A/N: This is a request that my best friend asked me to do. It is Harry Potter themed and a Yaoi between Albus Severus Potter, Harry's Son and her original character Julius, son of Voldemort. This is actually quite short, once I look over it again and as Kassidy has been bugging me for another one, Look for another Al/Julius story.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is J.K Rowling's and not mine. The universe belongs to her. Julius belongs to BotherMeOro.

Into that Tangled Web

By: Total Justice

Sometimes...he was not quite sure what to do. He had gotten used to Al's flirtatious ways but that didn't make it any easier. Julius did not like giving in but what could he do? As Al had reminded him over and over again, he was the uke, the submissive one. So he had to deal with Al flirting with every guy he set eyes on. But as soon as Julius looked at someone else, Al threw a fit. He was immature and childish but Julius loved him. He really did. He couldn't blame other guys for looking at Al. Not at all. He still didn't find it fair that Julius was forced to not look at anyone else.

Hell...Julius could barely talk to Lily without Al throwing a fit. His boyfriend's sister and the one person his age...but he couldn't talk to her. He hadn't understood why but with every blush of Lily's, he slowly got it. Not that it even mattered though. Unlike Al, Julius was not a people person. He wasn't one to flirt. He sighed, his breath condensing in the cold winter air. It was cold. Very cold. Knowing that he had to go back inside, Julius jumped off the rock edge on which he and his thoughts had been ruminating.

"Julius!" He heard a call and he looked up to see Al running towards him. He stared at the slightly older boy in bemusement. For some reason...Al looked worried. Al slid to a stop on the slick snow right in front of Julius and practically collapsed on the shorter boy.

"I..thought...you...left.." He breathed on in strangled gasps. Julius looked up in surprise. He hadn't even realized that Al cared that much. Still he turned away from Al, still miffed from all of his earlier flirtations. But before he could get far, Al grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to him. "I'm sorry...I know I flirt too much. But I love you. I do."

With that, Al spun Julius around and kissed him. No matter how much his mind protested...Julius couldn't resist. Despite it all he loved Al. And for that he was brought back in that ever tangled web. One that he could not...would ever quite escape.