Inside I wanted to cry. I haven't cried in years; the pains of several lifetimes have numbed me far from crying. I was sad to lose Galahad, my friend, the noble knight to something as simple as blood loss. The knight had experienced so much, fought so many battles only to die softly on an operating table.

"I am making a potion to ease his suffering," I say out loud. I add another ingredient to my bowl, crushing it into powder. "There is little we can do now. His blood has run out."

"We can at least try," The dark skin boy, Jalil snapped at me. "At least sew up his wound."

I choose to hold my tongue. These children, as intelligent as they were, couldn't seem to grasp simple subjects. Sewing up the wound was going to do anything, it was too late. But they were young and they were naïve. I could let their blatant attitude slide.

"Transfusion," The girl, April said. "We could…okay, I mean, we need two hollow needles. And some kind of tube."

I pause in my mixing. The word 'transfusion' caught my attention. In times of need, I had often 'transfused' objects together to suit my needs. But these children did not use magic. So what were they talking about? "What is this transfusion?" I ask her, slightly curious.

"Taking blood from a healthy person and giving it to a sick person," She says to me in one breath. "But we need hollow tubes. Never mind, sorry."

I all but gape at her. Taking blood from a healthy person and giving it to another? Was she talking about some blood ritual?

"The pens," Jalil pointed to the girl's bag. "The bic pens in your backpack."

These children from another world always spoke in odd speech but I always understood their meanings. But now, I didn't understand them at all. And there was very little that I don't know. Almost forgetting my potion, I watch as the girl whip out a small off-white stick from her bag.

"No way," The village idiot, Christopher moaned.

"Way, I'm type O. Universal donor. Someone get a fire going. We need to boil everything," The redhead began rolling up her sleeves, staring down at Galahad's bloody torso with pale aversion. "Get me a needle and thread."

I could see she wasn't up to this. "I can sew a wound, girl," I say to her, feeling a bit left out.

She nods at me, obviously relieved. "Wash your hands in the, um, wine I guess."

Now that I was involved, this child, this girl was telling me what to do. Yet at the same time, I could sense what she was saying was not full of manure. Biting back any objection, I begin washing my hands thoroughly in the red wine.

It smelled. It was sticky. What was the point in this?

As I dry my hands on a clean cloth, I watch as the girl shook out four little red stones into her hand. "Okay, um, let's try, um…four Advil," She said before pressing it against Galahand's lips. "Get some light in here, can't see a thing."

The girl, the children definitely knew something I didn't. The males Jalil, David, and Christopher did what she was demanding of them, without question. It was a bit…exhilarating to watch a female handle such a situation without the aid of monarchial power behind her.

"What is the point of the washing?"

The girl looks back at me and I frown as I realize she forgot I was there. "To get rid of the germs."


She winces. "Uh, diseases and infections are caused by germs- animals so small you can't see them. And the alcohol gets rid of them. Speaking of which…" She grabs the wine herself and began washing her hands.

I was looking at my own hands. Animals so small you can't see them? Is that even possible?

I had to remind himself that these children were from the old world. A world in which magic had abandoned them. Without their gods, how do humans adapt? How do they evolve? But they did. Despite the odds, they did.

I take the needle and thread and begin sewing. I use a small amount of magic to help with the healing process but Galahad has bled too much for any of this to help. I hope the girl knows what she's doing.

I finish within seconds and I watch carefully of the redhead's movements. She takes off the leather band from around her waist and quickly wraps it around her arm. She tightens it. She keeps curling and uncurling a fist of her bound arm and slowly, blue veins show upon her pale skin. The boy, David, does the same for Galahad's arm, summoning the veins by simply tightening the skin.


I don't know what they intend to do next but it is obvious it may not be pretty. The girl cleans the crook of her elbow with a boiled rag. She looks desperately at the dark boy and they both look sick to the core. "Jalil?"

"Oh man, oh man, don't move April." He brings the knife which he so carefully hovered over a flame down upon her skin.

I jump when a spray of blood suddenly shoots out of the girl's arm. Jalil jumps back with a cry as the crimson liquid douses him in the face. The girl-April- simply stops the flow by placing one finger on the wound.

The idiot makes a rude comment but there is determination on his face as he takes that little hollow stick and maneuvers it into her wound. Blood spills out on the other side.

I feel my breath catch. April, supported by the idiot and Jalil move next to Galahad. She puts the tube into the knight's newly wound on his arm. Her life force flows into in Galahad. I didn't think it was at all possible.

"I have women's blood in me now," Galahad grumbles slightly.

"Yeah, that's exactly how it is," April snaps at him. "You get women's blood in you and your willy falls off."

I almost choke. Oh gods, if Galahad becomes a woman-!

"She's kidding!" Jalil quickly intercepts, throwing the girl a glare. "Blood is blood. It doesn't matter if it man, woman, black or white. It's put into types, but not the way you think."

I have no idea what he just said. But I understand the gist of it. Blood is blood.

Before I can ask a question, the idiot asks it first, "How long do we wait?"

"Keep going until I start feeling faint," April whispers.

I barely stand to blink. I watch in muted fascination this act of…not magic, science. I, Merlin the Magnificent, even with all the magicks at my possession, I held no such power to save Galahad's life. But these children, children with no knowledge of how to grow their own crops, how to use a sword properly- using such simple concepts of the human body…!

Could I follow such an act? Take the blood of another and place it in a sickly one? How much washing would I have to do to ensure that these germs will not interfere?

For a half hour no one moved. Barely no one spoke. April quietly whispered to herself over and over again, "No gangrene, no gangrene…" But she quickly quieted when the idiot told her, "You should really be more worried about aids, Mimi."

David was sweating something fierce and when a drop of perspiration almost fell on April's arm, he jerked back so violently he almost dislodged the stick. He quickly wiped his face clean, muttered an apology to the group and retook his place.

Jalil kept hissing strange words. "Penicillin. Morphine. Aspirin. Vaccination."

April nods. "Okay, I think that's enough." She carefully pulls back and her friends quickly wraps her arm and Galahad's with clean cloth.

I touch Galahad's forehead and I am shocked to my core to find his fever has gone down. His breathing is a lot less harsh and there is color in the knight's cheeks.

"Doctor!" The idiot thrusts out his hand to Jalil.

The boy smirks and takes it. "Doctor!"

The idiot grins at David. "Nurse."

April stands. Only I notice how her face suddenly pales and she sways on her feet. I rush forward, grabbing her as her knees suddenly give.

I feel her spirit leave and I fear the worse. She's dead. She has given Galahad too much blood and has died in the process. What is the point of this transfusion if the person giving the blood dies?

I check her pulse and find, albeit weak, but there.

I look to David. "What has happened?"

He motions me to place her on the table next to Galahad. "She just fainted," He tells me as I place the girl down. "She'll be weak but she's fine. Once she wakes up, it'll be a good idea that she eats something."

I nod, taking everything he is saying to memory.

As I press a cool rag against the girl's forehead, I stare down at her pale face. Never in my life have I been so bewitched by a woman.

From the side, I could see Senna Wales glaring disdainfully.


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