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As it was however, his words did nothing but continue to shock her, "Maybe now, you're in a better mood to listen to me, yeah?"

Ino was only half concentrating on his captivating presence; the other half was concentrating on healing herself, and trying to catch her shortened breath back… until he said those words. Whilst she was staring right at him, and whilst she was busy thinking deeply about his features; her focus up until he had finished speaking had been on his lips. Now his face slowly began to come into focus.

She wasn't exactly sure what to reply to him, firstly she was confused to what he was asking of her, and his behaviour thus far was far from normal and rational. The second reason was that she should not give up information to an enemy… then again he did say that he just wanted her to listen to him. Given their positions and her aching back, there was little else she was able to do.

He still held onto her chin, his touch soft yet authoritative, it seemed he didn't need to demand much by force. Her momentum was frozen in his demeanour and she couldn't explain why she was so in awe of him. She felt her mouth part slightly and racked her brains for something to say, feeling more like a dumb blonde every second she stared at him gormlessly.

Deidara was extremely amused by her lack of response and concentration. She hadn't noticed; but the green healing chakra emitting from her hand was flickering, and she had yet to take her eyes off of him. Normally when he went to the trouble of enticing and seducing young girls, they were lead like a naive lamb to the slaughter. This one was no different, piercing blue eyes and a cute upturned nose, her face was completely innocent and adorable, but the fierce determination on her face made her incredibly enchanting.

He knew how to hold attention and curiosity; he had been a pro at that even before joining the criminal organisation that he felt had deserted him for the murdering brat who had tried to kill him.

His jaw was aching from where she'd broken it; admittedly he'd been slightly amazed at the strength in her first. He could tell easily that she wasn't suited to fighting in close combat, and could also tell from her stance and placement compared to the other Konoha ninjas in her team; that she was the weakest and easiest to lead away

Taking that, and his predicament into consideration, it had only been natural for him to deduct that she should be the one to fool into following him. Even despite this fact, she proved to be the one most easy to bait and deceive with good looks and by acting allusive and charming. There was something about her that made him believe she was out to prove herself; and those were the best types of girls to ensnare. He took his time with adding to his previous comment, he already had her trapped in his evocative aura and felt the need to attract her slightly more to get what he wanted from her.

He let his eyes linger over her frame and made damn sure that she knew he was doing it as he did so, in all honesty she wasn't all that bad of a female, far from a perfect piece of art however, but that only made him want to improve everything he could find fault with for her own good.

Her muscles were well toned from hard and competitive training, but it was obvious she cared a lot for her feminine side, she wasn't skinny and flat, and inches of chubbiness filled out her body remnant of an on-going failed diet that would never succeed.

Quite deliberately he moved his ringed hand and placed it on her healing hand, drawing her attention completely away from his roaming hands and making her flinch at his seductive touch. He leant in a little closer, being ever so careful to feel her gasping breath on his face and leaning once more; whispered delicately in her ear. "You stopped healing your stomach un, how about healing my jaw?"

Her reaction came as little surprise when she growled at him and finally retorted forcefully, "You have some nerve!"

He chuckled and drew away from her ear, there was a slight pink tinge to her cheeks, but he couldn't work out whether that was from embarrassment, being flustered or anger... finally coming to the conclusion it might possibly be all three. "Ino-chan?"

"Only my friends call me that!"

She was becoming cockier now, more aware and more confident. He couldn't have that, it may ruin everything, and gaining any trust from her was going to be harder than he assumed it would. He knew his curiosity was growing, anticipating the result on her; after each of his actions.

She was very easily swayed and toyed with, it didn't seem like she had a very good control over how quickly her emotions changed, either way that was redundant at the moment, his jaw was still aching and if she wasn't wasting time half healing herself while trying to concentrate on several different things, she may as well put her medical talents to use and heal his jaw. Which she had yet to agree on; he thought bitterly.

"Your friends aren't here right now though, un, and I could kill you… if I wanted too."

She froze, and stared at him incredulously, a string of different events probably running though her mind, trying to decide on the best outcome, he figured it would be best to continue piling on demands and threats whilst she was too confused and conflicted to think and act properly upon them.

"I don't want to kill you. But I do want you to heal my jaw, yeah? It was you after all that caused it, yeah?"

Ino could only gulp, and without knowing what she was doing lift a hand to touch his jaw line. After a couple of moments she realised what the numbing feeling was and why she was acting on her own without coherent thought.

Survival Instinct.

She could see the fracture and cracks in his bone and without medical equipment it would be somewhat complicated to heal it properly. "You have a spiral fracture." She explained calmly. "That I can't fix without proper equipment, I can heal it to the best of my ability but it needs to be put back into place correctly and without anaesthetic I-"

"Do it, yeah." He stated. "Can't be worse than having both arms blown off among other things, un."

Ino blinked, she knew Akatsuki were strong insane murders, but she knew how badly it would hurt. On the other hand if it was in return of her life, and he was forcing her to do it, she couldn't really care less about how much pain she was causing him. Then again, being in the amount of trouble that she was, dancing with death wouldn't be too much of a gamble. She grunted irritably, in all honesty; things really couldn't get into a bigger mess.

She lifted her other hand and cautiously place both hands on the side of his face. He tilted back his head a little for her to have more access to his wound and watched her like a hawk as she set to going about healing his injury.

His skin wasn't as smooth as she first thought it would be it was coarse in some places, but comprehension dawned on her, that it was not a boys face she was touching but a mans. He may only have been slightly older than her, but she knew that he had seen and could tell her more about the world than someone twice his age. He fingers worked deftly, she used them as splints holding together his bone whilst she quickened the healing progress with her ninjutsu.

Despite the obvious pain Ino knew that Deidara would be feeling, he didn't so much as flinch as she set to work, nor did he make a sound or indication that he was feeling any discomfort. The blonde girl sort of wished she was able to mask all of her emotions as well as him; but at the price he probably paid for it, perhaps it was best that she continued to possess no control like her master and pink haired rival.

It didn't take long to finish, secretly Ino had to admit Deidara was the perfect patient. She let her hands drop and for a second contemplated running away, in that moment his hand was wrapped around her wrist, his eyes back on her and a tiny yet definite pout was on his lips. "I don't mean for you to go just right yet, un."

The girl stayed silent, if she didn't speak he couldn't misinterpret her, and she could continue being as moody and aggravating as she was trying to be. She didn't see why she should act civil to someone who was treating her like a convict, especially not when it was clearly the other way around.

He looked around, and Ino could tell he was already thinking up some sort of route to lead them further away. She had heard the boom and knew his bombs had diverted or worse yet trapped her comrades, and she didn't much like the idea of getting even more lost with an S rank criminal who everyone assumed was dead. She knew he was intelligent; any demeanour he put across otherwise was carefully constructed to make one think otherwise.

"I guess we need to go South-West yeah, towards the Mist."

"What is it you want!?" Snapped Ino, seconds later; kicking herself, for losing her cool as he peered back down at her again. "You dragged me away from my friends and got me to heal that stupid wound, what can I possibly do to help you out!?"

Deidara shrugged and stood up, dragging her up as well and began walking in the South westerly direction he had commented on previous. "I need good passage through Fire country, un. I need someone wither good knowledge of the area to help me through, yeah. I could have used anyone, but a Konoha ninja is best, yeah, especially if it's a girl… they're more fragile and easy to manipulate. Plus they're worth more than a mans life, yeah."

Ino was getting tired of the ends of his sentences, but momentarily cast this to the back of her mind as she tried to pull away from his astonishingly firm and hard grip on her wrist as he half pulled half dragged her through the forest. "Get someone else then, I don't want any part of this."

"You broke my jaw, un." He replied.

Ino could have screamed at his sudden incompetence. "I healed it." Ino growled, still trying to prise his hand from her wrist. "You Akatsuki business is nothing to do with us, you don't need me let me go."

"You're company to have around though, yeah." Deidara had said the words before he even knew what he was thinking, but there was an essence of truth to those words so he couldn't really regret it. Sasori had never been a talker; they'd respected each other for their love of art but hadn't been known for their exceptional well behaved manner around each other. Deidara did like and respect Tobi, even if he did irritate the absolute hell out of him. He was more loud and obnoxious, if possible, than Hidan.

Ino's struggling subsided at his comment and she looked up at him, although he was no longer paying her much attention, save for the grip he held on her. She paused and then finding that it could do little harm spoke up to him. "So… you want me here?"

He looked back down at her, slight confusion on his face. "Want you? Mhm, there's a line between want and need though, yeah… you're necessary for my safe passage through fire country… and you look like you might have some interesting things to say… that's enough to stop me from killing you, un."

The words chilled her, and for some reason slightly disappointed her. Again, rejected. Not in the traditional sense, but still like ever before, rejected.

"Oh." She said quietly.

"Indeed." Was his quick and shortened reply, he may assume she had things to say but so far, he hadn't offered much to any conversation. If he was dragging her away determination told her she should really stay quiet and ignore him. She didn't have to make it easy for him, then again, he had stated it was one of the reasons he was keeping her alive. Though she couldn't help but want to talk to him. It was this alone that made her ask a question she never thought she'd have to ask an Akatsuki member.

Her brow furrowed, "Deidara, what made you join that crappy organisation in the first place."

Deidara, slightly taken back by her question, made a disapproving grunt. It wasn't really something he liked remembering, joining the Akatsuki was basically a death sentence in itself. One he had; had no obligation of fulfilling… if it hadn't been for Itachi…

Murderous intent raged through him as he thought of both Itachi and Sasuke and he felt like hitting the girl for even bringing it up, even if it hadn't been her fault. He continued walking at a quickened pace, he didn't need to drag her now, she was keeping up with him on her own. "It wasn't by choice." He snarled.

Ino jumped a little, lamenting asking the question in the first place. "S-Sorry, for asking." She muttered.

Deidara made another sound of disapproval, and pulled on a bit quicker. Ino kept up with his pace. "It was Uchiha Itachi's fault, yeah."

Ino blinked. "Uchiha… Itachi."

"You know him, yeah?"

"Yeah." Ino replied quietly. "Yeah I know him." He was after all, the one who had caused her childhood love, all the pain and sadness and anger that had made him leave the village; the one who had in turn caused her best friend and rival so much pain and anguish. Ino could not comprehend losing him like Sakura had, but rivalry aside… Ino knew how it was to see Sakura so miserable and determined everyday. "His little brother is my age."

Deidara made another angered grunt. "I'll kill them both, when I get the chance."

Ino wasn't sure how far she was pushing him, instead stating "If that's what you wanted you should have taken the pink haired chick. She'd give anything to lay into Itachi."

Deidara, who was somewhat receptive on working out how people felt, let go of her hand and shrugged. "If you can promise to stay around I won't have to pull you around like a dog, yeah. I didn't want the pink haired chick anyways, un. She's boring. You're more fun."

It was the first time Ino could say she'd received a genuine compliment where someone viewed her substantially higher than Sakura. With that in mind, all she could truthfully reply was, "Thank you."

He looked at her, not really caring what it meant to her and commented. "You'll need to keep up if you want to live through this ordeal, un."

"Fine." She snapped remembering how he thought her of his captive and sighed. Once he let her live through this, she was as good as dead when Sakura and Tsunade got their hands on her.

"This is ridiculous." Sakura commented, her anger had mostly subsided but Kakashi, Lee and Sai still knew not to antagonise her. "She could have gone anywhere, what if he's killed her by now, stupid; stupid Ino-Pig."

Kakashi sighed, it was no use, and Ino was probably too far gone into the forest now for them to catch up without help. Standing still he performed a few special hand seals and hit the ground with his palm.

Through the smoke came a disgruntled snort and Sai, Lee and Sakura looked on as Kakashi's tracking dog Pakkun, came into view.

"Pakkun!" Sakura smiled in admiration of the small creature.

"Hey Sakura-Chan… What's wrong?"

"Enough of the pleasantries." Kakashi sighed again, "I need you to find Ino, she's been pulled into the forest by one of the Akatsuki members."

If Pakkun was surprised, he showed no signs of being so. "I see."

"Lee will accompany you, he has the most energy and will easily be able to catch up."

"Roger." Pakkun replied and turned to Lee. "You ready?"

Lee gave a small salute and nodded.

"Sai. I want you to go back to Konoha as fast as you can, report to Tsunade what has happened, and bring Shikamaru, Chouji and Naruto if possible. Regarding the mission, if leading Ino away is indeed a trap and there's more Akatsuki out there, two teams are better than one. Me and Sakura will wait for you here… Lee if you come across Ino and more than one member of Akatsuki, only attack if you feel her life is in danger."

"Yes, sir!"

Kakashi nodded. "Depart!"

Lee, Sai and Pakkun disappeared as quickly as ANBU members.

"What now?" Sakura asked.

"We wait." Kakashi answered.

Deidara and Ino continued onwards, at a quicker pace than before. Ino was left on her own to keep up with him. "How much father are we to travel?" She asked irritably, "I'm getting tired."

He turned back to her and then looked forward again. "We can stop soon, un."

How 'soon' was, Ino didn't know. As it was she only had to wait another ten minutes before Deidara slipped down between the trees, and almost missing the action, Ino followed him, landing lightly on the grass. Deidara motioned for her to sit down and she did so, leaving him stood up. The fact he continued to stand didn't bother Ino, he could do what the hell her liked but she was catching her breath back first before moving on. Her legs were aching, but wanted no excuse to waste chakra, or move on quicker so left healing them alone.

Eventually after what Ino surmised was him masking their chakra and making sure there was no one else around he sat down opposite her resting his chin in the palm of his hand. After moments he turned to her, "How'd you become a medical ninja, un?"

"Tsunade taught me." Ino responded.


"What do you mean why?" Ino said, "I wanted to get stronger."


He was irritating her he knew, but there was always a reason for getting stronger, as she continued to ignore her he found it best to elaborate. "Well, why did you want to get stronger? There has to be a reason, yeah."

Ino, grunted and wondered whether to tell an S-class criminal who had threatened her with death unless she did as she was told, her problems. Deciding, it couldn't really do any harm and would keep his interest, she shrugged. "I was sick of being second best."

"To the pink haired tart, yeah?"

Ino couldn't hide her delight at hearing Sakura being called a tart and let out a small smile. "I guess so yeah, I couldn't help my team, like she helped hers."

Deidara snorted. "At least your team all reside in your village still."

"Hey!" Ino frowned, "That's sort of unfair, she couldn't stop him from leaving."

"If she'd been stronger then maybe she would have."

"Well you couldn't beat him either." She snapped.

She had opened her mouth to quickly, and too late did she realise it would piss him off until his hand was clasped around her throat. He glared at her angrily and she knew instantly she'd hit a sore spot. Obviously he was more arrogant and proud than she'd thought, and Sasuke like with most everyone else, was a particularly sore subject. "Sorry." She choked.

He saw fit to let her go at her apology and tutted.

"Well if he had to hide in a gigantic snake in order to not die, then you had to do something right." Ino muttered, rubbing her neck. "Everyone thought you were dead, whatever you did was clever enough to fool everyone."

"Was nothing special, un." He replied, although secretly feeling somewhat elated at her comment.

"But if everyone thinks you're dead…" She said, realising something, "And you never wanted to join Akatsuki… why do you try to go back?" Ino couldn't work this out, as a missing-nin and S-Class criminal she knew he'd been eradicated from the bingo book, and if Akatsuki thought him dead they wouldn't send someone out to get him so he could just lie low.

"Because…" Deidara replied sighing. "Not everyone thinks me of gone, and if I don't go back, they'll send someone to fetch me and take me back, yeah."

"Well you didn't have to drag me into it." She sighed.

Deidara shrugged. "Well, it might even be good for you, yeah."

'Somehow' Ino thought bitterly, 'I highly doubt that.'

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