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Chapter Six

Trial by Friendship

Hermione fight with Ron was bad. How could she forget the immense hate between Griffindor and Slytherin? While the Slytherins would not harass her because she was with their head of house, the Gryffindors had no such fear. She found herself in Transfiguration, where she was shunned by her housemates, and found a seat next to Millie and Pansy once again.

"Hey Hermione," Millie and Pansy said at the same time.

"Hello Millie, Pansy. How was your weekend?"questioned Hermione.

"Not as good as yours if this morning's performance was anything to judge by," stated Pansy. "You should have seen Draco's face when you and Professor Snape walked by talking like old friends. He was fit to be tied and I think Vincent was concerned he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Honestly Hermione you move fast and are smooth."

"Well I don't know about the smooth part. I was rather blatant in my baiting this morning. I was testing Draco to see if he would comment while I was with Professor Snape, apparently he knows when to bite that tongue of his." Hermione stated while watching their faces for reactions to her statement.

"We all knew what the Professor was doing but to hear you react with the right amount of cheek and flirtation was the ticket to your being left alone by Slytherin. They would not dare touch you knowing that the professor is willing to defend your honor especially if he is willing to let you call him Severus." Remarked Millie.

"OH Merlin. I did not call him Severus in the hallway. I am so dead. I am not supposed to call him that outside of the lab or our chambers. He is so going to rip me apart later." Fretted Hermione.

They would have continued their conversation had Professor McGonagall not walked in and demanded attention.

Class was a breeze for Hermione she had worked through half of her course work over the summer and so was able to complete her assignment on the first try. She then helped Millie and Pansy perfect their ability to transform a rock into an owl. After class things were not much better than when she walked in, actually they were worse.

Upon release from class Ron, Dean, and Seamus cornered Hermione outside in the hallway and started ranting.

Ron was so angry he was red in the face when he yelled, "How could you Hermione. I thought you were better than that. I didna' think all it would take was a library to sway your loyalty."

Hermione felt trapped and so responded to his rant, "Ron I thought you would stand by my decision to better myself. I thought you were my friend no matter what!"

Dean and Seamus decided to back Ron up, "What is the slimy Slytherin having his way with you is that why he offered to let you live in his chambers. So he could shag you whenever he wants."

Hermione couldn't respond. She was so distraught by the anger and hurt caused by people she considered friends. Lucky for her Slytherins are not above eavesdropping into private conversations. They overheard and decided to send for Professor Snape so he could witness for himself the atrocious treatment of his apprentice at the hands of her so called friends.

Just when Hermione didn't think she could stand to be tormented with catcalls of "Slytherin Slut" and "Snape's Whore" said professor walked into the corridor and stopped just behind the terrible trio.

"What do you think you are doing?" Snape snarled. "Do you not understand the position you have placed yourselves in? Detention Messer's Weasley, Finnegan, and Thomas tonight 7 pm with Mr. Filch and 25 points each for harassing a fellow house mate." While giving his trademark death glare he added, "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

Looking at Hermione his features softened and he asked, "Are you all right? I did not think your friends would be so cruel."

Hermione looked into his obsidian eyes noticing the concern in them and responded, "I will be fine. Thank you for stepping in. I could not seem to find my voice to defend myself not that I think I should have to defend my choices. They should respect my decisions about whom I choose to be friends with and the choices I make for my future."

With that statement, Severus gently grabbed her elbow and escorted Hermione to the dungeons. Severus knew many shortcuts to the dungeons from the Transfiguration classroom and used them in order to allow Hermione time to freshen up before class. He was thinking about the best way to approach the topic about how he found her when she needed help and what he heard in the corridor when he arrived. He did not want to embarrass her or sound like he was belittling her emotions.

Hermione, led by Severus, was thinking about her morning and rethinking what she truly saw in Ron and the other Gryffindors. She wondered how Severus knew to come escort her to the dungeons and worried he would be disappointed in her for not being able to defend herself to her friends.

Potions was the next class for both teacher and apprentice. It was Hermione's first class as apprentice to Snape. She washed her face and mentally prepared herself for the class to come. It was a fifth year Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw. All in all it should be an easy one to get through for a first day. She would think about Ron and the rest of Gryffindor later.