Ch. 10


The days passed slowly after that night. I knew I should be relishing the relaxation, but I was too apprehensive for Aang to face the firelord, and get the whole war over and done with. But it couldn't happen that way. There were still adventures to be had, and plans to be made.

For example, according to Toph, everyone was going on "field trips" with Zuko. Katara, even though she still hadn't trusted him at the time, had agreed to heal him. When Zuko was well, he and Aang went to some ancient civilization with some people called "sun warriors", and learned something about firebending, and a dance! Something like "The dragon dancer" or "the Dancing dragon"? It was hilarious.

Then Sokka went with Zuko to a big prison in the firenation, And they freed Chief Hakoda, Sokka's dad, and Suki, Sokka's girlfriend, and this guy Chit Zang, a friend of Sokka and Zuko.

Then Zuko finally earned Katara's trust when he took her to these "Southern Raider" people. They came back empty-handed, but suddenly Katara hugs him? It didn't make much sense.

Then we went to this play on Ember Island all about our journey, and guess what! They left me out! I feel so annoyed, I mean, I'm the one that got Zuko into the group, and I'm the one that played pretty music, and I'm the one that stole Sokka's gambling money to buy Momo a funny-looking hat...

But oh well. Tomorrow, Sozin's Comet will come. This time our group is going to win. This time, I won't be on the sidelines carving flutes.

This time, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, and Toph are going to fight to win... and I'll be by their side.

The years were happy ones. When the Avatar defeated the Fire Lord, Lee returned home to his mother, and they received money from the new firelord for a better home near the capital of the firenation.

Soon, Zuko married Mai, and everyone rejoiced. (A/N Ugh. I hate Maiko... I just wanted to stick to the series. Zutara 4 eva.) A few days before, Lee had found Zuko by a pond in the palace. It was the anniversary of Iroh's death. Even the Turtleducks were silent in mourning.

"Lee?" Zuko had not expected his friend in the Palace.

"One of the guards let me in." Lee stated. "Said you needed some cheering up. Everyones in town for you're wedding. Iroh would want you to spend time with real friends, not just turtleducks."

Zuko chuckled but did not rise. "Thank you, Lee. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be here. Sokka would've finished me off."

Lee laughed. After a year of friendship, those first few days were hard to imagine. "You know, you really are just like Sinzu. I don't care what Azula thought. You're the best brother a guy could have. And we'll always be brothers."

And they both new then that Lee spoke the truth.


So there you have it folks. a nice, bittersweet ending of my first comeplete fanfiction!

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