Head aches and heart breaks

Sadly this does have some mention of the letter in it. But it's not what you think. And if you like Kat/Tommy then you are so out of luck this is a Kim/Tommy all the way.

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The fall

Tommy and the others were at the juice bar; Kim had been gone for two months now and was seriously missed. Tanya Sloan (the new yellow ranger) and Kat had just gotten there after a very long shopping trip that involved getting a bunch of yellow and pink things. They also got some American flags because the Pan Globals were today and they were all going to watch it there.

Rock and Adam were sparing over on the mats. (Rocky was winning) While Tommy on the other hand was just hitting the bag over and over again.

"Hey guys it's on." Ernie yelled over to them. Every one in there came over to the small TV to see a fellow person from Angle grove on TV and making it big.

Tommy and the others got right up close so that they would have a good view of there best friend and the former pink ranger.

"Oh man I am so nervous. I hope she wins." Kat said

"I know she will." Was all Tommy had to say not once taking his eyes off of the screen.

They watched as all of the gymnasts walked on to the mats and around until they came to a spot in the bleachers set aside just for them.

"Look there she is." Rocky yelled pointing out a small brunette wearing a pink leotard that had the print of a pterodactyl and a crane on it.

"GO KIM." All of the rangers yelled and cheered.

"Keep it down you losers. We're trying to watch."

"Shut up Bulk." Kat snapped.

"Next up we have Kimberly Hart from Angle Grove California on floor." The TV announcer told them.

They all watched as Kim walked onto the mats. She raised her hands up and turned and started to do a series of tumbles, roles, Hand springs flips, Cartwheels. And things like that. She did it all perfectly with out any mistakes. The judges all gave her 10s and Kim won that event.

Every one started to cheer and clap. As they watched they got a close up of Kim and thought the others didn't notice Tommy did. Something was up with her, She looked I don't know wrong.

Kim smiled at the camera knowing that her friends were watching it, most likely at the juice bar.

She walked off the floor and back to the bleachers to sit with her friend Nick.

"Hey you looked great out there Kim."

"Thanks; well you know I always try."

"Ya but I think you were trying even harder for a certain boyfriend of yours that is more then likely watching." He teased her knowing that that was exactly what she was doing.

"Well maybe a little bit, but he has seen me perform before."

"Ya but you know he cant see you know and I think you deserve a bit of a reward so how about since he isn't here to do it I give you a little ki..." He started leaning in.

"Don't even think about it Nick, Or I will kick your butt all the way to china." She warned, She hadn't told any body here that she could fight so they all thought that she couldn't

"Ya right Kim your to small to be able to do anything to me. I bet that the best you could do is a little self defence that you got from some little girly self defence class."

"Actually Nick I know Karate, and I am fairly good at it. Lets just say that in Angle Grove you either knew how to fight or you may get abducted by some strange monster or another."

"Oh not this again, Come on Kim you would think that you were tired of making up stories like the power rangers." He looked over at Kim who now had a water bottle to her forehead. "Kim are you ok?"

"What oh ya I'm fine." She told him.


"Well I got to go, Ill see you after this." She got down from the bleachers and walked over to the beams. She stood in front of one and raised her arms.

She saw that the camera zoomed in on her. She looked directly into it.

Tommy and the others were watching when the camera zoomed up at her. He looked closely at her she looked a little pale but he thought that maybe it was just the camera.

As it got closer to her face she seemed to look into it. Not at it but into it, and straight at him. This is for you Tommy She mouthed.

The others looked at Tommy, they to had seen it. All Tommy could do was watch.

As she started her routine Tommy definitely saw something was wrong. Se was off balance just a little and she was wobbling. She Bent her legs getting ready to jump. He didn't know how he knew it but he knew she was not going to land that jump right. He had seen her do that flip time and time again, he knew how far her legs were always bending but now her legs were only half that bent.

"No." He said standing up. The others looked at him for a second thinking that he was crazy but turned back to the TV.

Things moved in slow motion for Tommy. He saw her lift off from the beam backwards, he saw her hands come down to catcher like always but he also saw that she had to bring them faster then she should have and that threw her off. He watched as her hand hit the wrong way and saw her fall off the beam hitting her head along the way.

The room went quiet as they waited. Tommy could hear Kat.

"Please get up Kim. Get up."

Tommy stared at the love of his life lay motionless on the ground, to far away for him to get to her.

Just then a Boy was seen running out of the gymnast area and over to her. He lifted her head and put it on his lap and yelled for someone to move.

The others turned to look at Tommy who was in complete shock.

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