Would you Rather

By: CanYouTurnMyBlackRossesRed

Summery: Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Koga, my new characters Sukamaria and Yamielas(Inu's big bro. and sessy's little bro)and the gang are in the modern era, they all decide to play Would you Rather. Will secrets come out? Will sparks fly or, will close friends get hurt?


Inuyasha: 18


Sesshomaru: 20

Koga: 17

Mirokue: 17

Shipo: 15


Kagome: 17


Sango: 16

Ayame: 15

Rin: 15

Kilala(yes she shall be demon but, will be in human form with her tails!):14

"talking" 'thinking' .Story.


CH 1: Meeting The Boys!

Kagome Pov.

Kagome walks to the computer and turns it on she sits down and waits for it. It finally turns on and she slowly logs on and finds the chat room, Dark Angelz. She sees that Sango and the others are logged on.

Dark Miko: Hey hard day huh?

Dark Slayer: Yah

Dark Cat: You said it.

Dark Rain: …

Dark Love: Sooooo bad…

Dark Wolf: Yah

Dark Miko: What happened to yall?

Dark Cat: Bad hair day.

Dark Rain: …

Dark Wolf: I'm soaked these kid sprayed me with water.

Dark Slayer: I had to work…

Dark Love: …Nm Is what happened to me what about you Dark Miko?

Dark Miko: I went to the Movie store to get the movies and a guy ran into me and spilled his drink all down my shirt!

Odd Monk: Signing On

Odd Monk: Hi Is it O.K. if me and my friends talk with yall.

Dark Love: Sure just as long as yall aren't EVIL!

Odd Monk: O.K...

Half Demon: Signing On

Full Demon: Signing On

Wolf Demon: Signing On

Fox Demon: Signing On

Hate Demon: Signing On

Hey sorry to end the chappy here but I thought it might build the suspension till next time! See ya.