Walking along the sidewalk with his freinds Trixe and Spud, Jake entered his gandfathers technology shop,

"Yo, gramps, whats the deal? You said it was something important."

"Indead it it young dragon, do you recall the incedent in wich you traped a ghost within a camp trophy?"

"Of coarse I do g, how could i froget the time i got to make brad look like an idiot" jake replyed grinning broadly at the memory.

"aiya! this is important young dragon! the dragon council resived a messeg from the after life regarding that ghost!" the old man yelled wildly,

"whoa really g? i didn't know we could do that sort of stuff" jake replyed ,his interst caught

"ya dude, with contact with the after life you could do all sort of stuff, like start one of those things where you pass on the messeges of the dead to the living for money" spud said with exitment

"no! it is not us who makes the contacting, but the gods of death themselfs! they are upset about the imprisonment of a soul and are personally sending three death gods to see to it that the soul be sent on to heavan"

"now thats just wrong!" cried trixe putting in her bit

"how come a sleeze like that guy is going to the good place!? what good deed did he do?"

"it is not our place too decide things like that young one, as i said before they are sending three of there own the see that it is properly dealt with" gramps said sagely

wait, how would they even find us? and what are they supposed to do anyways? its not like they can just come and breack the guy out of the trophy and leave it like that" jake said

"i do not know, that they are coming and what they intend to do is all i kinow young dragon, we must remain vigalent as posible and pray that nothing goes wrong, you best go home now and get your rest, afterall, you have school tomorrow"

he said, and after bidding eachother good bye the three friends whent there separate ways and jake made his way home to see if he could finnish the history report he had due the next day for his history class.