April feared of forgetting.

She understood the full consequences of her decision to stay in Everworld, but that did not mean she had to like it. She knew how much she was giving up. Her family, her friends, her culture.

It was a choice she wasn't sure she'll come to regret. When she's fifty-five, will she remember what her mother looked like? Will she remember what her dad's voice sounded like, the names of her friends, or her favorite passages from the bible?

Merlin had found the girl in the dwarf King's library, hastily jotting down long lists of scripture onto parchment. She looked almost desperate- her eyes red from crying. She chewed on the bottom of her lip as she stared out into space, before writing out a few more lines, murmuring to herself.

"Miss April?"

April jumped at the sound of Merlin's voice. Her elbow struck the ink pot next to her, spilling the black iron all over her work.

"No!" She cried out, trying to save the parchment from damage. "No, no, no!"

Merlin waved a hand and the spilled ink magically went back into the ink pot. April breathed a sigh of relief, quickly repositioning the pot away from where it couldn't be knocked into again.

"I apologize for scaring you," Merlin spoke. "I came to tell you that dinner has been served."

"Huh?" April looked up. She then realized his words and she shook her head. "Uh, no, no thanks. I'm not hungry."

"You need to eat my dear," Merlin walked to her table. "Can your writing wait?"

She shook her head again. "No, it can't."

Merlin eyed the pieces of parchment. He could not read the writings. He could, however, can see April's handwriting becoming sluggish the further on she wrote. It was obvious she had been here for quite a while. "May I ask what you are doing?"

"Not forgetting," April sighed, rubbing her tired eyes.

Merlin frowned. "Not forgetting what?"

She shrugged. "Names, places, people. Of course, I don't think anybody here in Everworld is going to care about Mickey Mouse or that he had a clubhouse."

"Then why write about it?"

"I don't know," She sighed again, wiping at her face. "I just feel… like if I forget something, then I have denied this world of something spectacular. I don't know. For the past hour I've been writing down all the songs I know. I can't believe how much I've forgotten…"

Merlin wasn't sure what to say. What do you say to someone who literally left their world behind? And considering her world was much different than his, the grief was probably much more profound.

He picked up one piece of parchment, silently looking it over. "I cannot read this," He told her. "Will you tell me what this is?"

She smiled sadly. "It's a song- one of my favorites. It's from my childhood."

"Will you sing it?"

April blushed. As an actress, she was used to public performances and on-the-spot improvisation. So far most of the songs she has sung in Everworld had been to save lives, distract, or to mourn. This was the first time someone asked her to sing, simply for the sake of hearing.

She starts, almost shakily, her mind going over the notes. Soon, her voice is filled with confidence, loud and clear.

Somewhere out there

Beneath the pale moonlight

Someone is thinking of me

And loving me tonight

Somewhere out there

Someone singing a prayer

That we'll find one another

In that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are

It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

And when the night wind starts to sing a wholesome lullaby

It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through

Then we'll be together somewhere out there

Out where dreams come true.

April's voice fades. She feels a bit drained. She quickly wipes the few tears that had cascaded out of her eyes. She looks to Merlin, wondering if he enjoyed the song, or like most Everworld citizens, found it cute but confusing.

His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly opened. For a moment April thought she had put him to sleep. He blinked, his blue eyes slightly glossy. "That was…" He swallowed. "Different."

April almost snorted. "Yeah, I guess so. It's not like the killing songs I have to sing to the Vikings-"

"No, no, you misinterpret me," Merlin reached over, grasping her hand. "You have to understand, when people sing here, it's to either praise their chosen god, savior or warrior," He huffed. "It becomes all very tedious after the fifth hundredth verse of 'Zues will smite thee.' Your song is a welcome change and you sing beautifully."

April blushed again. Suddenly very self conscious, she pulled her hand away from his, her eyes cast down. It was one thing to hear Jalil or David to tell her she sang beautifully (they were guys. What do they know?) but when Merlin said it, she knew he meant it from the bottom of his heart.

It's quite embarrassing, to be honest. "Thank you," She murmured.

Merlin smiled at her. "Will you sing another? And this time," He pulled a blank piece of parchment to him. "I will help record."


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