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Naruto woke up refreshed. "Okay time to become a better ninja. All I have to do is improve my taijutsu, work on my ninjutsu, learn at least one genjutsu, learn to create a clone, learn to better control my emotions, and pretty much change everything about me." He said becoming more annoyed toward the end of his statement.

'How am I supposed to do that!?' he wondered. The library made it very clear that he wasn't welcome and no one would be able to help him. Iruka wouldn't play favorites, the people at the ramen stand didn't know anything about being a ninja, and the old man certainly couldn't drop what he was doing and train him.

'I guess I'll see the old man and see what he can do to help.' He thought and he got dressed and left his apartment.

As Naruto walked toward the tower he was once again greeted with the same hateful and cold glares as before, but like last night he refused to even acknowledge the people. They didn't want to acknowledge him so he would return the treatment.

Naruto entered the Hokage's tower and ran into a strange female. She had purple hair in a bun, a trench coat that went to her ankles, a fishnet shirt that left little to the imagination, a tan skirt and shin guards.

"Watch where you're going you brat" she said

Naruto's first reaction was to yell back but he was trying to reign in his emotions. When he didn't say anything but continued walking the female ninja grabbed him.

"Hey I'm talking to you!" she yelled.

"And you are?" Naruto asked.

"I don't have to introduce myself to someone like you." She stated.

"Well then, you don't want to talk to me and I don't want to talk to you so why don't you put me down and we can both go about our business, lady!" Naruto said trying to keep his temper and failing.

"And what kind of business could a kid like you possibly have?" she ask while neglecting to release him.

"You don't have to tell me your name? Then I don't have to answer your question." Naruto said smugly.

"Why you little.."

"Is there a problem here?" asked Sarutobi cutting in before the situation escalated.

"No Hokage-Sama." Anko said releasing Naruto.

"Well that's good, Naruto did you need something?" he asked.

"Yeah, before this crazy women grabbed me I was coming to talk to you." He said.

"Who are you calling crazy!" she yelled.

"Enough!" Sarutboi said. "Anko you are dismissed, Naruto come into my office and tell me what's on your mind."

"Whatever, I better not see you again you brat." She said to Naruto.

"Whatever crazy lady." Naruto said.

As they entered his office Sarutobi looked at Naruto with disappointment.

"I am disappointed in you Naruto." He said.

"What? Why?" he asked the last thing he wanted to do was lose the respect of those that cared for him.

"You could have handled the situation better. I know that Anko is a little extreme but you shouldn't have riled her up or called her crazy." The old leader said.

"She called me brat." Naruto said looking away with a pout.

"Yes she did but did that make it necessary to retaliate? If you are going to be a good ninja and a good leader you must learn to control your emotions better." The Hokage said. "If you are on mission and your opponent taunts you, do you fall for it and possibly die? Or do you control yourself and think clearly?" he said. He knew that what he was saying may have seemed harsh but yesterday Naruto had come wanting to know what it meant to be Hokage. Sarutobi was now going to make sure that he was constantly reminded what was expected of him as a leader.

Naruto sighed. He knew that controlling his emotions was important but he didn't know how to start. "I know that old man and I'm trying to control myself." He said dejectedly.

The wise leader's face softened. "Take it one day at a time Naruto. Now what did you want?"

"I want to know if you know how I can improve myself. I know all of my weaknesses but I don't know how to improve on them." He said.

"Well what do you need help with?" he asked.

"My taijutsu sucks, my ninjutsu is very limited, my genjutsu is non-existent, and I suck at written tests and I'm hot-headed." Naruto stated.

"You have thought hard about this." Sarutobi said surprised.

Naruto had a sad look on his face. "I never used to think that hard about things."

"Why is that?" he asked

"I never used to think hard about anything because for one I knew no one would answer any question I had and two if I thought about it for too long then I start to would wonder why the villagers hate me and become upset. That's why I decided that if I didn't understand something then I would just disregard it. But as a leader and a ninja I have to think things through, especially if I don't understand it. If I have to make a decision on a topic I didn't understand I can't very well ignore the topic and rush a decision I have to think things through." Naruto said.

Sarutobi sighed. He knew that Naruto had it hard and knew that it wouldn't get better for a while.

"Well I can't help you that much Naruto. I don't have the time to train you and it wouldn't really be fair either. I can however allow you to go to the library and check out any scroll you want. If they try to give you trouble just tell them that I sent you." He said with an edge in his voice. He didn't like what the villagers did to Naruto and he would take action if need be.

"Thanks old man." Naruto said as he started to walk away. 'Well I knew that was coming, what should I do now?' he thought.

"Guess I'll get something to eat then head to the library.'' He told himself.


As Naruto headed to the ramen stand he saw the lady from before.

'What was her name again? Oh right it was Anko.' He thought.

He was about to leave it at that and continue on his was until he realized that the villagers were looking at her the same way they looked at him. He saw them whispering behind her back and glaring at her with hate and distrust. What intrigued Naruto even more was that she seemed to sense what was going on around her but didn't seem to care. While the glares used to make him feel bad she didn't look as if they hurt her at all. Naruto followed her, discretely, to see if he could talk to her.

Anko had entered the dango shop in a bad mood. She couldn't get over how that brat disrespected her earlier.

'I better not see him again for a long time.' She thought.

She was short on money so she only ordered a few sticks of dango, but was surprised when the waiter brought more then she ordered.

"What's going on I didn't order all this, and I can't pay for it either." She said.

"They were paid for by that ..kid" he said with disgust on his face.

Anko looked over to see Naruto walking toward her.

"What do you want brat!" she said still angry about earlier.

"I wanted to say that I was sorry." Naruto said.

"What?" Anko asked confused.

"I'm sorry about how I acted earlier. I shouldn't have lost my temper and escalated the argument." Naruto said.

Anko, as a rule, didn't apologize. She thought it would make her look weak. However, she was fair and if the kid would go out of his way to buy her dango as well as apologize then she should be women enough to accept.

"Apology accepted brat, and for what it's worth I guess I'm sorry too. It was my fault anyway." She said.

Naruto smiled, normally if he were to apologize to someone it was not uncommon for them to brush him aside or completely ignore him as if he wasn't there.

"Well enjoy the dango, it's not as good as ramen but it's still okay. Maybe I'll see you around." He said as he walked away feeling better.

Anko looked at him as he left and noticed the way the people looked and talked about him. She never thought that there was someone else in the village that was treated the same, if not worse than her. She knew about the kyuubi but to her the kid was simply the jailer. Many thought of him as a demon in human form, but she knew better. She knew from personal experience what a demon in human form was like and the kid was nothing like that. She continued to eat as she thought more about the strange kid.

'Naruto uzumaki, your nothing like what I've heard.' She thought.


The next day, Naruto lay on the training ground panting. He had gone to the library and checked out almost every scroll on taijutsu that he could. He knew that he had to start somewhere on improving himself and so he chose to work on his taijutsu. He wasn't allowed to look at ninjutsu or genjutsu scrolls as you had to be a ninja to read them. He had looked at every style of fighting they had but couldn't seem to find the style that best suited him. They all felt wrong somehow, like they weren't the right ones for him.

'Man what am I going to do?' he thought. Suddenly he saw two kunai coming at him. He hurriedly moved out of the way.

"Who's there." He said.

"Nice reflexes brat." Anko said as she came into view.

"Why did you do that!" he yelled. "Let me guess, that apology yesterday was a trick wasn't it! You wanted me to let my guard down." He said angrily.

Anko could see the hurt and the anger in his eyes and knew that this wasn't the first time that something like that must have happened to the kid.

"Sorry about that. I really did mean what I said; it's just that I wanted to see how fast your reflexes are." She said while scratching the back of her head with a sheepish look on her face.

Naruto looked at her a long time. "So you threw kunai at me?" He said.

"They were blunted. Anyway, you have pretty good reflexes for a brat." She said.

"You know you still haven't told me what you wanted." Naruto said.

"Well I came to see what you were up to. By the looks of it you have been at it for a while." She said slightly impressed with how hard he must have worked.

"Yeah well it didn't help that much. I still can't find the right style of taijutsu and I have no way to improve my ninjustsu or genjutsu." He said.

"Well how about this. I'll help you for a price." Anko said.

"Why do you want to help me?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

Anko looked at him for a while as if she couldn't think of the reason either.

"I guess it's because I see how the villagers treat you and you remind me a lot about myself." She said.

"I lost my parents when I was young and was alone until someone took me under their wing. I was happy until something happened. Afterwards no one trusted me except the Hokage. I guess I want to help you like I wanted someone to help me when I was younger." She said with a furlong look in her eyes.

Naruto looked at her to see if she was just pulling a prank on him. It wouldn't be the first time that someone said they wanted to help him only to take advantage of him later. He couldn't find any hint of duplicity in her face so he decided to accept. However, he wouldn't take things at face value anymore and would be on the lookout for any hint that she was setting him up just to bring him down.

"Help how and what's the price?" he asked.

Anko let out a sigh of relief. She wasn't good at opening up and was grateful that he accepted her help.

"Well you say that you can't find the right taijutsu style for you so let's start there. Come at me with everything you've got and I'll see if I can help you improve. Oh, and don't worry about the price right now, I'll collect later." She said

Naruto agreed and ran toward her.

What neither of them noticed was a lone figure dressed in a black robe watching them from a tree in the distance.

After the spar Naruto was on the ground breathing hard. Anko had barely broken a sweat.

He had come at her with almost every style of taijutsu there was. She was very impressed that he could get so many of them down so quickly.

"You impress me kid." She said "You have a pretty good grasp of a lot of styles, but none of them are perfect by a long shot, heck you can't even be considered proficient. You know what they say "A jack of all trades but a master of none". You need to find one style that best suits you and master it." She said.

"I know that" he said panting. "But I can't find the style that best suits me. What about the style you were using? It was the serpent style right?"

"Yes it was, but I can already tell that it isn't the right style for you. The serpent style relies heavily on one's flexibility and it mainly consists on the ability to strike fast and quick." She said. "Sorry but I don't know of a style that best suits you."

Naruto looked at the ground in defeat.

"But don't worry about it." She said trying to improve his mood. "You may not have a style that suits you but we can prepare you for when you find the style that works best for you." Anko said with a smile on her face.

"What do you mean?" Naruto said suspiciously, he didn't like the look of that smile.

"Well for one thing your stamina needs to improve and your speed and strength need to be worked on as well." She said.

"I want you to run 10 laps around the training area without stopping and I want it done in 10 minutes." She said.

"That's crazy!" Naruto said.

"Oh? Maybe you need some motivation." Anko stated. "Summoning jutsu!" she yelled as a large snake appeared beside her.

"I would get going brat, she has a large appetite and hasn't eaten in a while."

Naruto wasted no time in talking and ran as fast as he could away from the snake.


A while later, Anko was impressed with Naruto. After the laps she had him start on push-ups, sit-ups, and had him work on his evasion skills by throwing blunted kunai at him. And while he would complain he never stopped and never gave anything but his best. There was a determination in him that surprised Anko.

"Hey brat." She said.

Naruto looked up from where he was resting. "Yeah what?" he asked.

"What's up with you? The word around the village is that you take nothing seriously, you pull pranks all the time and you suck as a ninja. Yet, you do everything I tell you and you do it very well. What drives you? Why do you get up every time you fall and keep at it?" she asked.

"I need to become stronger." Naruto said. "My goal is to be the Hokage and that is going to take a lot of work. I can't stop, give up or quit because the Hokage can never do those things either if he is going to protect everyone in the village." He said to her.

"Why do you want to be the Hokage so badly anyway?" she asked curious of his answer. Anyone with ears knew that the kid wanted to be Hokage, but very few knew or cared why.

"It used to be because I wanted acknowledgement and to be respected. However, that has changed. I know now that you can't force people to acknowledge you and you have to earn respect. My purpose to be Hokage now is so that I can protect every precious person I have in this village. I will gladly lay down my life to protect those who care for me, have protected me, and have saved me from complete isolation and loneliness!" He said with passion in his eyes.

When Anko looked at him she was stunned. She saw not one sign of compromise in what he had just said. She saw no fear of death, no illusions of grandeur, all she saw was a determination and passion that few of her own colleagues possessed.

"You know with that attitude you are on the right track kid." She said with a smirk. "No let's get back to it! I can't you to become Hokage as fast as possibly, so I can tell everyone that I taught the future Hokage, and get all the free dango I want!"

Naruto, with a sweat drop, simply looked at her. 'And people say that I'm obsessed with ramen.' He thought.


And so it went for six months. Anko would train Naruto on the weekends as she couldn't just time off to train him. During the week Naruto would train with scrolls that Anko had given him to learn. He would also read to try and improve his written scores when the academy opened again. Naruto's chakra control had improved; he had learned the henge as well as the karami jutsu. While not a genius, he still hated written work, he was up to speed with what he needed to know going into the third year of the academy. However, there were still some things he needed to improve on. His taijutsu was still shaky. No matter what he did he couldn't find any style that seemed to fit him. His genjutsu was still horrible but Anko told him to not worry about it. According to her, his chakra reservoirs were extremely large for someone who wasn't even a genin. She said that genjutsu would be very difficult for him because of this.

Naruto and Anko had grown close over the past six months. So much so that Naruto had begun to call her Anko-neesan. While Anko repeatedly told him to stop, it did make her feel good to be looked up to as a sister. Though she would never say it, she thought of him as a little brother.

Currently Naruto is heading home to rest after another training session with Anko. 'Man neesan is a slave driver.' He thought wincing with every step. He looked forward to getting back to his apartment and relaxing with a hot bath.

As Naruto entered his apartment, he knew something was off. Training with Anko had heightened his sense of danger and it was screaming at him that something was wrong. Naruto took out a kunai and scanned the room. The sun was setting so there were many shadows for an intruder to hide in. He tried to turn the lights but when he flipped the switch the lights refused to come on.

"Alright, I don't know who you are, or what you want but if you don't come out in the next 5 seconds then I will find you and you won't be happy!" Naruto said.

There was no answer, and Naruto was beginning to worry. Whoever was in his apartment had the foresight to cut the electricity, and now had the element of surprise on their side. He began to back toward the door, if whoever was in the apartment meant him harm he didn't want his only route of escape to be blocked. He had no illusions about his strength. According to Anko he was currently about mid-genin in terms of skill. As he backed toward the door he bumped into a solid body.

Naruto immediately turned and prepared to throw his kunai until he saw his intruder. It was the man from a few months ago. He still wore the black robe that hid everything about him.

"Why are you in my apartment and what do you want?!" Naruto. While he tried to appear calm he was sweating and was his hand was shaking slightly.

"Oh sorry about that." The man said "I just wanted to talk for a bit."

"So why did you cut my electricity and hide in the shadows." Naruto said. He was calming down and his fear was turning into anger.

"I wanted to see how much you had improved and I must say that you impress me." The man replied "I am very good at stealth, yet you sensed my presence."

"Thanks I guess." Naruto said. If this man wanted to harm him he had plenty of opportunities and he had helped Naruto with his dream so Naruto decided to trust him, for now.

"Your welcome. Now on to business. I have been watching you and must say that you are improving quickly." He said.

"Why have you been following me?" Naruto asked a bit suspiciously.

"Your skills are all improving except your taijutsu and your genjutsu." The man said, ignoring the question.

"Do you enjoy not answering my questions?" Naruto said growing irritated.

"You can't do much about your genjutsu as your chakra reserves are large, but you can do something about your taijutsu." The man replied, once again ignoring Naruto's question.

"And what is that, as you must already know I have tried all of the styles and none of them suit me." Naruto said.

"Yours is not the path that has already been travelled." The mysterious figure said cryptically.

Naruto looked at him for a while seemingly in concentration. After a while Naruto looked at him with a serious expression on his face.

"What does that mean?" he asked scratching his head in confusion.

The man sighed. "It means that what has worked for other will not work for you. You need to create your own path. That is something special about you Naruto. While watching you train I saw it. You take a problem and look at it from a completely different perspective than others. Thus this should apply to taijutsu. You need to find the style that others have passed up as impossible or illogical."

He threw a scroll at Naruto. Naruto opened it and read for a while.

"What is this? This looks like a taijutsu style." He said after inspecting it.

"It is" the man said simply.

"It seems to be a combination of a bunch of styles. But there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. It looks like someone just wrote bits and pieces of other styles in no specific order." Naruto said while turning the scroll in many different directions, trying to find a pattern.

The man laughed. "Yes, I'm sure that is what it looks like. This style incorporates the best of other styles into one style. It's called the dragon style."

"But I already saw the scroll that had the dragon style." Naruto said confused.

The man snorted. "Please that is just a watered down version of the true style. Very few people have ever mastered this style."

"What makes you think that I can?" Naruto asked.

"As I said, few have mastered this style. The reason being that most who have attempted this style didn't have what it took, you do. Look at it again and concentrate." The man said.

Naruto looked at the scroll for a while trying to figure out a pattern to the different characters, but nothing became clear.

"No Naruto." The man said "Don't think of it as a puzzle, just look at it"

Naruto became frustrated no matter how many times he tried to solve whatever pattern this scroll had, he came up with nothing. Then he simply did what the man said. He stopped trying to look for a pattern and simply concentrated on the scroll. Suddenly it seemed as if the characters were moving by themselves. It suddenly became clear to him. He looked at the man.

"The reason that few have ever been able to use this style is that they look for a pattern. What they never realized is that there is no pattern. There is no one specific way to do this style because this style varies with the user. The styles are there for you to use but you must choose how you use them. That is what makes this style near impossible to defeat if ever mastered. Your enemies will never be able to predict your movement as they seem to be completely random and unorganized. The only person who could possibly defeat you is a taijutsu specialist as even they will have a hard time defeating you." The man said.

Naruto's eyes widened.

"Don't get cocky Naruto." The man warned "It will take a long time for you to completely master this style."

"Yeah well just like being Hokage, if it was easy anyone could do it." Naruto said.

"Well then, good luck and I hope you pass the genin exam this time." The man said as he turned to leave.

"Wait!" Naruto said.

The man stopped and looked at him.

"Why are you doing this? First you give me great advice about being the Hokage, and then you help me with my taijutsu. Why are you doing all of this for me, you don't even know me." Naruto said truly confused. He couldn't think of way a complete stranger would do all of this for him.

"Why am I doing all of this? Well maybe it's because I see some of me in you. Maybe it's because I understand what you are going through. But the real reason I'm helping you…." He said.

"Yeah?" Naruto said.

"That is a secret!" The man said as he walked out the door.

"Wait!" Naruto said as he ran out the door, only to realize that the man had disappeared.

"Who is that guy?" Naruto said. He then saw a scroll at his feet. He opened it to see one line written on the scroll.

That is also a secret.

Naruto looked around but saw no one. He went back into his house and got the electricity running again. He looked at the dragon scroll. It had some very complex styles that would take him a long time to learn. 'Oh well, might as well get started in the morning' Naruto thought as he took a shower and went to bed. The academy would start in another six months and he was going to learn as much about this style as he could.

Unknown to Naruto, the man was watching him threw his window.

'I can only do so much Naruto the rest is up to you. The future will be long and hard and you will need to be strong to face what is coming.' The man thought as he turned and disappeared.


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