A/N: Alas, another Star Wars-esque challenge fic. This is a persuasive letter from a Jedi to her Sith Lover. This is also AU. It's one of my more favorite works and I like it. :)

Disclaimer: The Star Wars concepts are not mine, the characters are though.

To My Darling

By: Total Justice

To my Darling,

The days in the temple grow long. The masters are gearing up for something but no one except them know what is brewing. Everyone is on edge. Even us Knights, who know nothing of what is going on, are growing anxious. Every day I fear they will declare war on the Sith. My worst fear is being forced to fight you, my darling. I have been ever vigilant that they do not find about you or your order but still...my heart beats with every mention of the Sith.

I know inside that me keeping it a secret is selfish of me but I cannot help it. Just like I cannot help loving you. But still...my allegiance is to the Jedi and I know that sometime soon, that allegiance will be tested. We can no longer avoid it, my sweet. We must do something. I know have brought this up time and time again but you must think about it. The Sith are not for you. You are too tender-hearted, too sweet. I hate to think what you will become under their influence.

Please darling, stop listening to the lies your Lords are telling you. Lord Vassago...and indeed Lord Nemesis are not to be trusted. Not only are they Sith but they are the worst of the Sith. You have forgotten that I met them once. Remember? It was on the day I met you. That day on Korriban lies in my memory. I can still remember Vassago's words in my ears. "You are indeed as fierce as a Tigress but...at the end of the day, I assure you, you will not be chuckling." Those words still send shivers up my spine. Not because of what he said but of the implication in those words. Maybe the Jedi are not perfect but the Sith are worse. Much worse.

I know you say I am blinded by the Jedis' teachings. I cannot help it. These are the people I drew up with, fought with and have been my friends for as long as I remember. I know you feel the same way about some of your fellow Sith. Believe me I understand that. Unlike the Council and the other masters, I know that the Sith are not as inhuman and all-evil as they think. And I learned that from you, My Darling. You have taught me more than all my time in the Order has. You have taught me what the order can and will never teach me. Love. If the Jedi have one failing, it is that. They cut themselves off from love. The Sith are not like that though... I am not saying that the Sith are right.

They go as much to the extreme as the Jedi do by immersing themselves in love and letting everything bad from it, conquer them. If you do one thing, my love, one thing for me, PLEASE leave the Sith. Even if this means us never talking anymore, I do not care. All I want is you being safe. I do not need to have you, to hold you. I just want you safe. The Sith and the Jedi are enemies. They will always be enemies. That is inevitable. If you stay with the Sith...then it is also inevitable that we will one day fight. The Jedi do not understand that we cannot exist without the Sith. We are always pulling against each other, playing off one another. There cannot be one without the other.

I know you are drawn to the Sith as I am drawn to the Jedi but understand this, my sweet, if you keep in the Sith, we will end up killing each other. I know this is selfish of me to ask you to leave without leaving the Order myself but I know the Jedi can do good in this Galaxy. I know it. The Sith only serve to bring chaos and pain to the galaxy. I will not let that happen. I swear it on my life. If you love me darling, then leave the Sith. Cast off their evil. If you do not, I will kill you. That I promise you.

With love,