The saying comes from one of my favorite shows. I honestly wasn't planning on entering...but I guess it couldn't hurt to at least write something (though it's probably too late, anyways)

Onesided? KisshuIchigo

Written to TazzyBizzyNya's 100 Word Contest

I think it feels a little awkward...


Kisshu squinted, trying to come up with a reason that made sense.

He couldn't.

She's just like every other human, he thought, because humans aren't snowflakes.

They were all noisy...

but only one of them ended their noise with adorable 'nya!'s

They all wanted him dead...

but only one would cry.

They all wanted him to pay...

but only one did it for the Earth's future.

And he knew they'd probably all be willing to deny him as she did.

Exception: he wouldn't care.

The thought of being around humans made his stomache turn...

but with Ichigo...

he craved it.