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Chapter 4: Confusions, Love At First Meet, & New Friendships Gained (Pt.2)

(The Next Morning) (Ty Lee and Azula's Tent)

Norman woke up the next day, with Ty Lee and Azula cuddled up on both sides of him, their breasts almost being able to be seen, but he didn't notice. The Sun was shining bright and he noticed that it was still very early, but back home, he was used to getting up very early. Easily moving Ty Lee and Azula off of him, he slipped out of their sleepy grip and grabbed his bag. He knew that he had to find someplace to wash himself. As he walked outside, he noticed that he was the only one up. "Cool, I'm the only other one up"

He walked into the forest. It was cold, due to the snow, but he didn't mind. As he walked, he heard the faint, but familiar sound of a waterfall. "Awesome, now I have to find it.", he thought as he started walking towards the sound, trying to determine its location.

(Ten Minutes Later)

After a ten minute walk, Norman found the waterfall, and it was an extremely beautiful sight that he had ever seen. It was large, very large and the sand on its shores was similar to a beach. "Wow! This is awesome!", he said aloud as he found the place to set his bag. He dug in his bag until he found a new set of clothes, a green t-shirt and a pair of jeans. "Here we are!", he said to himself as he found the clothes, and the toiletries that he required such as deodorant and body wash (his favorite Old Spice).

He stripped himself fully and then walked slowly into the water, hoping it not to be too cold, but it was freezing. "Holy shit! That is cold!", he shivered. He had learned from his pals in cold water, the best thing to do is dive and move around in order to warm up. So that was what he did and before he knew it, he was warm. "Much better", he said aloud, happy that he was warmer. "What is much better?", he heard a voice from behind which scared him deeply. "AHHH!", he yelled out before falling under the water. When he resurfaced, he found Ty Lee with her towel, and spare clothes.

"Norman! Are you alright? Did I scare you?", she asked him as she kneeled down to see if he was alright. "Yeah yeah, I'm fine" he told her. "Ok good. Just making sure", she sat her new clothes down by Norman's bag and preceded to take off what she was wearing (her normal robes from the previous day). "Umm...Ty Lee? What are you doing?", he asked, his face turning a deep scarlet. "Hmm? Oh, I always bathe naked. Don't you?", she asked as if it were nothing. "Well, yeah. But isn't kind of awkward to bathe with a guy you just met yesterday naked while he is naked too?", he asked her, the blush on his face deepening even more.

"Well, we're friends right? So, it shouldn't matter", she told him, as she tossed her shirt and pants near Norman's bag, leaving her in her pink undergarnments. "I guess you're right", Norman said, his face still red, but now he could feel his member hardening from seeing her stripping. "Well, if it bothers you, turn around until I get in", Ty Lee told him as she undid her hair braids and letting it all flow carelessly down her back. "Okay", and that's what he did until he heard a splash and Ty Lee say, "Okay, you can look".

When he turned around, he saw Ty Lee and even though her breasts were covered under water, he could faintly see her rosy pink nipples. "Oh my god! She looks so beautiful!", he thought to himself as he could feel his member hardening even more. "Wow!", he found himself saying out loud. "What?", she asked him as she moved towards him slowly in the water. "It's just that you look very beautiful!", he told her, his face filled with a very light pink blush.

Her own face faintly blushed as well, as she replied "Thank you! I think that you look very handsome, though your naked.", she giggled when she said the "naked" part. "How did you know that I was naked as well?", he questioned, not knowing how he was naked. "I saw your clothes, and I saw you dive in. Your butt is so cute!", she squealed. Norman blushed again. "Wow! Thanks!" he said. "So, Norman. How did you end up here? You said last night that you would explain today.", Ty Lee told him as she reclined next to him, letting the back end of her body to float a bit closer to the surface, allowing Norman to see some more of her legs and her toned waist.

"Well, I don't think that you will understand, but I will try the best I can to explain it.", he told her as he reclined next to her, but trying very hard not for his lower half to come up, for his member was still rock hard from gazing upon Ty Lee's body. "Try me", Ty Lee said as she snuggled as close as she could to Norman. "I don't know why, but I love his scent and the warmth that he generates. I think I may love this guy. Wait, I've only known him for a can I love the guy? Could this be love at first sight?", she continued to think and daydream before Norman snapped her back to reality. "Ty Lee?" "Oh! I'm sorry! Please explain!", she snapped from her thoughts and back to reality.

"Okay, I don't think that you will understand this at all, but here I go. Okay, in my world, I live in a country called 'The United States of America' and I live in the state of 'Oklahoma'.", he started, as he made sure that Ty Lee was following and understanding him completely. "Uh-huh...I see. Please continue.", she sadi and it seemed that she understood all he said. So Norman continued for about 45 minutes explaining everything he could about, the U.S, where he lived, how he missed his family, and all the personal experiences he had in his life and how Aang and everyone was on a television show.

When he was finished, Ty Lee said "Astounding! I actually understand all that you are talking about! Except the part of us being on this thing called a television show" "As do I", said a familiar voice that belonged to no one else but Azula, who again, scared Norman due to her stealtiness. Norman flipped out and did a full back flip in the water, causing both Azula and Ty Lee to see Norman's butt. They both giggled as he resurfaced, while his face was covered in another long blush that he had when he saw them in their undergarments the previous night.

"Ty Lee was right, you do have a cute butt!", Azula actually giggled when she said that. She actually giggled! She hadn't giggled since she and Zuko were kids. "He does, doesn't he?", Ty Lee giggled along with Azula as Norman grew more and more embarrassed. "Thanks.", he said to them after his blush faded. "You two are very beautiful!", he complimented them as then it was their turn to blush, but only slightly. "Thank you Norman!", Ty Lee and Azula simultaneously said. "No problem", He said as he started to swim towards the waterfall.

"Hey! Wait for me!", Ty Lee started to follow him and Azula called out, "Wait for me too!" Then she quickly stripped herself and laid her clothes by Ty Lee's and Norman's before she dived in and swam up to the waterfall where Ty Lee and Norman were waiting. "Hey! Took you long enough, Azula!", Ty Lee chuckled. "Well, no one waited for me!", Azula pouted, then Norman said, "Oh, it's alright Azula". "Thanks!", she told him, then she noticed that Norman wasn't looking straight at her or Ty Lee. "Hey Norman, why aren't you looking at us?", she asked him. "He's very nervous around two naked girls, and he is being respectful by not looking unless we say that it is okay", Ty Lee explained to her. "Oh, I see, he lives a sheltered life", Azula giggled at this statement; though Norman knew it was the truth. He had never really seen a girl naked or was never around a girl long enough to earn her trust so he could see her naked.

"It's true, I do live a sheltered life. I have never seen a girl naked and I have never befriended a girl long enough to earn her trust so I could see her naked, and if I there is a girl I know that is naked, I do not look unless she gives me her permission to look", he told Ty Lee and Azula, and he was very embarrassed to say it. "I see. You are very respectful for not looking until you receive permission, and we like respectfulness in a man, don't we Ty Lee?", Azula asked Ty Lee who responded with "Yes! I love that in a man!" Then Ty Lee jumped and hugged Norman, who was surprised, but hugged her back. He was a little uncomfortable by hugging Ty Lee and feeling her bare breasts against his chest, but he didn't care. Ty Lee was his friend. When Ty Lee let go, Azula jumped in front of her and hugged Norman too. "Norman, you have to have hugs for everyone!", Azula snuggled against his chest tightly, letting her breasts squeeze against Norman, making him gasp due to lack of breath.

When Azula let him go, Norman took in a large gulp of breath and then looked down at the water, only to part of the head of his member breaking the water! He squeaked as he dove in the water, away from Ty Lee and Azula, who in turn, followed after him calling out "Hey! Wait up!"

Norman called back, "Hold on! I have to do something real quick!". Then with that, Ty Lee and Azula stopped following and watched him reach next to the shore where all of their clothes were. They watched him close as he darted out of the water and grab his clothes and bag and rush behind a tree. "YOU ALRIGHT NORMAN?!", Ty Lee called out, worried about her new friend (That she was head-over-heels in love with). "YEAH! I JUST WANTED TO GET OUT BECAUSE I WAS TIRED! DO YOU WANT TO COME BACK TO THE TENT WITH ME?", He called out back to them, letting Ty Lee's worries vanish and Azula's curiosities to form. "SURE! HERE WE COME!", Ty Lee called out, as both she and Azula swam to the shore and got out. They picked up their clothes and walked over to the tree, where they found Norman dressed, waiting, and with his back to them. "Hey!", they said to him. He spun around and started to say "Hey-HE-HE-HEY!", he ended up yelling because when he spun around, he ended up seeing both Ty Lee and Azula butt-naked, looking at him like it was no big deal.

His eyes gazed up and down and he noticed the curvevicious bodies of Ty Lee and Azula possessed. Ty Lee's body was well-rounded with long, slim legs, a nice rounded hips, a beautiful abdomen, and then Norman noticed her breasts. They were large, round, and looked sweet & succulent with their silky look and her rosy pink nipples.

Azula's body was curvy but had the look of muscles behind the delicateness of the outside. Her legs were strong. Her hips were curvy, most likely from lots of dancing. Her stomach was very toned and had hints of a six-pack underneath the soft skin. Her breasts were about a half size smaller than Ty Lee's, but they were round, full and looked like a sweet fruit that any man would want to eat and suckle on all day.

"What's wrong Norman?" Ty Lee asked, her face had a sense of worry, as did Azula's face. She looked just as worried as Ty Lee did. "Just…umm…you both are naked…" he managed to say, his face flaring red. "Yeah? So what? We are all friends here, right?" Azula said straight-up. "Yeah we are" Norman replied, his face's blush not letting up one bit. "Then it shouldn't matter if we are naked" Azula said before walking around Norman, her curves showing as she walked. She purposely did that to try and get him horny…and she was doing a damn good job at it... but Norman was able to cover it up.

"Well anyways, that was a fun swim" Norman said as he chuckled slightly and rubbing the back of his head as he chuckled. Ty Lee simply smiled and hugged Norman tight, causing him to blush again because Ty Lee's large breasts were pushed up against his chest, something that had never happened to him before. Norman hugged back, with a small smile lighting up his face. Ty Lee had a smile as well as she stood there hugging him.

After she let go, Norman finished dressing himself as Ty Lee dressed herself. They walked back to camp, just talking to each other and appreciating the beautiful day in front of them…today would be a great day and they both felt that.

End Chapter 4

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