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Sakura focused chakra into her palm ignoring the beads of sweat running into her eyes. She and Hinata had been working on this same jutsu all night and neither one of them was able to get the right results, it was almost morning.

"Come on Hinata! I think it's going to work this time!" Hinata nodded her head, a look of determination on her face. Sakura could see the faint green outline that was Hinata's chakra begin to form in her palm.

Usually the green would mean that she was using a healing jutsu, but not this time. This time was different. This time they were trying a new type of summoning jutsu.

Earlier in the week Naruto had come back from one of his training sessions with Jariya showing off some new jutsu. Sakura grimaced as she remembered what Naruto had done.

Naruto ran through the village laughing, heading straight for Ichiraku Ramen. 'I can't believe I actually beat the Pervy Sage! I can't wait to tell Sakura!' Naruto skidded to a halt as he approached the restaurant.

Naruto's smile grew as he recognized the pink haired kunoichi. Naruto walked in trying to act cool in front of Sakura."Hey Sakura guess what!" Sakura looked up from her bowl of ramen to find an excited blonde haired boy standing over her.

"What is it Naruto?" Naruto's smile crept back onto his face. 'Oh brother, he's going to start shouting again,' Sakura sighed in her head, 'I knew it wasn't safe to come here.' Sakura put her chopsticks down and turned in her stool to look at Naruto. As she turned the person sitting next to her came into view.

"Oh hey Hinata! I didn't see you there! Guess what?!" Hinata blushed when Naruto practically shouted her name. She looked down before replying.

"He...Hello...Na...Naruto. Wh...What...is it?" Sakura smiled. She thought it was cute how Hinata acted around Naruto. She sighed again. 'I wonder if Naruto knows how she feels.'

Naruto flashed a huge smile, showing his teeth and clasped his hands behind his head, "I mastered a new jutsu! Pervy Sage said it would take me at least a year but I showed him! It only took me a couple of weeks!" Sakura rolled her eyes. 'Apparently not.'

"Sure you did Naruto. I bet it's a really hard jutsu too. Don't you think so Hinata?" Sakura said, sarcasm dripping in her voice. Hinata blushed again and looked down.

Naruto noticed that Sakura was teasing him but he was too excited to care. "It's true! Here let me show you!" Naruto formed a simple hand sign to channel his chakra through. Then he bit his thumb and formed a circle of blood on his right palm.

Sakura merely watched with amusement. Last time Naruto had tried a summoning jutsu he had only summoned a little frog. Sakura frowned, if he had already made a contract with the frogs, then he shouldn't be able to summon anything other than frogs.

Before Sakura could ask, Naruto held his arms out at shoulder length and clapped his hands together. Naruto smiled in triumph. Sakura looked back at Hinata and raised her eyebrows.

Hinata had been watching the whole scene with her Byakugan, learning how to perform the jutsu by looking at the chakra system. Hinata blinked and shook her head in bewilderment.

Sakura looked back at Naruto who had begun to slowly pull his hands apart, a thin sheen of sweat breaking out on his forehead. Hinata and Sakura gasped as they saw what was forming between Naruto's hands. There was a rope of fire as thick as the circle of blood on his palms hovering in the air. The girls stared in disbelief. Naruto had just summoned his element. With that jutsu you would be able to control it easily, and all you would have to do is think about what you wanted it to do, saving you lots of chakra.

Naruto looked up to see the look of astonishment on their faces. He gave a smug look as he proceeded to show off. He turned his palms up and watched as the rope of fire bent like a slinky. "Pretty good huh?" Naruto released the jutsu. "Pervy Sage said it was a jutsu that required a lot of strength and concentration! But it's so simple!" Sakura flushed with anger. None of the other shinobi's their age had even heard of it yet, besides Sakura who had heard it from Lady Tsunade.

It was supposed to be a very complicated jutsu. Before you could even attempt to try it you had to know what your element was.

Naruto leaned in closer to the girls and looked back and forth as if checking to see if anyone was listening. He held up his hand and whispered, "I can teach you if you want. Master Jariya said I was getting really good at it, maybe I can you give you some pointers."

Sakura closed her eyes as she tried to suppress her fury, almost hearing a blood vessel pop on her forehead. "Naruto~." Naruto blinked then backed up, suddenly afraid.

"YOU IDIOT!" Hinata closed her eyes as Sakura hit Naruto on the head. When she looked up Naruto was lying on the ground, a cartoon like bump on his head. Sakura leaned over Naruto shaking her fist at him. "I bet I can learn that jutsu faster than you and be able to use it better too!" Sakura paid for the noodles that she hadn't finished and motioned for Hinata to follow her.

Hinata paid for her meal as well and bowed to the shop-owner apologizing for the disturbance. But he just gave a good-natured smile and waved her towards an irritated Sakura, angrily taping her foot. She bowed again to Naruto as a good-bye before following Sakura to the training fields behind the Academy.

Sakura flushed with anger. It had been almost two weeks and they had only just figured out their element types. The redness on Sakura's face disappeared as she thought about her element.

Out of all the elements that she knew, water was the easiest element to control and the most useful, and she was just lucky enough to get it! Water was smooth and bendable, and easily adapted to its surroundings. Plus, if you tried hard enough, you would be able to change the temperature of the water to ice or vapor. Water was everywhere. She would be hard pressed to be without a weapon with this jutsu!

While water was the easiest element, earth was the strongest. Much to Sakura's surprise, earth turned out to be Hinata's element. Earth was strong and sturdy and able to work in any surrounding. Earth wasn't just restricted to dirt and mud, but could also be applied to plants. A malicious smile grew on Sakura's face as she pictured Ino in front of her dying herb garden, throwing her fists in the air.

Sakura composed her face and looked over at Hinata who nodded her head. Simultaneously bit their fingers and drew shaky circles on their dominant hands. She frowned, she was running low on chakra and she could only assume that Hinata was too.

'Come on Sakura, you can do this.' Sakura took a deep breath and pressed her hands together. Another deep breath and she began to count out loud.

"One...Two..." Sakura heard Hinata gulp. Hinata had pressed her hands together also and had closed her eyes. Sakura closed her eyes as well, frightened that the lack of chakra would cause the jutsu to go wrong. "Three!"

Hinata and Sakura quickly drew their hands apart. They gasped as a bright light pierced through their eyelids. A high screaming sound breaking the early morning silence.

"Hinata! Break the jutsu! Quick!" Sakura stopped channeling chakra to her hands in an attempt to stop the shrieking. But the sound kept going; even the blinding light wasn't letting up. If anything it was getting worse!

Sakura jumped forward to where Hinata had been standing, knocking her down to the ground. Hinata whimpered in fear and covered her head with her hands. Attempting to shield Hinata with her body, Sakura had one last thought before she blacked out, 'What have we done?'

The Hokage looked up as the sound of something like a dog whistle reached her ears. Lady Tsunade looked out the wall of windows behind her to see the sun just rising. "Shizune, what is that sound?"

A woman holding a pig poked her head behind the doors to The Hokage's office. She tilted her head in an act of listening closely. "I'm not sure..."

"It's a summoning jutsu." Lady Tsunade looked back towards her office to see a man with white hair and a mask covering half his face standing in the middle of the room, a serious look on his face.

The woman frowned. "What kind of summoning jutsu? It just sounds like a high pitched whistle."

The man shook his head. He pointed out the window at the rising sun. "That is a very powerful summoning jutsu gone wrong." He pointed out a window facing the opposite direction. "That is the sun."

Lady Tsunade's face fell, and then contorted in anger. She stood up so fast that her chair went flying out the window. "Then why don't you stop it?!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Kakashi lowered his head. "I can't. With that much chakra flying around, someone could get killed. The most we could do was evacuate the area, and hope that whatever was summoned is friendly."

Lady Tsunade's face twitched in frustration. She banged her fists on the desk, cracking yet another desk in two. "Damn."

Sarah looked over her friend Melanie, who was standing in front of a mirror. They were trying to figure out a good cosplay outfit for their Anime Club meeting. So far they could only find outfits for Sarah and Mae.

"Let's see, long blonde hair and blue eyes. I don't know Mae, what do you think?" Sarah turned around to see Mae messing with Melanie's computer.

"Hey! Be careful! That cost a lot of money you know." Melanie rushed around her bed and closed the laptop practically on Mae's hands. Mae pouted and whined like a dog. Melanie just grinned at her.

Sarah sighed and tried again. "Mae, who do you think Melanie can be?" Mae jumped off the bed, her costume not hindering her movements. She had chosen to be Kairi from Kingdom Hearts I. She had made it herself using scrap fabric lying around her house. With her short red hair it completed the look well.

Mae put her finger to her lips and 'hmm'ed, circling around a frustrated Melanie (still standing near the laptop). She had been standing, and circling, and bending over, letting them sit and think about different manga characters that she could find clothes to match in her closet. Melanie was getting really
annoyed by it, then again, she gets annoyed by just about anything Mae does.

Mae shook her head. "I don't know, the only one I can think of is Namine, and that's you." She pointed at Sarah then flopped onto Melanie's bed, squishing any stuffed animals in her way. Melanie thought about it too, but couldn't think of any outfits she had that would match a character from an anime/manga/game. "I can't think of anything either, Sarah."

Sarah looked down at her dress. Originally it had reached down to her ankles, and the straps that had held it up had been tied in knots to keep it up. But after letting Mae alter it, it now reached down to her knees, not including the inch of lace, and didn't need the knots on the straps anymore. Though it did still have that flap on the front that made it look Greek.

She groaned before lying down on the futon next to the bed. Melanie sighed and started paying Zelda's Lullaby on her keyboard. Mae sat up and started to sway to the rhythm with her eyes closed. Sarah closed her eyes too and imagined a baby Zelda falling asleep to the so melody. Then she got an idea so great, that she practically heard the light bulb ding over her head.

"I got it!" She yelled, so suddenly, that she startled Mae into falling off the side of the bed. Melanie burst out laughing at Mae who had landed on her head. Giggling slightly, Sarah stepped over Mae, who was rubbing her head and smiling, to the closet. She started to move Melanie's clothes around.

Melanie too walked over to the closet (also stepping over Mae) suppressing her laughter enough to ask, "What are you looking for Sarah?" Mae lay back on her back to look at Sarah better. Sarah looked back at Melanie and held up a pink dress.

"You are going to be The Princess of Hyrule!" Sarah smiled a look of triumph on her face. Melanie grinned and started comparing what little dresses she had to what Zelda wore in all the Zelda games (she owned them all) and said "but I don't- and was cut off as Sarah tossed the dress to Melanie, who smiled and mumbled under her breath "I don't remember having a dress like this…" Melanie went into the bathroom to change. Sarah started to look for some gold jewelry that Melanie could wear.

Mae smacked herself on the head. "I could have thought of that! I mean look at all this Zelda stuff! It was so obvious!" Mae crawled over to closet and started looking for shoes that would match the pink dress.

Sarah sat on the bed with a gold necklace in her hands and smiled evilly at Mae. "Maybe I'm just smarter than you." Mae looked up at Sarah, a smile on her face as well.

"And the Kyo/Yuki battle continues!" Sarah laughed as Mae yelled and punched her fist in the air. Mae had this fantasy/conspiracy theory that Sarah was Yuki from Fruits Basket and that she was better at everything than her, Kyo.

"What do you think?" Sarah and Mae looked upas Melanie walked back into the room. The pink dress reached down all the way to the floor and had long tight sleeves in typical Zelda fashion. It even had a small blue part that reached from the waist to the bottom of the dress, also Zelda fashion. Melanie twirled around making the dress fan out like a flower. Sarah giggled and handed her the necklace.

"Thanks. Although I still don't remember getting this dress, it's perfect. Did you guys find any shoes?" Melanie said over her shoulder as she put on the necklace in front of the mirror. Nobody answered. Sarah looked back at the closet where Mae was supposed to be.

"Hey Mae! You still here?" Still no answer. Sarah rolled her eyes and smiled at Melanie's reflection, which smiled back.

"Oh Mary Ann~. I have some ramen for you~." Melanie said in a sing-song voice. They heard a gasp from under the bed that was followed by urgent struggling. Then it was quiet again.

Sarah looked at Melanie with a question in her eyes. Melanie just shrugged and looked back at the bed.

They heard a sigh and then Mae speaking from under the bed. "Hey guys, I think I'm stuck." Sarah and Melanie burst out laughing.

"Hey! It's not that funny! You have a lot of stuff under here!" After awhile they stopped laughing and helped her out from under the trap of a bed. Melanie wiping away tears.

Mae looked around the room then back at the two other girls. "Where's the ramen?" The statement, even though it was said with pure confusion, just earned her more laughter that ultimately ended with Sarah and Melanie rolling around on the floor laughing.

The laughter finally ended when Mae's phone went off. She calmly flipped open her pink katana and read the text message.

anime club cancelled. enjoy friends' house.


"Yay!" Mae jumped up in the air and landed back on the bed on her knees. Sarah and Melanie sat up still smiling and wiping tears away.

"What is it?" Sarah stood all the way up and tapped Mae on the head.

"The anime club meeting is cancelled and I get to stay here with you guys!" Melanie groaned and lay back on the floor, thinking that it was one of the worst things that has happened to her today. Sarah smiled again and poked Melanie in the ribs, making her giggle.

"Come on Melanie; let's go show off your creek." Melanie grinned and went back into the bathroom to change into her normal clothes (a kind of tight brown shirt that says 'Hershies' on it). Sarah reached over to her overnight bag and started changing too (a black shirt that said 'I hate pink' on it and jeans); making sure that Mae (changing into a pink shirt, black pants) couldn't see her

"Wow! Your woods are way better than mine! I mean you even have these huge rocks. Look I'm a Billy Goat!" Melanie and Sarah laughed as they watched Mae jump around on the rocks in the middle of the creed, 'baah'ing like a goat. Mae stopped and kneeled next to the water.

"You know this reminds me of that one episode in Naruto. You know the ones with the chuunin exams?" Sarah sat next to Mae and dipped her feet in the water.

"Oh yeah, I remember that one, they were like the only ones I watched. Hey Sarah, isn't that water cold?" Melanie looked down at the Sarah from her place in a tree.

"Not really, it's kinda warm actually. Okay, next question. If you could do any kind of ninjutsu, what element would you use? I call water!" Mae rocked back and forth on her heels as she thought.

"Oh, Oh, I get earth!" Melanie half said half shouted.

"Aw, man. I wanted that one. Fine, I get sound." Sarah looked over at Mae out of the corner of her eye.

"Sound? What good is that?" Melanie asked.

"You know, for genjutsu. Illusions? It's perfect! I can make you go insane just by whistling." Mae whistled and acted like she was dying.

"I think you can already do that Mae. I think I'm the only one (maybe besides Sarah) who hasn't gone crazy by listening to your voice." said Melanie, grinning evilly and jumping down from her place in the tree, landing
next to Sarah.

They laughed for awhile and listened to the whistle echo through the trees. The whistling grew louder and the trio had to cover their ears. The sound grew in frequency as Melanie tried to shout (angrily) over the noise.

"Mae! What did you do?!" Mae shook her head and tried to answer back but her voice was drowned out (which surprised both Melanie and Sarah, since Mae was the loudest person they knew). Sarah looked back and forth and saw that a bright light was starting shine from where the water was supposed to be coming from.

Oh no! Sarah reached for her friends' heads and made them duck down before blacking out.

Sakura woke up with a start. What happened? She looked around at the white walls and single window looking out into the town. The only other things in the room were an IV and another bed next to it. Who else is here? Sakura leaned forward to get a better look. Sakura gasped.

Hinata! Oh my God! The jutsu! What happened?! Sakura tried to get only to fall back onto the bed reeling with nausea.

"So you're finally awake." Sakura looked over to see Lady Tsunade standing in the shadows. Lady Tsunade's voice dropped from a gentle whisper to a harsh one. "I want to know just what you were thinking out there. Performing that level of jutsu with little chakra and experience after staying up all night? I thought I taught you better than that."

Sakura winced as the Hokage's voice steadily grew louder. "You're just lucky that you and Hinata are all right. Never mind the panic that you caused with the villagers." Lady Tsunade covered her face with her hand and took three deep breaths.

Wow, she must have been really worried to get this worked up. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. What does matter though is what you summoned. That was a lot of chakra that you two used, we don't know yet what exactly you summoned though." She turned toward the door and said back over her shoulder. "Whatever it is, I've already sent the Anbu out to search; don't worry. Now get some rest, I'll send Shizune with some food."

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