Greetings. Here's the full summary: Keira Maria Rosewood lived the life of an average human. But everything changes after the appearance of a mysterious man. A strange light teleports her to Sylvarant. After meeting the Chosen, she soon finds herself taking part in the journey to regernate the dying worlds. Along the way, she will experience, friendship, anguish, love, and betrayal as she tries to unlock the secret to her unknown heritage.

Crappy summary, I know. But it's better than nothing, I suppose. The main pairing is KratosxOC. But there will be others. This follows the Tales of Symphonia storyline but with some plot twists. So, without further adieu…

DISLCAIMER: I do not own Tales of Symphonia and its characters/storyline (nor do I own any other Tales game for that matter).

CLAIMER: However I do own my OCs and plot-twists.

Please enjoy, no flames, but I will accept constructive criticism.

Prologue- Aid

The air was cold as mist swirled around the dark, never-ending abyss. A sigh filled the nothingness. I've been trapped within this shell for centuries. A woman thought; as she sat on the 'floor', and stared into the emptiness that she now called home. She raised her 'hand' and placed some of her long, light green hair behind one ear. It's only a matter of time before the three worlds are once again in peril…there must be some way that I may guide them. She thought. It had been so long since she had helped the three worlds; she began to wonder whether she still had what it took. She began to fear that her powers had become rusty; what with being trapped inside some never-ending dark room for centuries on end.

The determined woman stood up from her spot on the 'floor' (or what she assumed was the floor) and placed both hands in front of herself. There is something I can do. She thought as she concentrated all of her mana into her hands. She could feel the power pulsing through the veins in her palms; her surroundings were long forgotten and she placed all concentration on one spell. A jolt of pain struck her 'body' and she grimaced slightly. When she opened her bright green eyes; she found a small silver orb hovering directly above her palm. So far so good. She thought; she was panting slightly. Now for the hard part. Her hands began to move in odd patterns and she chanted in a strange language. A small vortex appeared in front of her; the woman took her chance immediately and threw the orb into the vortex. It closed seconds after.

The woman smiled at her handiwork; heh, I did not think that I would be able to pull that off. Suddenly her legs buckled under her, and she soon found herself falling to the floor. She groaned, "Ugh…that took more power than I thought." She thought about what she had done. I will be weaker for sure…but, all in all, I think it just might be worth. I just hope that I can find a host before its too late