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Chapter Three – New Job

Rated: M

Sango closed the door to her father-figure's office. This was ridiculous! "Foul play" wasn't what they were really arresting him for – they found out about those races. They were smart, though: finding another reason to jail him instead of publicly embarrassing him. If they had told the truth, no doubt Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha both would make the media's and the person responsible's lives hell.

She thought of the elder brother. If he was anymore cunning outside the races than he was in them- she shuddered at the thought. InuTaisho's words echoed in her mind. Sango, it's fine. Calm down. They say I killed the man who formerly owned this building to get to where I am today. That man is dead, after all, but I cannot prove my innocence. He died at home, but the officers said I was the only one he was with that day; me being his VP and all.

They suspect foul play.

After twenty years, they suspect I killed my father.

It didn't help her any. The thought of them doing this- her shoulders slumped. People did this everyday, she realized.

She stopped at Inuyasha's door.

"Hey," she knocked on the door loudly. "Can I come in?"

Of course there was no answer.

"What are you doing, woman?" She knew the scent of coffee: she was all too used to it. Turning around, she noticed the elder brother.

"I don't have time to mince words with you."

Sesshoumaru seemed a tad bit disappointed: this woman had been so fiery before her meeting with his father.

"So, you heard the news, then," he replied cooly.

"You won't do anything about it?" Her voice trembled.

"Oh believe me," his face seemed to radiate mischief mixed with malice, but it didn't show. He started to walk past her, and slowly whispered in her direction, "they'll have hell to pay." It sent shivers down her spine. Sango had no idea what Sesshoumaru was capable of doing, but...

"You better worry more about the race," she said suddenly. After a slight pause, he just kept on walking. "Even if you become President, you still have to deal with me outside the races if I get in the top three." She felt a tad better, and if she had pissed him off, she would have felt heavenly. This was her rival: the man who always beat her to the cut.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Inuyasha's head popped out of his door. Sango yelped, and jumped back as she heard his voice. "Top three, and what? You're married to him?"

"NO!" Sango yelled, and shoved him back into his office, following. "I get a position in this company. That is, if I do win. How come you didn't answer the first time?" She cocked a brow as she sat in a chair. Suddenly, she saw Kagome in Inuyasha's seat, the girl uttering a nervous hello.

"H-hi, Sango."

"...Oh," was the only word that came from Sango's mouth, and she dusted off her pants as she got up, and started walking back towards the door.

"Sango," Inuyasha spoke up. "He didn't kill gramps." That got the girl to halt immediately. Looking back at him, she urged him to go on. "I bet the same person who ratted him out had something to do with it. I'm gonna find the bastard; Sesshoumaru isn't the only one with connections."

"You do that, Inuyasha. I, on the other hand, am gonna kill the bastard."

She slammed the door evenly, a little uncomfortable. What if that chair she was sitting on was the same chair-

"AWW, JEEZ!" She screamed, shutting her eyes. The image made her squirm down the hall; other people giving her those looks and giggling at her almost snapped her out of that stupor, but the images- "FUCK!" She ran into the elevator.





"Sesshoumaru," InuTaisho's voice was steady, yet exhausted. "You're sure about this?"

"Of course." The reply was all but joking. "She was grandfather's secretary. I'm sure this Kanna girl had all names, dates, and times of his appointments. I'll find out how he was killed." The Father gave his boy a nod.

"Be sure you do." He stood at the windows, peering over at the warehouse where Sango was headed. "I won't give up my life like some rotting bastard that abandoned his children to save a few bucks."

Sesshoumaru stood silent, then left his father's office as quickly as he had come in.

InuTaisho looked on his desk. He laughed heavily. This boy had never had preferences for an assistant before...





"Oi!" Sango called. "Old man! You done with the car yet?"

Myouga just sat next to his toolbox sucking on another juice bottle. "Ah, liquid refreshment." The old man handed her the keys and went back to working on other cars. The girl shook her head and smiled. She noticed Sesshoumaru leaning on her car.

"What are you doing?" She asked cooly.

"Checking out the competition." The girl honestly grunted. He never usually gave her any sort of answer before. Why now of all times?

"Speak of the devil!" She almost jumped at a new voice, but she turned around to see Miroku. At least he was being smart and tuning his car up here as well. "I was just asking Myouga about you, my fine lady. Are you hungry? We could catch a quick bite to eat before the race tomorrow."

"Leave, Houshi, we have business."

"Oh?" He stood idly next to Sango and slid his arm around her waist. "I hear people like play over work." Miroku inched closer and closer to her bottom, and before she could even react, the demon said something else.

"I suggest you keep your hands off my assistant during business hours, lest she, or I for that matter, convince my father to kindly disqualify you from the races. Or better yet," he glanced over at Sango, "have you arrested and let you miss your chance at ten million yen."

"That would be unfortunate," Miroku sighed, and winked at the lady. "I'll leave you to your job, beautiful." He strode away with the thought of how he'd kill for an assistant like that. As soon as the monk was out of hearing distance, the two continued mincing words.

"Since when am I your assistant?" She spat. "The position I had in mind had nothing to do with you."

"Father decided that he didn't need to wait until after the race," he replied. "Since he's going to jail, he wanted to make sure that you got taken care of, so I did that for you. I've already gotten you switched from that pathetic little coffee shop to here," he replied, taking a sip from his coffee. She could only imagine what he'd done there. "So you've nothing to worry about. You start in the morning, and I expect nothing but promptness out of you."

She was speechless. She almost wanted to go back to that damnedable coffee shop. She wanted just a simple cubicle job, not being her rival's assistant! Sango just stood there, thinking it through.

"I suspect that vacation is still in the question if you win, yes?"

"You were listening?"

"You're just loud." She blushed profusely.

"Damn it, get off my car you bastard!" She yelled, and she could have sworn he was grinning as he strode off. She slammed the door next to her. "Damn, damn, damn, shit!" She cursed as she started her car and stomped on the pedal, almost running down her new boss and the pervert both.





"Sango, will you take me to the Italian place down the road before you go tomorrow?" Kohaku was unusually happy, Sango noticed. He was holding a maroon dress shirt and black pants.

"What's the occasion?" Sango grinned, "are you going on a date? My little brother, scoring with chicks!" She slapped him on the back for good measure.

"Sister..." Kohaku gritted his teeth and blushed. "Will you please just take me there?"

"Of course!" She cooed. "And I'll even buy flowers for you, so you can take them to the lucky girl! Who is she?"

"Who else would it be: Rin!" Sango blinked and smiled nervously. Another tie to that pompous bastard... "Sango?"

"Well, let's go get you something to give her as a gift," she said bitterly, the thought of that egotistic pompous fuck-face being her new boss...

"Ow!" Kohaku tried shaking his hand loose from his sister's grip. "Ow, too tight! Too tight!"





"Tomorrow," the voice was mysterious, lacing venom from start to finish. "We get them all. I don't want any fuck-ups. You know what happens when a fuck-up happens."

"Yes." "Yes." Two voices replied simultaneously.

"Good," the male's voice seemed threatening. "I didn't get rid of Mr. Taijya for nothing. Get his son and his daughter, too. This whole operation was in jeopardy because of him. Motherfucker would have ratted us all out just to see his kids. I want them all dead, you hear me? That weapons deal with the States is mine."

"Yessir." "Yessir."

"Good. The youngest will be at Main Street tomorrow. They won't be hard to miss. I'll take care of the racers. Kanna."


"You just do what you did last time. InuTaisho should be easier than the old man. My weapons vault is open; take what you may." Faint footsteps were heard.

"Sesshoumaru may be quite the handful," a deeper female voice chimed in. "Are you sure you want to handle him alone?"

"You just stay behind me as I take out the eldest. You can have the younger one."


"Tomorrow," a car was started, engine roaring. "Kukukukuku..."

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