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Feelings of Love, Lost, and Lust

By: ZombieZapper101

Rated: M (For a Reason, you'll find out)

Chapter 1: A Crushed Christmas

Norman walked down the street, his tears falling silently onto the cold ground. "Why? Why did this have to happen? Why did she do this to me?", he asked himself softly, as the fresh tears started to form and fall down his cheeks.

(Flashback): (Pathway to Norman's Girlfriend's House)

Norman was walking down the street on the slight chilly December day, clutching a small box, wrapped in pink giftwrap and with a small red bow on the top of it. It was Christmas and Norman was leaving home for only an hour so he could give his girlfriend a present that he had bought her after all the time he spent earning the money for it.

"I wonder if Jenny is having a Merry Christmas? Well, I'll find out when I get there." He thought to himself happily as he clutched the present close to his side and started humming "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas".

(Norman's Girlfriend's House)

Only 10 minutes later, he arrived at Jenny's house. It was a nice place, two stories with a white color that blended together well with the snow, giving it the apperence of a large snow fort. Norman approched the white picket fence and opened it before walking inside and closing it behind him. He had a warm smile as he walked onto the porch and tapped merrily on the door.


With the no answer, he tapped again, just abit louder.


Then he heard a moan, and it sounded like Jenny, and from the sound of it, she was enjoying something and she was enjoying alot! "Hmm...I wonder what that was?" he thought to himself curiously before he looked under the "Merry Christmas!" mat and grabbed the spare key. He had alot of trust with Jenny and her parents, and that included being able to access the house, since he and Jenny had a loving relationship and he always took care of the house whenever she and her parents had to go out of town or anything, and with that, her parents loved Norman to pieces.

Inserting the key into the lock, Norman entered the house and it was so far, eerily quiet and hot...very hot. "Where's Jenny?", He whispered to himself, while removing his jacket. Placing his jacket on the coat rack, he made his way up the stairs, where he heard another moan and this one sounded very lusty-like. "What the hell was that? Sounded like Jenny...", he made his way to her bedroom door. Listening closely, he heard rapid breaths and heard Jenny say, "Harder! Oh, yes! Oh please, Pound me Santa!"

That setting Norman off, he opened the door quick and discovered the scene that broke his heart. His girlfriend was with his cousin, Michael and they were having some "Christmas Fun". "Oh my god! Jenny?! Michael?!" he simply gasped, still trying to take in the fact that his cousin was sleeping with his girlfriend. "Norman!" Jenny shrieked and Michael simply gasped and dropped his jaw. "Oh shit", he mumbled. "What are you doing here, Norman?", Jenny asked him, as she pulled herself off of Michael.

"I Came over to give a present to you for Christmas, but I can see that you got your present as you are FUCKING my cousin!" Norman yelled out, surprised by his own lanuage. "Norman, its not what it looks like!" Jenny told him as she tried to embrace him. "Leave Me Alone! Jenny we are over! I don't ever want you to talk to me ever again, and Micahel, same for you!"' and with that, Norman ran down the stairs, grabbed his coat, and darted out the door for home.

(End Flashback) (Norman's House):

Norman arrived home from his long, sulking walk. He walked in with a smile and made his way to his room, where he locked his door and sobbed quietly for over an hour.

When his tears had dried, he turned on his tv and Tivo and started to watch an Avatar: The Last Airbender Christmas Special. "At least this will cheer me up", he spoke softly. Then, his power went out. "Damn, what's going on?" he mumbled as he got up and began to exit his room, then the bright light flashed...

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