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Two weeks passed by and Kimberly still chewed over the fact that her best friend was dating her other best friend and co-worker. Darius and Melody had both come to the house for dinner days after Darius had made the announcement and Kimberly had done her best to grill them both. Bobby had of course had found it hilarious.

Despite herself, she couldn't help but admit that despite the age difference the two actually balanced each other quite well. They surprisingly had similar interests and were every so often completing each other sentences in that adorable way that had Bobby rolling his eyes. Angel chalked that up to him being jealous and of course Bobby returned the comment with a one finger salute.

Boys. Kimberly looked away from surveying the yard from where she sat on the porch swing to press her hand against her stomach. As if feeling her touch, the baby let off a series of kicks. The due date for her delivery was in two weeks and each day that grew closer to it made her incredible anxious and full of nerves. Morning sickness was a thing of the past but unfortunately her hormones still continued to flare up on occasion.

Maybe that's why at this point in time Bobby was out getting ice cream.

The irritation she had experienced at not finding any mint chocolate chip had caused her to go off into a tangent that the world had never seen. Bobby had been grumbling the entire time he shoved on his jacket but he didn't waste any time jumping up from the couch once she started ranting at him.

A quick look inside through the window alerted her that Marley was still enjoying her cartoons. She had just recovered from a small cold and was enjoying the extra time being bundled up in warm blankets Evelyn had once quilted while they served her soup. The cold was from the weather, there was no doubt of that; it had begun snowing daily but that was expected so close to Thanksgiving.

The sound of a truck had Kimberly looking to the driveway just in time to see Bobby returning. He cut the engine and climbed out with a brown grocery bag tucked in his right arm.

Kimberly rose to her feet and pulled her sweater jacket closer to her. "You've been gone a while. I was about to think you got lost."

Bobby snorted and shut the porch door behind him. "What are you doing out on the porch? You're going to catch a cold." He jerked open the front door. "Well, come on Princess."

She eyed him but nodded, Bobby shutting the door behind them. She turned to take the grocery bag from him as he pulled off his toboggan and shrugged off his jacket. His hair was beginning to grow out again but she said nothing, suppressing her smile as he directed attention back to her.

"I bought some steaks too while I was out." He leaned in to kiss her, his hands reaching out to stroke her stomach. "How's my boy doing?"

"He's been trying to kill me again. My insides are not play toys."

"The boy's a Mercer; give him a little slack, we come out swinging."

"Daddy! Daddy's back!"

Bobby smiled as he turned to scoop up Marley as she ran towards them. "Hey there pumpkin. Did you miss me?"

"A whole lot Daddy!" Marley giggled as he kissed her cheeks. "You bring Mommy ice cream?"

"Yeah, Bobby. Did you bring me ice cream?" Kimberly looked down into the bag and pulled out a steak to look down at the carton buried beneath it. "Um, Bobby…"

He tickled Marley who giggled. "What?"

"This is chocolate."

"You don't like chocolate?"

"Did I ask for chocolate when you left the house?"

"Didn't you ask for chocolate?"

Kimberly tossed the steak back into the bag. "Bobby, I asked you for one thing! Ice cream! One carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream and you brought back chocolate!"

"Babe, it's chocolate? I got something right." He chuckled. "Besides it's just ice cream. Do you really need it?"

"Excuse me?"

"Daddy." Marley tugged on his ear. "You should stop now."

"You know, some people on this planet don't even know what ice cream is."

With a scowl, Kimberly turned on her feet and marched into the kitchen. She was aware of Bobby following not even a second later, Marley not in his arms. She ignored him as she shoved the steaks and the carton into the freezer and slammed the door.

"You love me."

"I sometimes question that."

Chuckling, he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. His hands flattened against her stomach and she closed her eyes unable to not lean back into his touch. "Liar." He pressed his lips against the side of her neck. "I can't wait for this baby to come out. You know what that means right?"

"We're in for lots of early mornings and dirty diapers?"

"It means we're in for early mornings, dirty diapers, and the return of kinky sex positions." He bit teasingly down on her shoulder. "I've missed you."

"Don't expect me to feel sorry for you."

He chuckled as he stepped back and patted her lightly on the ass. "Just wait, once you get back into shape, you'll be all over my fine ass again."

"Back in shape?" Kimberly turned so quickly he stepped back in surprise and he grunted as she connected her fist to his stomach. "You go to hell Bobby Mercer, you're the reason I'm in this shape to begin with!"

"Babe, you know I didn't mean it bad! I love the shape you're… I love the extra weight!" He blocked her hands but the smirk on his face only infuriated her more. "You should stay pregnant and fat all the time!"


He was laughing as he grabbed her hands and pulled her towards him. "I fucking love how feisty you are Princess."

"You want feisty, I'll show you feisty! You better sleep with one eye open from now on Robert Mercer!"

"Get him Mommy!"

"You're supposed to cheer for Daddy Marley!" Bobby chuckled and easily trapped Kimberly's arms behind her back. "I almost can't do this baby; your stomach is getting in the way!"

Marley was giggling and bouncing in the doorway while she watched. Kimberly scowled at Bobby but she knew he was playing around, unable to help himself as naturally seemed to be his way.

"Give me a kiss baby."

"Sure, why not?" She snapped her teeth at him, growling, as he leaned in.

Moving back just in time, Bobby growled back and wiggled his eyebrows. "Keep it up Kimmy. I'm gonna put your over my knee and show Marley what a real spanking is."

"The only thing Marley is going to see Bobby is you being put on the time out couch for the rest of this decade."

Marley gasped. "Not the time out couch!"

"Yeah, Kimmy, not the time out couch!" Bobby chuckled and released her, only to cup her face and press his lips against hers for a quick kiss. "I love you."

"Oh now you love me."

"I've always loved you baby, you know that."

Kimberly rolled her eyes even as she smiled. "Even if I'm fat?"

"You're not fat; this extra weight is very, very sexy." He leaned in to kiss her again but her hands coming up to push him away surprised him. "Kimmy?"

"Mommy, you're leaking!"

Kimberly looked down at the same time as Bobby to see the puddle on the floor. "My water just broke."

"I see that."

"Bobby!" She shook him. "My water just broke!"

He continued to stare but the second she slapped the side of his face lightly with her hand, he snapped out his daze. "Shit, the baby's coming. Okay, shit…"

"Bobby, go get the overnight bag." Kimberly pushed at his shoulders. "Marley, go get your jacket baby and slip on your shoes."

"Bag, got it." Bobby took off, hurried steps carrying him up the stairs, and she laughed as he heard him curse as he tripped a few times before reaching the top. He came back a few minutes later to find Marley and Kimberly ready at the door. "Let's go." He stepped forward. "I'll carry you to the car."

"The heck you will!"


Their arrival at the hospital was chaotic thanks to the numerous people that showed up but thankfully delivery was an easy affair. Bobby had insisted on coming into the delivery room and had managed to stay right until the baby crowned. Then he had almost fainted before regaining his balance and repositioning himself at the head of the bed to hold her hand.

The man had been in countless fights and had seen God knows what but the sight of natural birth was just a little too much for him to handle. Too bad he'd never admit that even if someone paid him.

Kimberly looked over at Bobby sitting next to her hospital bed and smiled. He was asleep, several empty coffee cups next to him on the end table. On the other side of her countless vases of flowers and balloons lined the edge of the window.

"I knew he would pass out." Sofi came waltzing in with Angel following behind her. They were both smiling and looking so excited that Kimberly couldn't help but smile back.

Skipping happily, Marley came scrambling in as well. "Mommy!"

"Hey baby!"

Angel helped Marley onto the bed and the little girl immediately snuggled into her side. "Mommy's all better?"

Kimberly smiled and pressed a kiss against Marley's forehead. "I'm just fine Marley." She watched as Angel slapped Bobby in the back of the head and Bobby almost slipped out of the chair as he jolted awake.

"What? Huh?" He narrowed his eyes at Angel who was laughing. "I'm gonna beat your fu-"

"Your wife can hear you." Angel moved back and nudged his head towards her.

Bobby growled at him but as soon as his eyes connected with Kimberly's his facial expression softened and he smiled. "How are you feeling Princess?" He moved forward to kiss her before dropping a kiss on Marley's head. "Do you want me to get you some water?"

She shook her head. "I'm fine. I want to see the baby."

"Everett's just fine. I checked on him not too long ago in the nursery and he was sleeping away." Bobby smiled widely. "But I can see if the nurse will bring him in for a little while."

"Aw, look at that." Sofi cooed loudly. "All you need is a sign that says Property of Kimberly and everything will be just fine."

"No one asked you La Vida Loca."

Kimberly chuckled and reached out for Bobby's hand. "I love you."

He smiled down at her and brought her hand up to kiss her knuckles. "I love you."


"Shut up Sofi."

Marley giggled. "Daddy, be nice! Auntie Sofi's baby might hear you."

Kimberly looked over at Sofi with wide eyes. "Congratulations." She swatted at Bobby. "Why didn't you tell me!?"

"It must have slipped my mind." He muttered.

She rolled her eyes but smiled over at Sofi and Angel who were smiling. "Well, congratulations again."

"Thank you." Angel pressed Sofi into his side. "Now let's go see about getting the newest addition to the Mercer household out of the nursery for a little one on one time with his family."

THE END... for now.