"Rowena, you have to stay alive." a soft voice muttered making me open my eyes. I was in a dark room; the light dimmed from magic. It was a bedroom, I could see the outline of a large canopy bed in front of me. It was familiar...I squinted my eyes, taking in the kneeling form beside the bed. It was a woman, small with long, blond hair. She was dressed in a dark yellow dress, the corset black with designs of silver. It was another memory, I could feel the magic around me, strong and yet all the same dying. She was dying...Rowena Ravenclaw was dying and for some reason I felt that I was as well.

"Helga," a famliar voice muttered making me move closer, out of the shadows, a place I belonged to during this intimate scene. I bit back a whimper at the sight of the dying Founder. It was stunning, seeing someone so powerful look terribly weakened. She was pale, her hair sticking to her body from the sweat that covered her pale skin. "Find-find Helena." Helga nodded, her face decorated in silent tears.

"The Baron is searching for her as we speak. He'll find her, you know it to be true." Helga muttered. "Just hold on. Don't leave me here, Rowena. I can't live in a world that doesn't have you." I could hear a slight chuckle echo through the air before Rowena's body began to shake. She was coughing, a slight dribble of blood escaped her mouth. "You saved me, sister."

"No, Helga. You saved me. You kept me alive when Sal left me. My dear Salazar..."Rowena muttered slowly turning her face towards the window. There was a full moon tonight; its bright light illuminating the grounds of Hogwarts. Hermione could see the longing in her eyes, the longing to be free. It was something that Hermione herself. "I thought he loved me." Helga whimpered as the woman's eyes fluttered.

"I think he did, Rowena." Helga muttered hearing the door creak open, revealing Godric's presence. "More than you know." Her eyes looked up taking in the Lion Lord himself; his golden hair pulled up, revealing his strong jawline. Godric could be considered handsome, many of the young girls stared at him with lustful intentions. Once Helga could say that she had thought to love this man, but she knew that in the end, Godric would always want Rowena. Godric bowed his head in acknowledgement, his brown eyes venturing over to the dying woman. Emotions flood his eyes for a mere second before being hidden by a cold mask. "Is there any news? Has the Baron found Helena? She needs to see her daughter."

"The girl hasn't be found as well as the diadem. Stealing it from her mother..." I could hear Rowena laugh, coughing into a handkerchief Helga placed into her hand.

"Really, Godric? We did insolent things during the years; don't judge your goddaughter. I'm not angry with Helena. She will come back soon enough as well as my Salazar." They watched as her eyes closed, her breathing becoming slower. Godric looked to the window and back at Helga. His mouth opened, almost like he wanted to argue but the golden woman stopped him raising her hand to silence him.

"No, Godric...not now. Rowena loved him when she was young and carefree. She gave all of herself to him as I know he did to her. Soulmates in every form possible. Your words will not sully the affections she has for her mate. Especially now that she is dying." Helga brushed back a curl that was sticking to her forehead and sighed. "They will see each other again. Soulmates always do cause you can never truly die in this world of magic."

"We're always reborn."

"She supposed to be waking up, Professor. Why isn't she waking up?" a familiar voice screeched making Hermione squirm. She needed to open her eyes; Hermione focused all of her energy into moving her eyelids. Maybe just maybe she could open her eyes for a few seconds perhaps, just to show that she was still there. That female voice sounded frighteningly familiar...Lucretia?

"Calm down, Miss Black. She should be wakeing up very soon. See, her eyes are moving. It shouldn't be long now." Hermione opened her eyes, everything around her blurry and unfamiliar.

"Rosalyn!" Lucretia cried hugging her tightly; Hermione barely being able to breathe until she let go. Everything became clearer, more define as the haze Hermione once knew disappeared. She was in the Hospital Wing, the familiar white sheets and walls giving up its identity. Lucretia stood beside her, tear stains decorating the pale face. "I was so afraid."

"I'm okay now, really." Hermione stated a small smile decorating her face. She looked up at the Professor and for some reason, Hermione felt worried. Something was clearly wrong; Dumbledore never acted like this before. his eyes kept looking at the door and then back at her. It was like hew as waiting for someone to reappear. Finally his eyes landed on her, the glint she once knew returned like it never left.

"Miss Black, I think its best that you go off. I need to talk to Miss Burr." Hermione leaned back watching as Dumbledore pushed thr young girl out of the doors. Silence enveloped them; Hermione rubbing her forearm fiercely. The strangest sensation overcame her; she could swear she felt someone right beside her, touching her mind and body. Strange it was...

"Something extraordinary is happening at Hogwarts, Miss Granger. An awakening I'm sure you know of." Dumbledore stated sitting down on the edge of the bed. The dream ran through her head, images of Rowena and Salazar dancing around; Hermione could feel the tears well up as she remembered Rowena in her deteriorating state. What the bloody hell was happening to her?

"What's going on, Professor? I need to know what is happening to me." Hermione muttered looking into his perwinkle eyes. A small smile appeared on his face, his hadns going up to strok his beard.

"What do you know about souls, Miss Granger?"