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Summary: It is what it is. Isnt that enough.

A/N:Well, its short, but isnt that the point of a one-shot.

Love in a Nutshell

For Ranma, it was because, for the first time in his life, he had found a friend who didnt judge him, didnt expect something from him, and accepted him at face value. All it took was a sacrifice on his part, a sacrifice that he would never have been pressured into making, but did it anyway because of that fact. So what if he was going to spend the rest of his life as a girl. 'She' had found love, and in the face of that love, she decided that her pride, her ego, and her manhood just didnt matter that much.

For Ryoga, it was because, for the first time in his life, he had found someone who knew all of his faults, who had in fact been faced with him at his worst, and still cared, still accepted him. All it took was for him to let go of the past, and for him to accept himself for who he was, and just let it all go. So what if he was cursed to forever change into a small black big with a splash of cold water, as long as the one he loved didnt mind why should he, especially after that someone sacrificed the very foundation of what made them, just because it would be easier for him. He had found love, and in the face of that love, he decided that all of the misconceived grievences that had been wrought upon him just didnt matter that much.

As the priest finished speaking, Ryoga tentatively reached out and lifted the veil from over his wifes face, taking in her beautiful face, eyes shining with emotion, and a smile of pure happiness on her face. As he slowly lowered his face to hers he heard her whisper, "I love you, Ryoga Hibiki." He smiled at that, and with a loving smirk he replied, "And I love you, Ranma Hibiki", and with that, the newly married couple closed the distance between them and pressed their lips together, both overcome with happiness.

For Ranma and Ryoga, it simply was what it was. If that wasnt enough for the rest of the world, well, it didnt matter, because they had eachother, and thats all that really mattered.


A/N:Like I said, short, but sweet. At least, I think its sweet, though considering I wrote it, I may be just a bit Biased. Oh well

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