A/N: This was another challenge I did but Star Wars related. This is a bit of an AU Star Wars fic containing a young Jedi Padawan and his best friend Tallon. It is supposed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the lightsaber combat form Shii-Cho.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or any of the following concepts. Any characters you do not recognize are mine.


By: Total Justice

Drago stepped backwards to block the vertical blow Tallon delivered with his lightsaber, his lightsaber turning into an horizontal parry. Even in this brief practice match, he was seeing the flaws of Shii-Cho. The form was simple and powerful but not anywhere near as powerful as Tallon's Shien or Drago's master's Makashi. Still, Master Chiak has insisted that Drago practice Shii-Cho. He had just smiled at the young man and told him that in learning Shii-Cho, he'd learn something about himself. He didn't quite get what he'd learn. All he wanted to do was learn Ataru. Ataru was perfect for him as Drago was light and quick. But...he could never quite argue with his master. So he did what the old man wished of him.

He was awakened from his thoughts as another blow went right past his ear and he looked up to see Tallon grinning at him. "Daydreaming Drago?" Tallon asked in his slow drawl, his grin dissolving into a triumphant smirk. Drago glared at his best friend and launched forward, thrusting wildly at his opponent. Tallon batted it away with ease before leaning forward to touch his viridian blade against Drago's cyan one. Sparks burst off the blade like firecrackers but they did not quite reach either boy.

"You know...Drago..." Tallon started in the voice he used only when he knew for certain he was going to win. "You shouldn't try to out-push a Shien user!" And with that Tallon pushed forward with all his strength, knocking Drago back several feet.

Drago scrambled to regain his footing and searched his mind for the principles of Shii-cho. But for the life of him...he could not remember any of them. As Tallon strided forward confidently, Drago felt himself pale. Why couldn't he remember any of what he was taught of Shii-cho? He felt instantly guilty that he had not been paying attention. He should have listened to his master instead of concentrating so much on Ataru. Tallon reached him and slammed his lightsaber vertically down on Drago's head. Drago feebly blocked it with his horizontal parry. Just like he did with the next blow, a horizontal strike to his leg and diagonal strike to his shoulder. Even so, he felt himself wearing down.

He found he could not lift his arms to beat off Tallon's last blow, his horizontal chop to Drago's neck. Drago closed his eyes, knowing he lost the fight. Just as he knew it would, the blow stopped inches from his neck and even if he didn't see the approaching figure, he heard the footsteps. He opened his eyes and turned to his master, bowing low in humility. "I failed you my master. I'm sorry," he said softly, barely even whispering.

Chiak stared at his student before walking over and patting his shoulder. "It is fine. Do you understand why I gave you this task?" he asked, his deep voice creaking with age. Drago shook his head in bewilderment. Chiak looked at Drago before continuing. "It is because we can never forget the basics. You forgot them. Shii-Cho is present in every style. Even as you learn Ataru, you must always keep Shii-Cho in mind. Now I hope you have learned your lesson."

Drago nodded and waited once more for Chiak to speak. "Now, I encourage you to get some food and some rest. We will have a busy day tomorrow." With that Chiak walked off leaving Tallon and Drago once again alone.

Drago stood there for some time before Tallon pulled at his arm. "Come on! Let's get some food." Drago grinned at his friend and walked out with him, knowing that he would not make the mistake to underestimate Shii-Cho again.