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now on with the fic (finnaly!)


"Oi, Rukia! What is it anyways?" shouted Renji, as he steadily began to increase in speed,

"Annancar" she replied grimly, looking strait ahead.

"It's right over here" she said, turning towards a park, followed by Jake and the others,

as they entered the park they heard someone cry out in fear,

"What the hell!?" quickly running toward the source of the shout they found themselves in a clearing with none other than Ulquorria Shifder, Grimjaw Jaggerjaks, Yami, and a teenager that they recognized as Brad from school.

Brad looked suitably freaked out, considering the fact that three humanoid monsters had just come out of a hole in the sky,

Ulquorria looked completly emotionless as always, Yami was looking around dumbly and Grimjaw looked like he couldn't be more thrilled that the shinigami had finally arrived

"Yo! Ichigo! wanna fight?" he shouted cheerfully, succesfully creeping out the New yorkers some what

"Absolutely!" replied a sudenly exuberant Ichgo smiling broadly, earning him odd looks from the dragons.

"What?" he asked when he noticed their looks,

"You don't see the issue here?" asked Trixi

"No" he dead panned in responce.

"Yo, Ichigo, whats with the humans, and the dragons?" Grimjaw shouted, confused by the presence of the strangers accompanying his favorite sparing partner, they sure didn't seem to strong, there was something weird about them, how could humans with such low reatse see him, and what the hell was with the dragons?

"Oh, ya, their like magic people and stuff, I think they wanted to help fight or something, he said idly scratching the back of his head

Grimjaw of coarse immediately burst into laughter, preventing him from anything he might have said in response,

Riddiculase, stated Ulquria speaking in his usual monotone, stepping forward

Trash such as them would not evan began to be worth fighting

apparently feeling that his strength had just been insulted, Brad responded in his usual fashion

"Hey! just who are you calling trash you freak! Do you have any idea who I am!

Hey Ulquorria, can I kill him?" asked Yami abruptly, the brashness of his question enough to make Brad step back and start looking around for an escape rout

It doesn't matter , Ulquorrias response brought Brad's attention back just in time to see Yami lazyly flick a hand towards him, the blow strong enough to take his entir arm off, which it did.


sorry about the sort-of cliffy, i needed to end this chapter somewhere and this seemed like the best spot i could find. oh, and anyone have the correct spelling for the names of the espada i have in this chapter?