A/N: I had noticed some mistakes in going back and reading it, so I just reloaded it fixed. They weren't major mistakes, but I figured it would help ya'll a bit more in following the story.


*New York*

Lindsay Monroe sighed and looked over at her bed stand clock. 3:15 am. 'Of course,' she thought sighing again. She hadn't been able to figure out why she couldn't sleep very well. "It's going to be a long day at work," she mumbled to herself turning on her side. Suddenly she heard something clatter that made her jump with a gasp. Then her new Labrador came into her room, allowing her to relax. "You just bumped into something, didn't you Sofia," she cooed as the dog jumped up on the bed. Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

When she got back to her bed room, she stopped suddenly. Sofia was sprawled out on the floor and a big burley man she didn't recognize was lying in her bed. "You seem surprised to see me, Lindsay. What's wrong? Don't you recognize me," he asked obviously faking the emotion. He got up and started towards her causing her to move back. "Common Lindsay. I only wanted to spend some time with you." Lindsay suddenly ran to the phone in the kitchen and dialed Mac, her boss, as fast as she could. He picked up surprisingly quickly.

"Hello," said Mac with a yawn.

"Mac. It's Lindsay. Help me…please," she begged.

"Why? What's wrong," he asked suddenly fully alert, concern filling his voice.

"Some guy broke into my…"she stated not able to finish because the intruder knocked her out with chloroform.

"Lindsay? Lindsay!" Mac called/exclaimed. The phone clicked off.

*Las Vegas*

"I'll see you later, Grissom," Catherine Willows called leaving the lab. The next shift was already showing up. 'It's only 6:30 and they're already showing up,' she thought walking out to her car. Then her phone rang. It was her daughter, Lindsey. She picked it up.


"Mom? I'm heading off to school a little early today, okay? I was wanting to stop by Miranda's house before it started."

"Okay. Are you sure you're going to be…" Catherine didn't finish. Somebody hit her in the back of the head hard enough to knock her out.

"Mom? You alright," asked a nervous Lindsey. Then the line suddenly went dead.


"Hey, Horatio. Have you seen Calleigh or Alexx? Alexx said she was on her way when I called her 15 minutes ago and I haven't seen Calleigh all day," Natalia told/asked concern in her voice.

"I haven't seen them," replied Horatio. "But don't worry, alright? I've sent Eric to check on them." Natalia nodded. Just then Horatio's phone rang. It was Eric.

"What do you have, Eric," he asked.

"They're both missing Horatio. Neither one of them is answering their cell, Calleigh isn't at her house, but her car is still there, and a police issue car is parked on the side of the road a few minutes from the crime scene. Alexx's purse was found inside," replied Eric, worry emanate in his voice.

"Okay. Thank you, Eric," Horatio told him hanging up his phone.