Merlin's eyes flutters when he kisses.

It was odd, April mused, of all things she assumed. She knew most of the gods in Everworld were selfish, power hungry fools. She knew most of the humans in Everworld, were simple folk who rather pray to their foolish dieties than take arms themselves.

To realize Merlin was a romantic at heart threw her.

It was an accident really. The old man bent down to kiss her goodnight- a chaste peck on the cheek- when a rat suddenly scurried across April's feet, causing her to gasp and turn her head.

The connection only lasted less than a second. Merlin pulled away quickly, stepping back. "Pardon me," The wizard coughed, a slight blush appearing underneath his beard. "A thousand apologies."

"It's okay," April squeaked, almost as embarrassed as him. "Stuff happens."

"Yes, well, goodnight young miss. I'll see you in the morning," And with that, Merlin quickly turned and walked down the hallway. He didn't look back.

April went into her room, grateful Christopher hadn't seen that. He would never let her live it down. Sighing, the redhead jumped into bed, pulling the animal skin blankets up to her chin.

They mutely reminded her of Merlin's beard.


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