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Snape's Secret Admirer

Chapter 1- Shall we?

Hermione Granger was sitting on the Hogwarts Express planning the best way to approach her secret love. It was not hard to keep her own council. All of her friends were either talking about Quidditch or playing exploding snap. While she ignored their insistent demands for her to play with them she listed several ways to determine the best course of action. Her parchment should have been full of notes after spending six hours plotting, but she could not seem to think of but two ways to go about her planned action:

1. Tell him straight up and not let him walk away without confronting his feelings.

2. Play secret admirer and send him little notes and subtle hints all year until she graduated and he could not use her student status against her.

'Well,' thought Hermione, 'this could be a very interesting year. I think I'll go with option 2 it should play into his Slytherin sensibilities. Now, how to begin.' Hermione thought on this for the rest of the train ride and decided that breakfast the next day would be the time to begin her seduction of the snarky potions master with his dark chocolate hair and regal nose. So she wrote her first letter of seduction to her desire.

Exiting the train in Hogsmeade, her heart skipped a beat and then started dancing a rumba in her chest for who should be on the platform other than her secret love, Professor Severus Snape. He was trying to stand in nonexistent shadows with his black cloak billowing in the breeze framing his tall lean form in. His jet black hair ripping free from its tie back was doing its best to conceal his obsidian eyes from view. That demeaning scowl ever present on his face made her blush thinking about those lips pressed against hers and kissing her passionately while she stroked her fingers through his shiny locks. She discovered in fifth year why his hair was always shiny; it was the evaporated residue of potions ingredients sticking to his fine silken strands and she loved it. GODS! She wanted to attack him on the spot but fought to restrain herself in order to have a chance at love.

Severus Snape Order spy was feeling less than appeased at the idea of being assigned Hogsmeade duty for the arriving students. This chore assigned by one other than the old coot himself meant he would see the insufferable Golden Trio sooner than he wanted. Potter and Weasley always gave him grief just by looking at him. Not that he really minded maybe he could find a way to take off some house points. He hastily tied back his hair to keep it out of his face so he could scare the first years with his patented 'you are in deep trouble now' scowl. He exited his dungeon in his billowing robes and headed for the entrance hall to exit the castle. Walking straight out the doors he climbed into one of the thestral pulled carriages and headed to the train station with Hagrid.

Letting his thought wander while he awaited the arrival of the train he couldn't help think that this would be the last year he would have to sharpen the brain of the Griffindor know-it-all and tried to think of the most obscure potions and ingredients he could to make her endless thirst for knowledge beneficial. Of course he would never let anyone know how he has secretly noticed her well shaped form develop over the past year and anticipates seeing how she has filled out over the long summer with uugghh Potter and Weasley. Maybe she finally used her brain and spent the summer away from their mediocre at best influence. Still fuming over the fact that Potter or Weasley may have tasted the sweet innocence which is Hermione his scowl deepens. Wait Hermione? Where did that come from?

Before his mind can reconcile when her first name had started to be used he looked up to watch the recently arrived train start to expel its passengers. Off in the distance he heard Hagrid's booming voice, 'Firs' years this way. Dat's right follow me to the boats.' Waiting for the last student to exit the train he notices Miss Granger (that's better) watching him. 'This could be a most interesting year indeed. I may have to act on the desire I see in those deep brown eyes Miss Granger. Be wary of the emotions you let loose in those orbs of yours. Desire is easy to read.' Looking around he notices that only one carriage is left and he is left with Miss Granger for company. 'This could be fun,' He smirks and motions for Hermione to precede him into the carriage.

'Oh my god, what do I do? There is only one carriage left. I sent Ron and Harry on with Dean, Seamus, Neville, and Ginny. It was the only way to get Ron to keep his hands to himself. Wait, is Snape actually gesturing for me to ride in the carriage alone with him? Keep it together Hermione you can do this, just don't blush. Gawds, I'm blushing!'

"Professor Snape," Hermione stated personably upon entering the carriage, "how was your summer?'

'Let's see how she deals with a less aggressive me shall we' slightly smiling he responded, "my summer was spent enjoyably thinking of torments for you of course Miss Granger mustn't let that brain of yours rot for lack of interest in your studies."

"Did you just make a joke Professor and complement me?"

"Why I do think I did? Tell me Miss Granger how was your summer? As pleasant as could be expected with the company you keep, I suppose?"

"My parents took me on vacation to Spain. The country was beautiful and the history was fascinating. As for my company, well outside of school all they talk about is Quidditch and girls. I still don't think they know what to do with a grown witch! Honestly some of the things they say in front of me," oh no don't' blush now!


"Yes they have no decorum for wizards their age! Seriously like I would care about the size of their ….Sorry I forget sometimes I'm not talking to Ginny. She of course understands having Ron for a brother not to mention all of her other brothers but it is nice to have another witch to talk to sometimes, not that you're a witch professor just …"

"Miss Granger"


"You're babbling, did you by chance drink a babbling beverage on the express?"

"Sorry professor I always rattle on when I'm nervous."

"And pray tell why are you nervous Miss Granger term has yet to begin. I have not taken house points and 2/3 of the trio is not present to witness you speaking personably with your potions professor?"

"It's just that you are being so polite and not condescending at all and I sort of feel like I'm in the carriage with someone on poly juice trying to steal all of my secrets."

"I can assure you Miss Granger I am not a poly juice induced vision. I am merely trying to ascertain if you would be tolerable enough to help me with several potion experiments throughout the year. I fear I will have need of an extra set of hands for several projects and thought with your insufferable thirst for knowledge that you might be the best qualified for the position of assistant. Of course if you are not interested I could offer it to say… Draco, Mr. Malfoy."

"Professor, are you truly offering me a position in your lab for the term? If you are I accept." 'Maybe the git isn't all bad after all.'

"Indeed I will send you a schedule of times and dates in order to 'get the ball running'." Snape noticed the fire in her eyes. This girl, no witch, won't know what hit her when he's through.' "Miss Granger shall we join the great hall for the feast?"

"Indeed, we shall professor," Snickering she placed her hand in his proffered hand and exited the carriage in time to see the hate filled faces of Harry and Ron. Looking up into the obsidian gaze of her potions master she gracefully stepped down from the carriage and allowed him to escort her into the great hall much to the dismay of Harry and Ron.

Walking past Harry and Ron she commented, "You really should close your mouth you look like a fish out of water. Are you going to join me at the Griffindor table or are you going to stand there all night?" As Harry and Ron shuffle by she looked up to see the smirk on Professor Snape's face and wonder what she would have to do to make that smirk turn into a genuine smile for her benefit only. This new position could turn into more fun than her original idea. She considered feeling this new position out before attempting her secret letter façade maybe this will be more entertaining.

'Did Miss Granger just startle her two best friends with one of my lines? And then proceed to invite them inside? She is going to be a challenge this term that I shall enjoy.' Severus Snape was never one to back down from a challenge. Oh he was going to have fun this term indeed.