Author's Note: Hi everyone. I intend this to be a Tom/Hermione fan fic. Yet I'm pulling in Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin as their ancestors so to speak.

Thousands' of years into the past

"Salazar!" Rowena yelled throughout the dungeons. "Salazar, where are you?" Tears ran down her face as she looked around the cold, dark dungeons that Salazar called home. The rumors couldn't be real. He can't leave Hogwarts? Even now, Rowena could feel her heart breaking. Would he leave her?

"My love," Salazar's voice answered making her turn. He was walking down the twisting stairway; His black cloak flowed with movement. He truly was a snake…the way he could move was almost predator-like. Her heart swelled as he moved closer to her.

"Salazar," she whimpered as his arms encased her. Rowena could feel his dark, curly hair against her head. Her body trembled as a river of tears began to fall. "There are rumors…are you leaving?" She looked up into his green eyes and was shocked. There was a twinge of sadness in them. There was something else; a cloud of guilt that rained over him. "You are leaving." She spat trying to push him way from her.

"Rowena, you must listen to me." He stated releasing her from his grasp. "I have to leave this god-forsaken place."

"No!" Rowena screeched. "You promised to never leave me, Salazar." Her heart felt torn. How could he?

"If my ideas and values aren't shown in this school that I helped build..." he began. The fight Salazar had with Godric flashed in her head like a movie.

"You are leaving because of the Muggle-borns," She muttered. Her whole body began to shake. "Let Godric have his ways, Salazar." She walked up to Salazar leaving an inch between them. Her pale hand cupped his face gently. She watched as he kissed the inside of her palm and sighed. "Don't leave me because of this mere issue." She muttered her voice barely a whisper. "I don't think I can bear it, love." In her heart, she knew that she spoke the truth. If he left, she would die of a broken heart.

"Then come with me…" he muttered into her hand. She could hear the sadness in his voice as he muttered those words. Salazar knew that she could never leave Hogwarts. Her love of knowledge ran in competition with her love for Salazar.

"Salazar," she muttered. "I think my heart is breaking." The magic around them sparked as she muttered these words. "We will be apart...Salazar, we haven't been separated since the time we first met."

"We will never be apart, Rowena." He muttered taking her into his arms for the last time. "Our love is something that you can't merely erase. It would take lifetimes. Our souls will find each other in each life until there is none to suffice us." His cold, pale hands cupped each side of her face.

"Salazar, I'm begging you." She pleaded "Don't do this." More tears ran down her face leaving stains on her beautiful skin. One of Salazar's fingers curled itself around a light brown curl.

"You know I must." He muttered.

"I love you," she muttered softly. Salazar stopped and looked down at her. Green eyes met brown as the words sunk in. "I love you, Salazar."

Suddenly, his lips crashed down upon her. Salazar's strength was unknown to her until she felt her back being slammed into the cold wall. Pain shot up her spine but she ignored it. Her fingers ran through his dark hair as she deepened the kiss willingly. The magic around them was intoxicating and both knew it. Everything felt heightened to the highest degree. Yet then it stopped. Rowena could feel her grasp on Salazar slip as his face moved toward her ear.

"I love you more than my own life, Rowena." He muttered into her ear. "I promise that we will see each other again, love." With those words he left her. As the dungeon doors closed, Rowena sank to the floor. She ran her fingers through her brown curls. Her body began to shake as a flood of tears escaped her. Salazar was left her and now she is alone again. Truly alone.