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Samantha Manson carried a basket with all the month's groceries in her arms.

She walked into her small house; it could more likely be called a hut made out of mud. Being an Egyptian peasant in these times weren't good for most. Only the higher class and the Pharaoh Royal family lived through everyday with out seeing hardships.

Just the thought of the Pharaoh and his horrid family made Sam's blood boil.

"Back already," granny said.

Sam smiled at her beloved grandma. Granny lived with her since her parents had been killed when she was 3.

Sam was 19 now and gorgeous as ever. Her granny always made a point of saying that she could pass as a noble woman in the higher class. Her dark Black hair was slightly wavy and reached her hips. She had a gorgeous figure but most beautiful of all were her striking amethyst eyes.

Sam put the groceries down and said, "Pharaoh declared ten new laws today."

Granny grunted, "What did that crackpot declare now?"

Sam shrugged, "same old things really. No leaving the house past 9, raised prices on food and taxes, every second boy to be killed, the usual."

Granny nodded and said while knitting, "what you need is a man Sammie baby, strong and handsome one."

Sam shook her head at her silly granny and said, "come on old lady I think it's time for your nap."

"It is not," she declared defiantly and Sam laughed.
"Granny I have to get to work, go on into bed please," Sam said putting on a warmer outer layer.

Granny grunted, "If you had a man then you wouldn't have to go out to work everyday."

Sam rolled her eyes. It was true that many men had asked for her hand in marriage but none of them appealed to her. She hadn't found the one.

Sam closed the door on her way out and granny muttered, "What an exotic beauty like her is doing in these parts of the city I'll never know."

Sam walked down the scruffy streets cursing the pharaoh for leaving kids starving on the roads.

She smacked into someone and fell back.

The person was wearing a hood but you could see her dark red hair flowing out from the front.

"Sorry," she said helping Sam up.

"That's fine," Sam responded smiling. She saw the woman smile under the hood. There were load noises and the woman hastily looked around her. She said sorry again and rushed past.

"She's in a hurry," Sam muttered and carried on walking.

Three large guards rushed up to her and said, "Have you seen the royal princess?"

"Huh?" Sam said and then their question clicked in, "do I look like I would know what the royal princess looks like."

"She has blue eyes and long red hair," one of the guards said looking very worried, "we are meant to be escorting her, but she slipped away from us."

Sam nodded and knew the girl she had bumped into was the princess but she said, "Sorry fellows, I can't help you."

And she turned the corner quickly. A cloaked figure sighed and removed her hood. Sam's mouth dropped, it really was the princess.

"Thank-you," she said so sincerely that Sam smiled. She despised the pharaoh but that doesn't mean his daughter is bad.

Sam shrugged, "no problem."

The princess looked around and said, "Can you take me to your house?"

Sam hesitated and said, "I'm on my way to work and…"

The princess shoved a bag of money into Sam's hands and she said pleadingly, "please.."

Sam sighed and said, "Follow me."

The princess pulled on her hood and they started walking down the dark streets again. A lot of men on the sides of the roads winked at them or tried to grab them.

Sam hissed angrily, "go to the shop pervert."

The princess shivered next to her and said, "You handle everything quite well."

Sam shrugged, "it's what happens when you grow up in these areas. By the way, I'm Samantha but everyone calls me Sam."

The princess laughs and said, "I'm Jasmine but my brother and friends call me Jazz."

Granny was looking out the window when Sam came through the door. She exclaimed when she saw the cloaked figure, "have you finally found a man?"

Sam sighed and Jazz laughed. She removed her hood and only for a moment was granny disappointed. Then she exclaimed, "If we're having guests I'll whip up a nice meal."

"Thanks Granny," Sam said kissing her grandma on her frail cheek.

Granny immediately departed to cook their dinner.

Jazz and Sam took a seat on an old coach.

"Want to explain why you're wondering around in the most dangerous part of the city your highness?"

Jazz broke down into tears, "don't call me that. I'm JAZZ!" she sobbed even louder making tears cascade down her beautiful face, "I needed to get away, even if it's only for a night." Jazz shook her head angrily, "PRINCESS THAT! PRINCESS THIS! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

"You're not so bad off," Sam said indicating to her home, "look where I live."

Jazz smiled, "want to trade."

Both girls laughed.

"Dinners ready!" Granny shouted.

Jazz and Sam stood and went to the dinner table.

"This is wonderful," Jazz said with a genuine smile.

"I'm glad you like it Baby, you should come by more often."

Jazz's face lit up and she said, 'Can I Sam?"

Sam laughed, "when ever you want to visit you can."

Jazz smiled broadly and continued to eat with the air of a princess.

For the next month Jazz came to Visit the Manson household frequently. She became a part of the family and Sam and Jazz quickly became the best of friends. They spoke of everything except Sam didn't tell of her hatred for Jazz's father or fore fathers for destroying the land that is Egypt.

"See you tomorrow," Jazz said hugging Sam.

"Ok," Sam said.

"Bye," and Jazz darted out the house holding her hood close to her head.

Pharaoh's palace

"What are we doing tonight Danny?" an African American boy from a noble family asked his best friend, the crowned prince and soon to be pharaoh.

Danny shrugged, "Don't know Tuck."

"Where's Jazz?" Tucker asked a little too interested.

Danny said, "Probably running off again tonight."

"Where does she go anyway?" Tucker asked.

Danny shrugged, "maybe she found a boy friend."

Tucker frowned when he heard this and said, "Why don't we follow her."

Danny exclaimed, "Come on Tuck, I think we have better things to do than follow my crazy sister around the city."

"Come one Danny, aren't you curious where she keeps disappearing to?"

Danny sighed and said, "Fine."

"Yes!" Tucker said joyfully.

They both got dressed into cloaks and waited for jazz to leave her room. At 7 she came out also wearing a cloak. She scurried down the stairs with Danny and Tucker close behind. They walked past upper class and past the middle class until they came to a part of the city that looked horrible.

Tucker was amazed that jazz wasn't scarred and Danny was worried where his sister was going in this part of the city.

They crouched in the bushes as Jazz knocked on the door of a house.

A beautiful young woman opened the door. Her dark black hair cascaded down her back and shoulders.

Danny sucked in a deep breathe and uttered, "Wow."

"No kidding," tucker whispered next to him.

The beautiful girl smiled and said, "Took you long enough, granny's making spaghetti."

Jazz said something in return that they couldn't hear and the woman laughed.

The sound made Danny's heart skip a beat. Who is she? Why is Jazz here? He asked himself.

Jazz went inside and the girl shut the door.

Tucker was the first to speak, "who is she?"

"No idea," Danny said truthfully.

They both slipped back down the streets and into the palace. Danny said goodbye to tucker and went into his large room.

He dropped into his bed after pulling off his shirt. He lay there wide awake. For some reason the girl kept drifting into his mind and he wanted desperately to know who she was.

Should I ask Jazz? Danny thought, Nwwaa... she'll just explode in anger. Danny sighed guess I'll never now who she is.

Manson house

Granny passed Jazz the meat sauce and they all laughed at a joke Sam had just said.

"I'm getting another job tomorrow," Sam said.

"What? A third one?" Jazz said.

Sam nodded and Granny interrupted, "JUST get a man Sammie baby and you won't need to worry about money."

Sam smothered her face in her hands. She was aggravated at her grans persistence of marriage and even more aggravated that she wasn't able to pay the house and food bill.

"I can lend you some money," Jazz said.

Sam shook her head, "thanks, but I'll have to earn it on my own."

Jazz nodded. She knew of her fathers rule that no man/woman/animal may borrow money to pay for taxes/bills.
"My brothers going to change all of this," Jazz persisted.
"He'll be just like all the other Pharaohs," Sam spat.

"You don't know him," jazz said slowly.

"I don't need to," Sam said eating her spaghetti.

Jazz sighed, "He'll be named Pharaoh in a year's time and then you'll see."

"Well, I hope you're right," Granny said smiling weakly.

After dinner Jazz helped wash up and then left. Sam put Granny to sleep and went downstairs to sleep on the coach.

The next morning Sam kissed her granny on the cheek and darted out the door to go to work.

Granny hummed as she dusted down the counters.

She froze as there was loud banging on the door. There were gun shots and the door was bashed down. Granny's heart hammered away and she thought they've come, thank goodness Sam isn't here.

Ten guards rushed into the room. Two guards grabbed Granny roughly.

"Where's the girl?" One of them said.

"Not here sir," another guard answered.

'sir' as he was called rubbed his head, "hmmm. We need two more for the working block; we'll just pick one up on the road."

The guards laughed and someone shoved granny out the door, "come on grandma."

People ran away as the guards marched down the streets dragging Granny behind them. People bolted their windows and shut the doors trembling and hoping the pharaoh hadn't sent for them too.

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