House and Cameron

The day House told Cameron that he loved her was no lie. So after he told her that Cameron said she always knew that and she has been waiting for him to admit it.

That night they made plans to go to dinner and a movie. They had a great time together.

From their first date and on nobody knew about them dating not even House best friend Wilson. One day out of the blue Cameron told House that she had so news to tell him.

The news was that she is pregnant. Then they go about telling every one that they have been dating and that she is going to have House's baby and that they have been together for three months now. House wanted to ask Cameron a very big question after they told every one. House said to Cam will you marry me Alison Cameron.

Her answer was yes I will marry you and I love you Greg House and I always will.

Then Wilson had some news of his own he said that him and Cuddy are getting married to and said maybe we can have a double wedding. Wilson and Cuddy have been dating secretly until Cuddy found out she was pregnant. So now they are planning on a very big wedding.