Chapter Two: A Blast

It was revealed to be male, judging by his voice. Naname was a little disappointed that such a pretty face belonged to a boy... Two great revelations came to him today. Number one, that his girlfriend had been a long-time cheat. And number two, that he's bisexual; made official during this 8th of the February, 10:56 PM.

"I'm picking you up for the night." He plainly stated making the other boy look outraged. "I am young, but I can probably afford everyone here."

The boy wiped his lips, "What the heck are you talking about it..? And why did you kiss me...?"

"Oh, so you don't swing that way?" The lord knight asked him. "I think we can remedy that with a simple blindfold."

His crimson eyes widened, "Swing what way...? Blindfold…? Look here, mister, I was innocently sleeping here when you suddenly took away my mouth's virginity. What do you think I am, a prostitute..?!"

Naname laughed. When he asked for a distraction from his current love dilemma, he never thought it would be something as amusing as this.

"W-what are you laughing for?!"

"Yes. I did think you were a prostitute." He suppressed his laughter, "Were you not aware that this is a prostitution lane?"

He looked at his surroundings. That perverted Lord Knight was right; this is Prontera's red light district. There were bars everywhere and dozens of well-endowed women were loitering around. "…!" The boy panicked, "I swear, it looked nothing like this before I dozed off!"

"I thought so. Prostitute or not, seeing as you're pretty much homeless for the night, why don't you come with me?" Naname proposed, scratching his blonde hair.

Sarcastic crimson eyes landed on Naname, "Yeah, I'll go with someone who almost raped me."

"Raped you? I simply gave you a kiss." He winked.


Tsuki scrunched his eyebrows more. It was his attempt to look manly in front of this Lord Knight who was obviously way manlier than him. The Lord Knight was taller than him by about five inches and was obviously more toned, making him feel more inferior about his 'manliness'.

'And this guy just kissed me too.' His brain added, and obvious fact that only urged him to hit his head on the wall and knock his brain dead.

"So, what do you say?" Naname asked the Biochemist.

"No." Tsuki checked his pocket watch, 11:15 PM. He had only been asleep for about two hours.

"You look pretty defenseless, the streets aren't for you." The lord knight didn't seem like he were to give up anytime soon.

"I can fire acid bombs, you know." He threatened.

Tsuki picked up his homunculus from the ground and placed it on his head. He pulled up his cart and started walking away. For a few moments, the other boy just stood there, looking at Tsuki's retreating form; but something urged him to follow the enigmatic lad.

"Are you absolutely sure you don't want to stay at my place?"

Tsuki stopped walking and turned around to face him, "Look here.. uh.."

"My name's Naname Kuroda."

"Look here, Kuroda. I'm not a prostitute, and I am most definitely not gay. " He cringed at the 'G' word. "You should honestly stop convincing me to stay at your place. I simply am not interested."

"Hey, I told you my name, what's yours?" Naname pretended as to not have heard what Tsuki had just said and continued tailing after him.

"Why do you even bother?" Tsuki asked.

"I just wanted to have a name next to that pretty face of yours..." He mused.

Tsuki fumed and sent an empty bottle hurtling towards Naname's direction. He did not take pleasure in someone call him 'cute'. Or 'pretty'. Or any other word synonymous to that.

"Hey, that could've hit me!"

"I was planning on doing that!"

Soon, a single clap of thunder was heard from the heavens. "Geez, fine." Naname shrugged and turned around. "But hey, feel free at crash at my place. It's right beside the Prontera Church, there's no way for you to miss it."

Tsuki gave him a strange look. After living out on the streets for a few years, nobody ever bothered doing something for him with nothing in return. Or maybe this Kuroda person just hasn't revealed his ulterior motives yet. Like taking advantage of him again, for example.

Regardless, Tsuki finally decided to at least tell this person his name. It's a fake so it doesn't even matter. "Tsuki Takatsuki." He said.

"Excuse me?"

"My name... It's Tsuki Takatsuki." He mumbled almost inaudibly.

"Tsuki Takatsuki, got it. Now I have a name to scream out when I masturbate tonight."

Two minutes ago, he almost had a different view of Kuroda Naname. But that pervert just had to open his mouth, didn't he? "You bastard...!" He gritted his teeth. "Go burn in hell, Acid Demonstration!"

And the night was serene no more.


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