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Naruto: Tri-world Adventure

Konohagakure no Sato, two weeks after Pain's attack

Uzumaki Naruto sat alone in his apartment gathering his meager possessions in preparation to leave to the family estate Jiraiya had left him. The will reading today left the estate and all in it, including all of Ero-sennin's notes on sealing, ninjutsu, and Ichi Icha. He'd probably give Kakashi-sensei the third set.

He paused his packing as he looked at the leather bound books lying on his bed. Jiraiya's journals, several leather bound tomes filled with the personal musings of the old pervert, had been left to his daughter, with Naruto as the designated delivery boy. She also needed to know about his death and the funeral planned. The blond shinobi wondered how he would get them to Shizuna-neechan in Japan. Maybe Ero-sennin left something for him in the notes in his new home. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to get to her in the other world.

Three days later, Hokage's office

Naruto knew he needed to be on his best behavior to get what he needed. The village was safe for now but he was still needed in case something happened, both as the newest sage which made the Rasenshuriken a viable attack. Plus he'd just gotten back from the training trip to Mt. Myobokuzan with the toads. But Shizuna-neechan needed to know about Ero-Sennin, and Naruto was ready to get to where she lived.

So armed with the notes and the best manners Iruka and Fukasaku had drilled into him, the powerful young ninja prepared to plead his case. A proper knock on Baa- . . . the Hokage's door was answered after a moment. With manners that would have made Iruka proud, he quietly entered the office to find two unexpected visitors to the village.

"Gaara? Temari? What're you two doing here?"

Manners, meet window. Window, manners.

"We are here to help with your training, Naruto," Gaara's monotone voice disguised the warmth in his green eyes. "Wind users are rare, even in Suna, and Temari has agreed to help you better master it."

Naruto's eyes got wide as he stared at the young woman in front of him. Learn wind manipulation from Temari?! The sheer giddiness of such advanced training almost made him forget why he was there. But looking down at his hands and seeing the notes there reminded him of his purpose. Remembering his manners, the young man bowed politely, almost causing Tsunade to fall on her face in shock. Fortunately for her dignity and Naruto's face, she recovered in time.

"I appreciate the offer and will happily train under you Temari-sensei, but there is a personal matter I need take care of first."

This time Tsunade and Temari both face-faulted at how un-Naruto-ish Naruto was acting. Gaara just raised an eyebrow questioningly. The women recovered and Tsunade gave a slight cough to get Naruto's attention.

"What 'personal matter' would that be Naruto?" asked the Godaime.

"I need to go get Ero- . . . um, Jiraiya-sensei's daughter for the funeral. She should be here for that," said Naruto. He braced himself for any number of reactions: outrage, indignity, even crying (though the idea of that occurring with these people scared him).

"That's fine. The training wasn't going to start until after the funeral anyway," Tsunade smiled sadly at him, "I'm sure Temari would like you fully focused on the training anyway."

Blatant acceptance . . . that was new for Naruto. He blinked a bit before shrugging and bowing again. "Thank you." Maybe this manners thing wasn't so bad after all.


Mahora Academy

"Shizuna-sensei, thank you for listening!" exuberantly shouted Sasaki Makie.

The guidance councilor for Mahora smiled gently at the girl, "No problem, Makie-chan, but you really should spend more time on your studies. You won't be able to stay on the gymnastics team with failing grades."

Makie just gave a strained smile and rushed to leave before another lecture on her poor grades could begin. As she rushed out of the office, she bumped someone and turned to apologize when she saw who it was. The apology died before it could begin as she stared dumbly at the bright blue eyes of a cute guy. The whisker marks triggered a memory alerting her to who he was. She had heard from some of her classmates, but this was her first time actually talking with him.

"Naruto-kun, what a surprise to see you here! Come here and give me a hug," Shizuna happily ordered the young man, who complied with a ready smile.

Makie took that moment to better observe the infamous Naruto, who visited with his sister a couple years ago. Most of the rumors said he was a nice guy with a loud voice and a taste for orange clothes. The black jeans and dark blue shirt but that rumor down, though she had to admit the outfit looked good on him. The contrast between the dark clothes and his bright hair and eyes gave him a mysterious and exotic look.

She turned to leave as the two entered Shizuna's office, but stopped when she heard a crash followed by terrible sobs. She rushed back to the door and cracked it open, stopping when she met those blue eyes again. The sadness and pain emitted by them made her want to cry, though she had no idea what was going on. Deciding it better to leave quietly, Makie eased the door shut and tip-toed away.

Only when Shizuna disappeared for a couple days did she remember to tell her classmates about meeting the fabled boy.


Shizuna latched onto Naruto after he had delivered the news.

Her vagabond father, her dear papa was gone.

She cried her eyes dry onto Naruto's shoulder, letting him comfort her as her mind kept going over the news.


Naruto looked at the floor, his usual grin and sparkle were missing. Dread pooled in her gut as she studied her father's apprentice.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong?"

His gaze was mournful as it reached hers, "I'm sorry, Shizuna-neechan. Ero- . . . Jiraiya-sensei died during a mission."

As if a spear pierced her chest the life went out of her. She fell against her desk, knocking over books and mementoes before Naruto could catch her.

End Flashback

She never heard Makie open the door, barely felt Naruto change position. Minutes passed by as she let the pain vent. With anyone else at any other time she wouldn't allow herself this luxury of grieving, but Naruto had that effect on people, especially those who he had bonded with.

"There'll be a funeral held in the Village in two days. Do you want to go?"

Shizuna blinked as the thought penetrated the storm of sadness. Go to Konoha, where her father grew up, and always told stories of, but would never let her go?

"I'd like that very much, Naruto-kun."

Though she would need to make some preparations for the trip, she didn't think the Headmaster would have any problems with her taking the first real vacation of her time at Mahora. It'd be good to see where her papa came from.


"Would you like to explain exactly why I can't go to my father's funeral?" asked Shizuna to the Mahora Headmaster. Her normally smiling face was frowning, causing Headmaster Konoemon to cringe in fear.

Shizuna, he knew, was like a wave. Most of the time she was calm and fun to be around, but when she got agitated, she was known to destroy buildings. It wasn't so bad though.

They were planning to redo the gym anyway.

"Shizuna, the Festival is coming up and we will need your help with the preparations. I'm sorry, but everyone will need to contribute to the safety of the Festival and its attendees," said Konoemon. He didn't like it, but her area of expertise was magical communication. Coordinating teams and information were vital in a Festival this size.

Shizune's angry frown slipped to one of depression with her whole face sagging in despair. Then like a light switch being hit, a light came to eyes and a smile graced her lips.

"What if I get some help while I'm there?"


Jiraiya's funeral was a quiet affair. Most of those in attendance only knew the fallen Toad Sage by reputation, though some were friends and former subordinates from his active mission days. Once Tsunade revealed her identity, Shizuna felt near royalty with the respect and reserve given her by the ninja of the Hidden Leaf. She engaged in conversation with anyone who had something to say about her father, be it good or bad. The later seemed more abundant among the women in attendance. After an hour of hearing ninja reminisce about her father, the strained smile she'd arrived with had become genuine, along with the laughing tears that came from hearing the many mishaps her papa had before he took to wandering.

It was later that evening when she finally had the opportunity to talk to his old teammate, who she needed to talk to for another reason.

Shizuna had after all come to hire a ninja or two.

The Hokage's desk was bare except for the few jugs of sake and two drinking dishes being used by equally well-endowed women. They'd spent the hour drinking and swapping stories, some Jiraiy related and some work related. If Shizuna shifted uncomfortably whenever dangerous missions were mentioned, Tsuande chalked it up to her being a civilian not used to the dangers of her father's occupation.

Shizuna finally decided that her guilty conscious couldn't wait any longer and barely kept herself from blurting out her request.

"I'd like to hire Naruto-kun for a mission."

That brought Tsunade up short. Shaking her head a bit to clear the alcohol haze, she stared at the younger woman a moment before sighing. "What type of mission is it?"

"There's a festival occurring where I work, and the area involved is large. We expect some trouble and it appears we will be understaffed to watch the whole festival, so I was hoping to hire Naruto-kun to help. He knows the area and would have little trouble blending in."

Tsunade looked surprised to ever hear the phrase "blend in" and Naruto in the same sentence. The young man took great pains to never "blend in." Her question was stopped by how sincere Shizuna looked. No smile at a personal joke, furrowing of the brow in worry, and the fear in her eyes proved that this was an honest customer. Time to iron out the details.

"How dangerous is this festival going to be?"

"Nothing life threatening. Just some rabble rousers and the like."

Tsunade rubbed her chin in thought. "When?"

"It will start in two weeks. It'd probably be best if he showed up a few days before."

"Alright. Now, how do you intend to pay? I'm afraid I send off one of my best for charity work right now."

Shizuna nodded, "I'm aware of that." She reached into her purse and pulled out a small cloth sack. "Will this do?" Out the sack came a small gemstone. Tsunade's eyebrows lifted as her eyes widened.

"Does everyone in your world carry those around?"

Shizuna smiled, "No, but Father liked to spoil me."

Tsunade could only laugh at the image of her perverted teammate as a doting father. "Alright, is there any other information I or Naruto needs to be made aware of?"

Shizuna thinks a moment before a mischievous chuckle escapes her lips. Tsunade looked at her puzzled, her face asking the silent question. Shizuna smiled, "Just tell Naruto that his old class will love to see him again."

Tsunade's puzzlement grew, "What class?"

"The one he attended when he went to Mahora."

Tsunade's eyebrows raised, "Tell me he didn't use his Oiroke no Jutsu."

"He didn't, but Father told me about that. Father found another way to get Naruto in the class. Ask him about it."

Tsunade's curiosity would accept nothing less.


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