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Chapter 1

'Aww come on BA, don't be so grouchy' Murdock smiled as he and BA got out of the Van 'Come on, let me see that lovely smile of yours'

'What you talking bout fool' BA growled, walking straight past Hannibal, Murdock followed closely behind, placing both hands on BA's shoulder. BA growled again and jerked free of Murdock's grasp. Hannibal looked confused as he watched them both. Face came out of the van and went to stand by Hannibal.

'Come on BA, just gimmie one little smile, it'll help make you feel happier, trust me' Murdock tried to hug BA, but BA just pushed him away.

'Get off me fool, or the only thing I'll be doin is shuvin my fist through your face!' BA said, turning round to Murdock, fist clenched towards his face, before he turned back again and started to walk into the garage. Murdock followed him inside.

'What's that?' Hannibal asked Face, nudging his head towards BA and Murdock

'Oh that' Face replied, keeping his voice low, 'that would be 'Spreading the love' Murdock'

'Spreading the love Murdock?' Hannibal asked, sceptically

'Yes, you see, Murdock as decided to dedicate his life to cheering people up, you know, making them feel good etcetera, and he's chosen BA as his first, Um, victim shall we say' Face answered

'Really?' Hannibal asked, looking rather amused 'Well, I've got a feeling that this will certainly be one of Murdock's most interesting obsessions'

'Wont it?' Face agreed 'Oh, and he says his goal is to make BA laugh by the end of this mission'

Hannibal was about to say something else when BA came barging back out of the garage, carrying a toolbox.

'Hannibal you better tell that crazy fool to shut up before a shut him up permanently!' BA shouted.

'Come on BA, the man's only trying to spread the love' Hannibal replied,

trying to keep a straight face.

'Don't encourage him Hannibal!' BA warned

'Hannibals right BA, give Murdock a break, he's only trying to be nice' Face joined in the conversation; he too was trying desperately not to laugh at the very flustered BA.

'Give him a break?' BA roared. 'That sucka's been following me around in there, singing nursery rhymes'

'That's not that bad BA' Hannibal replied

'It is when he's shuvin random objects in my face, waving them around as if they're dancing!' BA growled, pointing over to the garage, as he did so, Murdock came back out holding an oil can and a wrench, he came rushing over to BA.

'Hey big guy, where'd you go? Oily and Wrenchy never got a chance to sing Mary had a little lamb to you' Murdock smiled, showing him the objects, BA just let out one big snarl and stormed over to the van. Murdock followed him, singing the nursery rhyme.

'You'd betta shut up sucka, or the next place Oily and Wrenchy'll be dancing is down your throat!' BA said, snatching them off Murdock and getting into his van, slamming the door shut. Murdock slid the van door open and got in. Hannibal and Face, unable to keep a straight face any longer, walked over to the van laughing. Face got in the back with Murdock and Hannibal sat up front with BA.

'Ok BA lets go, we've only got thirty minutes' Hannibal ordered 'and we don't wanna be late for our new client' BA nodded and started up the van.

'What's with the tool box?' asked Face

'That's all part of the disguise Face' Hannibal told him, as he got out his make up kit and started to apply a white moustache to his face. He turned round on his chair to face Murdock and gave him a mirror, 'Hold this steady for me Murdock, why I get this moustache on'

'Part of the disguise' Face repeated.

'Yeah' Hannibal grinned, turning back round and grabbing hold of a grey boiler suit, giving it to Face, 'here, try this on for size'

'Must I really' moaned Face.

'Your staying with me Face' Hannibal told him as he continued with the moustache, Face just sighed and started to put it on, 'BA and Murdock, I need you to keep a look out'

'Righteo Colonel' Murdock replied, BA just nodded.


A woman in her early thirties was brushing up. She was medium sized, with long dark hair.

'Tess, I really don't think we can carry on like this, I hate to admit it, but I think Tate has won' a tall thin man said as he brushed up. He looked a little older.

'Give up? We can't give up now Jack, we just can't' Tess replied 'Lets wait to see what this A-Team can do'

'Look at this place Tess' He moaned, he stopped brushing up and stuck his arm out. The place was a mess, fruits and vegetables were scattered on the floor, shelves were falling to pieces and the counter was in two halves.

'I know, and that's all the more reason why we should stick it out and fight this' She replied, determination in her voice, 'I'm not gonna let a crook like Tate run us outta business!'

'Tess, so far we've been relatively lucky, he's only broke up the shop, but what next?' He asked, 'what happens when he decides to attack us physically hey, what happens when were lying in a hospital bed or maybe even worse, what then?'

'Lets just wait for the A-Team, they should be here by now' Tess pleaded, looking at her watch.

'They probably won't even turn up' Jack grumbled.

'Oh, where are they, Mr Lee said that they'll meet us here today'

'Well, looks like they've changed their minds' He sighed. A knock came on the door.

'We're closed' Jack shouted, the knock came again, 'I said we're closed, can't you read the sign'

'Jack, it might be the A-Team' Tess told him.

'Oh yeah' he replied, walking over to the door and unlocking it. Hannibal and Face were standing in front of him. Hannibal, wearing his disguise looked like an old man with a moustache, and was wearing a boiler suit. Face, apart from wearing his boiler suit, looked no different.

'Come to fix your drains' Hannibal said, beginning to walk inside the shop, he was stopped.

'Hey, we didn't phone nobody about no drain' Jack told the older man.

'The names Arthur Thomson, this here is my nephew; we've come to fix your drains' Hannibal said again.

'Listen old man, I already told you, there's nothing wrong with our drains' Jack said sounding annoyed, then he turned back to Tess, 'Tess, you didn't phone anyone about no drains did you?'

'No' she replied.

'This is Barry's Electrics isn't it?' Asked Hannibal

'Barry's electrics?' Repeated Jack, 'This is a green grocers!'

'A green grocers!' Hannibal shouted, he hit Face on the arm 'Eugene, you took us to the wrong store!'

'Eugene?' asked Face quietly.

'Ahhh' Hannibal cried out in pain, he bent over holding is chest.

'Uncle Arthur' Face said, grabbing hold of Hannibal.

'What's wrong with him?' Jack asked, panic could be heard in his voice.

'It's his heart' Face told him 'He does this sometimes, he gets himself all worked up, the doctors said he should take things easy, but he won't listen, do you think you could get him a glass of water?'

'Yeah, sure, sure, here, let's get him inside' Jack replied quickly, helping to take him inside. Tess got a chair from around the back and they sat Hannibal on it.

'I'll go get you some water' Jack said, going out of the room.

'What happened to your shop?' asked Face, looking around, 'looks like it's been hit by a mini earthquake'

'Oh, um, we've been having a run of bad luck lately' Tess sighed.

'Bad luck?' Face asked.

'Yeah, and the bad luck comes in the name of Martin Tate' Jack joined in the conversation, passing Hannibal a glass of water. With that Hannibal stood up.
'Face, tell BA and Murdock they can come in' Hannibal ordered. Face took out his radio and put it to his mouth.

'Come in guys' He said into it.

'Huh? What's goin on here?' Asked Tess, sounding confused.

'I'm Hannibal Smith' Hannibal said, sticking his arm out. Murdock and BA came walking through the door.

'All clear Hannibal' BA reported.

'Thanks BA' He said, then he turned back to face Tess and Jack, beginning to take his moustache off as he did so, 'Sorry about that, but we had to make sure you were legit'

'So, you're the A-Team?' Asked Tess

'Yes we are ma'am' Hannibal smiled, this here's Templeton Peck, BA Baracus and H.M Murdock' Hannibal pointed to each of them as he said their names.

'Um, Hi' Tess said, looking a little unconvinced.

'Hey!' Smiled Murdock, BA nodded in reply, and Face went over to her;
'Templeton Peck at your service, but please, call me Face' He smiled at her. She rolled her eyes and turned to face Hannibal. Face sighed and smiled awkwardly.

'The A-Team?' She asked again

'Yes' Hannibal confirmed 'So, Mr Lee told me you said that this guy Tate was trying to run you out of business?'

'Yeah, a month ago he came in here, asking to buy us out, took out a cheque book and started to write us out a cheque, we told him this place wasn't for sale' Jack told them. 'That's when things started to turn nasty.'

'We don't even get why he'd wanna buy this place, I mean; it's just a small town store' Tess spoke up.

'Oh, there'll be a reason, we just need to find out what that reason is' Hannibal replied, holding his hand out to Face, Face took a cigar out of his jacket pocket and passed it Hannibal, Hannibal bit the end off and lit it.

'Why didn't you take the money?' Asked Face

'Because we've worked our butts off to get this place up and running, and we wasn't going to let some crook like Tate take it away from us' Jack explained, then he sighed 'well, at least we weren't going to, but now, now I'm not to sure, I mean, look at this place, I'm beginning to wish we'd just snatched at the offer when we got the chance!'

'Jack, we can't let him and his cronies win!' Tess told him.

'The lady's right' Hannibal said, as he took a puff on his cigar, 'Well, looks like you've just hired the A-Team.'

'Great!' Smiled Tess 'so, where's the rest of you?'

'Rest of us?' Asked Face.

'There are more, right?' She asked.

'No, just us' Hannibal grinned

'Oh boy' Jack sighed.

'Oh, incidentally, did you manage to get the money together for our fee?' Asked Face.

'Well, we tried to get it all, but after this happened, well, we just got a little side tracked' Tess explained, she passed Face a brown bag, 'This is all we could get together' Face opened the bag and looked inside.

'There's less than half agreed here Hannibal' Face said, 'We'll be working for peanuts.'

'Hey listen we did the best we could!' Tess moaned, 'and by the looks of things I'm glad we didn't get the full amount.'

'Now what do you mean by that ma'am?' Hannibal asked calmly.

'What she's trying to say is that when we hired the A-Team, we were expecting, um' Jack started, but paused.

'We weren't expecting the four of you, that's for sure' Tess finished for him, giving the four men an unsatisfied look. 'I think you were right Jack, maybe we should just give into them'

'Listen lady, we don't have to stay if you don't want us too, if you don't want our help, that's up to you' Hannibal shrugged, 'if you're willing to let a few slimeballs like Tate and his cronies walk all over you, then that's your decision.'

'Hey, we've tried our best to stick up for ourselves, but it isn't working ok, you might think we're being cowards, but we're not, we're just doing the smart thing!' Jack shouted at Hannibal, pointing his finger at him, Hannibal just puffed on his cigar calmly.

'Hey man, ain't nobody said you where a coward, but Hannibals right, you gotta stick up for yourselves, you can't be lettin sucka's like Tate taking your business from you!' BA spoke up.

'Maybe you're right, I just, I just don't know what to do anymore' Jack frowned. Murdock picked up a cabbage, put it behind his back and walked towards Jack.

'You look real down, but I think I got something that'll cheer you right up' Murdock smiled enthusiastically, he took the cabbage from behind his back and held it up to Jack, 'come on Mr Cabbage, what say we sing Hey diddle diddle to this man here' BA grabbed hold of Murdock's arm and dragged him away.

'Shut up fool!' BA growled.

'You know what, that's it, sorry I wasted your time, but I just don't think this is gonna work out' Tess groaned, 'now please, just leave!'

'Come on guys, you heard what the lady said.' Hannibal told them, and with that they started to head for the door. As they did that three men walked in, Hannibal and his team stopped and stared at the men.

'Oh, looky what we have here' one of the men smirked' You got yourselves some new friends?' he asked, looking over Hannibals shoulder to Tess and Jack behind them.

'Actually, we were just leaving' Face told them.

'Smart move, now if only everyone around here was that smart' the man snarled

'I take it these are some of Tate's cronies' Hannibal asked.

'Oh, you got a big mouth don't ya?' The man sneered, 'Well, it's lucky you're leaving here isn't it, or this cudda been a lot worse' he made a fist and threw it at Hannibal; Hannibal easily dodged it and punched the man in the stomach, the man fell to the ground in pain.

'We never leave without cleaning up slimeballs like you after ourselves' Hannibal smiled 'get rid of them BA.'

'Right' BA nodded, walking towards the other two men, one of them tried to punch BA, but he caught their fist and landed a punch in the mans face, he fell to the ground instantly. The other man managed to punch BA, but when BA barely even flinched, the mans eyes widened in terror. BA picked him up and threw him outside, and then did the same with the other two men.

'Nice BA' Hannibal smiled, 'well, lets go guys.' As he said that Face, Murdock and BA followed him outside.

'Wait' Tess called out, rushing to them, all four men turned round to her, 'maybe we could use your help after all'

'Now she wants our help' Face sighed, smiling.


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