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POVs: Edward, Bella, Alice

Edward's POV

We went out of the hospital with Bella still munching on her food. I don't see how they're so appealing-it smelt disgusting to me.

Carlisle and Esme wanted to bring Bella home as fast as possible-we had three and a half days with her, and absolutely nothing for her at all. We had to prepare.

Esme went to get groceries, food and necessities. Alice and Jasper went to get things Bella would need- "diapers, change of clothes, the whole she-bang", as Alice had so gracefully put it for me before she'd dashed out of the hospital in her Porsche without a second glance back.

That left Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmett with Bella and I. It could be worse.

When Rosalie had stood up from her chair to carry Bella out of the hospital, Bella had protested, flailing her arms out at me and pouting. For the love of all things Holy, I had fallen for it. I gently lifted her from Rosalie's arms and cradled her against my cold chest. Bella had given me a wide smile, blinked up at me, and touched my nose with her small finger again.

I fought the urge to kiss her forehead, and smile at her, or do anything that would suggest I loved having her around. This would only give incentive for my parents and Alice to keep her around longer.

Jasper was right-I was starting to feel protective over her. There was no denying that. But that was nothing more than my pity for her. She was an orphan at the age of six, who had gone through a very traumatic incident. Her charm had nothing to do with that.

I would keep telling myself that until I believe it.

Bella wouldn't sit with anyone else during the car ride home, wailing the moment I passed her on to someone else. I scowled, stepping into the back seat with Bella in my lap, smiling contentedly.

Emmett chuckled at this, and I merely glared at him. "Cheer up, bro. She likes you," he teased.

I rolled my eyes and looked down at the little girl. She was incredibly beautiful. I still couldn't read her mind, though, and that annoyed me more than it scared me. She was just a human, after all. Baffling as it was, I don't think she posed a threat to us. We, on the other hand, could harm her in so many different ways.

Just her presence among us was dangerous. We, especially Jasper, had been able to hold back for so long because we'd not only gone on our hunts recently, and because Bella was still a child. Her scent was very weak, and had little effect on us. Even so, I could feel the temptation, no matter how small, every time I caught a whiff of her freesia scent.

I couldn't even begin to explain the dangers on her life if other vampires found out about her.

"Edward?" Bella poked at my shoulder. I blinked down at her, focusing on the present. "Why are your eyes golden?"

I shared a panicked look with Rosalie sitting next to me. We were both helplessly trying to figure out what to tell her. Finally, it was Carlisle in the driver's seat that answered. "It's a family thing, Bella. We all have the same eye color," he explained.

Bella nodded, then frowned. "Does that mean I'm not family?" she inquired, her brown eyes wondering.

"Why do you say that?" Rosalie asked in a motherly voice I had never heard her use before.

"My eyes are not golden."

Rosalie laughed and ruffled Bella's brown locks. "Silly Bella," she said. "Eye color doesn't make you family. We love you, that's all that matters."

Bella brightened up at this. "You love me?"

Rosalie nodded, reaching forward to peck Bella's cheek. I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat. Good God, can't they see how dangerous that is?

We finally reached the house, and Bella's eyes widened. "You live here?" she asked, shocked.

Emmett laughed and nodded his head. "Come on, human girl, let's go inside."

I hissed at Emmett for his choice of words, and he stopped in his tracks, realizing his mistake far too late. Bella was staring at him, confused.

"He's playing around, Bella," Rosalie said quickly. "Emmett likes to do that."

Esme, Alice and Jasper haven't returned from their trips yet, so the house was empty. Rose, Em, Carlisle and I decided to give her a tour of the house.

"This is my room," Rosalie announced as we stepped into the room. Emmett cleared his throat, and she rolled her eyes. "This is our room," she amended.

We showed her Alice and Jasper's room, and Carlisle and Esme's room. Then came Jasper's study, and Carlisle's office. There was, of course, the living room, the dining room and the backyard-which Esme had turned into a garden.

My room came last. She smiled when we stepped into the dark interiors of my room. "This is my room," I announced quietly.

Bella squirmed in my grip and I set her down gently on her feet. She took off, running towards the black sofa in the middle of the room. On her way, she tripped on the golden carpet. I chuckled, shaking my head. Clumsy Bella, I thought affectionately in my head, before I caught myself. Let's all be thankful that I was the only mind-reader in the house.

I was by her side before she could cry out, and I lifted her off the ground and sat her in the middle of the sofa. "Are you okay?" I asked, checking to see if she's scraped or injured herself. She seemed alright-there was a faint bruise on her knee, though. I couldn't smell any wounds, so I started breathing normally again.

Bella nodded her head, and looked around the room eagerly. It was bare, mostly, except for the sofa we were both seating on, and the music collection I had. The stereo system I just bought was top of the line, too, but I highly doubted Bella would prefer listening to me brag about that.

I could see her eyelids drooping, though. She must be tired after all that excitement since the hospital. After a few moments, her eyes flew open, and she looked around the room with wide eyes. I frowned. She was struggling to stay awake? Why?

I picked up the remote control for the stereo and turned it on. Claire de Lune filled the room, and Bella smiled at me. We listened to the melody for a few seconds, before Bella crawled over to where I was sitting. I looked at her, too shocked to move. I have had more contact with her than I've had with every human I've come across combined. My cold touch, my golden eyes, my pale skin…The things that scare people when I need to, attracted her. She was impossible.

"I like th'song…" she trailed off, yawning. She was barely awake anymore. Bella raised a small fist and rubbed her eyes sleepily.

I chuckled. "Sleep, Bella," I told her. "It's okay."

Bella stared at me for a moment, then she nodded her head, accepting my words. She crawled into my lap, and I held her like I've been doing it for years. Her eyes drifted shut, and a moment later, I could hear her breathing even out, her heartbeat gaining a slow but steady rhythm.

I sighed as I looked down at her angelic face.

Bella, what am I going to do with you?

Bella's POV

When I woke up, I was still in Edward's room, on his sofa. I really liked his room a lot. It's all golden, just like him. And he has a lot of CDs. The one he put on before I went to sleep was very nice and soothing.

Edward was standing by his window when I woke up. His arms were crossed in front of him, and he was looking at me. I couldn't tell what he was thinking or feeling because he didn't smile or frown.

I blushed when I realized that he had placed a golden comforter around me. It was the same color as his eyes.

I fingered the soft material and whispered, "Thank you."

When I looked up, Edward gave me a little crooked half-smile. After a moment, he said, "Come on. Let's go downstairs. The others are excited to see you again."

This got me excited, too. I really liked Edward's family. Especially Alice. She's very happy all the time. I liked that.

I made to climb off the sofa but I tripped on the carpet again. I heard Edward's laughter beside me, and for a moment, I was too shocked by his presence. Do adults always walk this fast? Then I heard his laughter-really heard it-and wondered why it sounded so wonderful.

"Come on, silly Bella," he said, gently lifting me into his arms.

I closed my eyes as I yawned slightly, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. When I opened my eyes, we were already in the living room. Everyone was there, looking at me. I blushed.

Alice was the first to come up to us. I watched her dance towards us and took me from Edward. "I bought you some things," she said, her amber eyes glinting. I was afraid of what that might meant. I hoped she didn't go to a lot of trouble for me…I didn't want to cause anyone trouble.

"Alice, don't scare her too much with your pixie energy," Jasper teased.

Alice scowled at him, but calmed down slightly nonetheless. She started to speak, but my stomach growled. Everyone in the room grinned, and I couldn't help but think that they had all heard it. I blushed deep red.

Esme chuckled and stepped forward. She smoothed back my hair from my face and smiled tenderly down at me. It reminded me of how my mommy always smiled at me. I blinked up at her. "Are you hungry, Bella?" she asked.

I nodded my head, smiling shyly.

"What would you like to eat?"

I scrunched up my face in concentration. Alice started chuckling, though I didn't know why. I smiled widely, and said, "Can I have cookies?"

Esme laughed at this, and shook her head. "How about I make you a sandwich, and after that I give you some cookies, will that be alright?"

I thought about this. Mommy always said I can't eat cookies before eating a proper meal. So I guess this was alright. I nodded my head. "Okay," I agreed, trying not to sound dejected that I'd have to wait for my treat.

Alice carried me to the couch, and sat down with me in her lap. I started to play with her spiky hair. I liked it. I stared at her in amazement. With her hair, and her eager face, shining eyes, bright smile and tiny body, Alice reminded me of a fairy.

I started to giggle. That would be incredible if I were friends with a fairy.

"What's so funny?" Alice asked, though her smile widened when I laughed. I shook my head, unable to talk because laughter was taking over me. Alice narrowed her eyes at me, and leaned forward. "Won't you tell me?" she asked. I breathed in her sweet scent, and immediately became intoxicated by it. It was nowhere near as amazing as Edward's scent, but it was nice enough.

I shook my head again at Alice's question.

Her grin became impossibly huge, as she raised one clawed hand. "Then I'll just have to tickle it out of you," she cried.

I squealed, laughing harder, squirming to get away from her. But her tickles only became more insistent. I felt her lithe fingers all over my body, making me laugh. I was starting to hiccup now because I'd been laughing so hard for so long.

"Alice, I'm about to die of giggle overload here," Jasper said, laughing almost as hard as I was.

Alice snorted, but stopped tickling me. "Sorry, Jazz," she said sweetly.

I wrapped my arms around Alice's neck and buried my face in her spiky hair, calming myself down.

"Here, dear," I heard Esme said. I turned my face to see her bending over us, a plate of sandwich in one hand and a glass of water in another.

I took the water first and gulped down a few sips to get rid of the hiccups, then I started on the sandwich.

Alice and Rosalie played with me while I ate, Esme would reach over and smooth out my hair, and Emmett and Jasper kept making jokes. I hiccupped so much I had to drink two glasses of water to calm down. Carlisle smiled a lot, and made me think of my dad. Edward was the only one who kept his distance. Whenever I looked over at him, though, he would smile a crooked smile, and I would blush a little, and everything would be okay. But why didn't he say anything or do anything?

Finally, I was done with the sandwich and my cookies.

Alice started to bounce in her seat. "Bella, do you want to see what I've bought for you?" she asked excitedly.

Despite the dread I felt at having someone buying something for me, I couldn't help feeling a twinge of excitement as well.

Alice's POV

After Bella has finished her meal, we brought her up to one of the spare rooms in the house. I'd turned it into Bella's room, considering I've seen her future. It was with us.

At this, Edward growled in the back of his throat. I rolled my eyes, my back turned to him since I was rushing up the steps as fast as a human could, with Bella in my arms. Grow up, Edward, and accept it. If I could see that far into the future, don't you think it's a good thing then? That none of us hurt her? That she's still safe after all those time?

Of course, the future isn't set in stone, but there's no need for me to think that now. Edward was grouchy enough for all of us.

We reached the closed door, and I looked at Bella. She looked anxious, a little worried. "Are you ready?" I asked. She hesitated before nodding her head. "Don't worry, you'll love it," I assured her. I'd seen her reaction, of course, the moment I decided what to do with the room.

I pushed open the door, and I stepped inside, aware of the others spilling in after us. Esme and Edward were the only ones who didn't gasp. She'd been the one who helped me out, and of course Edward has seen it in our heads.

The walls were already painted blue, so we didn't have to change that. I'd gotten silk blue bed sheets and comforters for her, though, and Esme had gotten the shelves and bookcases, and toy racks. She had even made a treasure chest which lay closed at the foot of the bed. We were two vampires who had six hours to work while Bella slept. It was more than enough time.

"Is this all for me?" Bella asked incredulously.

I nodded my head. "Of course it is, Bella."

She smiled widely, and hugged me tightly. "Thank you," she said quietly.

Although I'd seen this in my vision, I couldn't help but be struck by her maturity. She didn't yell or scream like a normal child. I had no doubt that we would encounter that, especially when she reached her teenage years, but she was still mature for her age.

I placed her on the floor and she ran to the bed. I watched her stumble slightly before catching herself and making the rest of the way to the bed. It was a kid's bed, so it was easy for her to climb on it. I watched her giggle and wriggled under the covers until all we could see was a lump under the covers.

I laughed. This was the more playful side of Bella. I liked that. Every child should have a chance to be playful and innocent and silly.

"While they can, right?" Edward said softly, too low for human ears.

I turned slightly and frowned at him. "Don't ruin this for her, Edward. It's not just our decision. It's hers, too. Her fate. We've all accepted that. It's time you do, too," I said quickly, before turning back to look at Bella's moving form under the covers.

Emmett stepped forward and called out to her. "Bella? Aren't you going to come out?" All he got in reply was a string of playful giggles. "Well, then," he smirked. "I guess we're just going to have to play with all the toys," he stressed on the word. "By ourselves."

Bella gasped and threw the covers back. She jumped down from the bed and bounced over to where Emmett was, almost losing her balance more times than I could count. "Toys?" she asked eagerly.

We laughed, and I swore I heard Edward chuckling quietly behind me, as well. Good.

Emmett and Jasper proceeded to show her the toys they'd gotten for her, all laid out in the treasure chest. Rosalie joined them, as well. I'd sent her with the boys-if I hadn't, Bella wouldn't even have one toy meant for a girl. She'd have ended up with video games and soccer balls.

Esme, Carlisle and I watched Bella squeal as she dug through the treasure chest to get to her new toys. Edward watched from outside the doorway, and after a moment, he left. I didn't need Jasper's gift to know that he felt remorseful that Bella would have to live in a house full of vampires. Even if he was determined it was only for the weekend.

Don't be like that, Edward. She loves it here. We love having her here. Is that so bad to have her around?

He didn't answer me, but I heard loud rock music blaring from his room. I rolled my eyes again, and blocked him out, focusing only on the miracle in front of us.

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