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"So what do you think about the whole death gods thing Jakey?" Trixie asked as the trio ignored Rotwood's rambling.

"Eh, can't be too big a deal, they probaly have no clue where to start, after all, all they know is that theres a soul trapped around here, its not like they have some way to track it down" Jake replied smoothly.

"Ya Trix, its totally no big!" Spud added in enthusiasticaly.

"Attention please, I have an important enouncement!" Rotwood cried loundly, looking up, the trio noticed that there where three slightly older looking kids standing at the front of the room.

"We have here three transfer students from japan, Rukia Kuchiki" he said gesturing to a small black haired girl with large violent eyes that seemed to dominate her face

"Hello!" she said brightly grinning and curtsying slightly, the other two kids looked vaugly discusted at the formal behavor

"Ichigo Kurosake" this time he gestured to the tall frowning boy with bright orange hair.

"Hello" he said more seddately than the girl, bowing his head slightly

"And last of all, Renji Abari" Rotwood said nodding to the large figue with bright red hair tyed back in a ponytail, he had tatoos starting at his eyebrows and trailing down his neck, he simply grunted and nodded to the class.

"Well now lets see, miss Kuchiki you can sit next to Trixie (can't remember her last name), mister Kurosake you can sit next to mister Long, yes you, raise your hands to let them know who you are, mister Abari you sit next to Spudinski, you raise your hand too young man!"

Soon the three new students where seated and Rotwood was rambling again,

"So your from japan?" Jake asked canversationaly, hoping the tall newcomer would drop the frown and turn out to be a nice guy.

"Ya, the three of us always get along real well so they desided to send us all together so we would be with friends while were here in new york." the brighlytly colored haired teen replyed politly

hubh, thats good then, you sure speack english pretty well, jake said, slightly puzzeled, the other boy was talking nicely, but continued to frown as if he was gearing up to kill the next person to speack to him

"ya, well i just studyed real hard, i tend to get picked on a lot because of my hair so i normaly don't hang out, I just go strait home and study, is something wrong?" ichigo asked, finnally noticeing the strang look he was reciving from the greenish haired teen

"its just, your acting really nice and stuff, but you just keep on scowling, is there a problem or something?" he asked causasly

"Ahahahah! Ichigos always like that!" cried the small black haired girl, leaning over the aisl inbetween the desks

"Belive me, I live with him back in japan, he even frowns while hes asleep, its just one of his natral features, right strawberry?" she said grinning widely

"Shut up you miget!" Ichigo said crossly

"Strawberry? That some japanese thang or somthing?" Trixie asked, puzzeled by the use of a strange nickname

"Ichigo means strawberry" said the tatooed teen leaning over the desk to join into the conversation as well

"Oh, like your one to talk, you pineapple." Ichigo shot back at him with a glare

"Hey, I just thought of something!" exclaimed Spud randomly, unknowingly breaking up a fight before it could begin

"What?" Renji asked, curios

"Well sinse your transfer students and all, where are you suposed to like, sleep and stuff?"

"Well, a friend of ours made some arangments for us, apparently some guy named Loa shi is supposed to be leting us stay with him" Ichigo said laxly

"Lao shi? Thats my granpas name, I think he would have told me he was expecting company" Jake said, puzzeled, while it might not be too big a deal, it was still very unlike his granfather to froget to mention such a thing

"Well hat and clogs might have something to do with that, you just never know with that guy

"Hat and clogs?" asked Trixi makeing a face

"Ya said Renji, Ichigo is real bad at remembering names so at first he just called Urahara hat and clogs"

"Excuse me" said Rukia tapping Jjakes shoulder, so he would turn to her,

"if hes your granpa would you mind takeing us to his place after school, we don't know the way"

"Ya, sure" he replied,

"We were going there later anyways" smiling she quickly thanked him and sat back in her seat.


yay! so we finaly see what shinigami are coming to town, also i am sure you noticed that i frogot several names in this chapter, a little personal saying i have for myself is that i always froget something, so if you could let me know what thoughs names are i would really appriciate it