyril gently; lifting one of his paws in request for the deadly object within her grasp. Ember shot looks back and forward between both of the older dragons.

"No...no..I must pay for what I have done. I must make it up to them.." muttered Ember as she moved the dagger closer to her scales. Volteer and Cyril retained their positions.

"This is not what Spyro would have wanted for you Ember. None of this was your fault. They would have wanted you to be happy."

"I told you to shut up! Don't you understand. I betrayed both of them. I'm not worthy to continue living!" screamed Ember before lifting the dagger high above her head. Tears streamed from her orbs in small rivers. A seemingly joyful smile spread across her muzzle. "I will join them in the next life..my time here is done.." grieved Ember as she brought the dagger down quickly.

An orange tail wrapped itself firmly around Ember's wrist. The pink dragoness growled fiercely as she continued to pull her arm downwards; attempting to finish the job. A strong grunt came in response as her paw shot upwards; causing the dagger to fly across the room towards Volteer. The yellow dragon yelped before ducking; allowing the dagger to plunge into the stone wall behind him.

Ember snarled as she turned towards the one who denied her release. Flame drove his head into her gut violently; sending Ember skidding across the stone floor. The pink dragoness felt her head come into contact with the stone chest.

The orange dragon had an obvious frown set upon his features. He moved over to the disgraced dragoness; determined to end the emotional and psychological conflict as soon as he could.

"You really disappoint me Ember." muttered Flame as he stood over the fallen female. Ember shook her head and scratched her talons across the stone floor. Soft blue eyes continued to release tears upon the surface.

"Please Flame...help me." cried Ember as she attempted to lift herself from the cold stone. Flame watched on in agony.

"You say you have nothing to live for, nothing to keep you in this life. Did you ever realize that you still have your friends, you still have someone who loves you." Ember looked up at her long time companion with confusion gripping her heart.

"I just tried to kill Spyro's offspring. I have shamed both his and Cynder's legacy.." spoke Ember as she twisted her head. Flame grabbed the pink dragoness by her shoulders and lifted her to eye level. Ember felt his orange orbs scan her face. "I wanted to avenge his memory. I wanted to...wanted.."

"You have wanted the same thing as always Ember. You wanted his attention. You always have. I was his friend also, but you can't let jealousy lead your way in life. It can only lead you to destruction both within and without." responded Flame almost violently. Ember felt his arms flex in rage.

"What do you care Flame..what do you care what happens. If he was your friend as much as he was mine..how can you let this go so easily." rebuked Ember, her tail twitching violently against the stone.

"I care because Spyro was my best friend. Both he and Cynder, and YOU. You were all my family. Now that he is gone, I will not let what is left of it fall to pieces. Glacia is now part of our lives, and you must learn to let go." Ember turned her eyes away shamefully. Her blood continued to flow from open wounds; finding the occasional home against Flame's scales.

"I..I just can't..." Flame pushed his lips against hers suddenly. Ember twitched in surprise as the male dragon's warm lips slid over hers lovingly. She could never picture herself and Flame partaking in such actions, yet she found it to be very comforting.

The loving moment passed quickly as Flame removed his lips from hers. Ember looked at him in relative shock before he pushed her away gently.

"I'm sorry Ember." muttered Flame before stepping back several steps. The pink dragoness watched him curiously before fear took hold once more.

"What..what's...why.." A deep chill ran up her tail as her limbs became unresponsive. She looked down in shock to see her body slowly being overtaken by ice. Cyril removed his talon from the dragoness's tail and moved away from Ember's body.

The ice quickly overtook every bodily function available. Flame watched tearfully as the pink dragoness attempted to move towards him; fear clinching her eyes. She managed to pull one paw up; as if reaching for the orange dragons aid.

Flame turned his eyes away painfully. A thick frost overtook the air; allowing a small chill to crawl up his muzzle. Volteer and Cyril approached the now still body of Ember.

The pink dragoness stood motionless. A light blue coloring was now evident upon her features; along with the light sparkle of frost. Flame turned his eyes back towards the frozen image.

"Well done Flame. The perfect distraction." stated Cyril as he observed the motionless dragoness. Volteer placed a comforting paw upon Flame's shoulder.

"Don't worry young one. She will recover just fine once the ice melts. It was the best thing to do for her in her current state of mind." Flame looked up at Volteer before nodding gently.

"Yeah..you're right. Just please take care of her." responded the orange dragon. Cyril tapped one of his talons against the living ice sculpture.

"I would give it one or two days. After that we will have to see just how she is feeling. If this violent and erratic behavior continues, however, we will have to take more drastic actions for the safety of everyone." spoke Cyril as Terrador entered the chamber. The earth Guardian observed the dagger planted firmly within the stone wall.

"I assume that the situation is under control." Cyril and Volteer nodded in response while Flame only stared at the frozen individual. "We will discuss this later. For now, let us just pray no serious damage was done upon Glacia or the child."

All three of the older dragons moved across the room while Flame could only keep his eyes transfixed on his frozen friend. Her eyes remained still in that moment of helplessness. Still crying out for Flame's help. He moved his muzzle closer to hers. A light sniffle emanating from his throat.

"I'm sorry Ember. Please don't think less of me. For I have always loved you more with each passing day." spoke Flame as he gently stroked the cold scales lining Ember's cheek. "I can be your light."

Blade shifted suddenly against Glacia's side. The ice dragoness broke away from her thoughts and rested one of her paws lovingly against his head. The young dragon found comfort in his mother's touch.

After that incident, Glacia certainly didn't trust Ember any more then usual, but she could understand the pink dragoness's dilemma. To this day she still holds some resentment against both her and her son, but she never attempted to take her life again.

"Mom.." mumbled the small son of the purple dragon. Glacia turned her muzzle downwards to view tired purple orbs.

"Sleep Blade, now is a time for rest." responded Glacia while rubbing her muzzle against the small dragons shoulder. The bluish purple dragon looked so much like his father, while also resembling Glacia and Cynder. A barbed point rested upon the end of his tail, and many small silver spikes lined his back. His head was crested by two golden horns, much like those of his father.

His most prominent feature though was the two silver blades that extended from his forearms. She was very curious about such features, but they didn't seem to bother him in any way. Besides the occasional cut or gash.

It took only moments for the younger dragon to lose himself in sleep once more. The night was at its height. The silver moon being the only radiance to light the midnight sky. Animals had long since shrunk away into the night; albeit the most deadly of predators. Glacia gently and carefully moved her paw along his side.

She was so thankful that he wasn't hurt in that attack. Even though her own body was use to such punishments, losing the child of Spyro would have done her life in.

"I'll never leave you Blade. Thank you for giving me a reason to live." whispered Glacia before licking his cheek gently. The young dragon groaned lightly and turned his head away. The dragoness smiled and turned her eyes to the silver moon shining brightly through the window. Several seconds passed before she closed her eyes away from the night. "I love you Spyro."

Ember moved into her room swiftly. The night had set in and she was in no mood to continue this mental torture.

"God how could this happen. He looks just like them." spoke Ember with a growl as she sealed the doorway violently behind her. An orange dragon watched the door slam shut. He noticed the anger in her bloodshot eyes as she passed by.

Even after she attempted to take her life, Ember somehow managed to remain blissfully unaware of just how much he loved her. He refused to bring up the subject again after that day. At least until he felt the time was right. Nothing would have been better to him then rushing in to comfort her in this time of need, but he knew that she wouldn't listen.

Flame turned away somberly. His orange tail gently rubbed against the stone wall beside him.

"As much as I admire you Spyro, damn you for putting me in this position." muttered the male dragon as he moved away from Ember's door. Keeping watch over her both mentally and emotionally was taking a tole on his mind. He didn't know just how much longer he could be her guardian angel. At least not without her returning the feeling.

"The child is young and defenseless..now is the time to strike."

"No...not yet...not until the right moment...but it draws near...the time will soon be upon us.."

Dark clouds engulfed the night sky. Plummeting the world into pitch blackness. The moon found itself unable to break the shroud; dark magic clearly at play under the influence of evil.

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