Would You Rather

Chapter 9: And first place goes to…

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"We're 'bout to race pops why don't you count us off."

"Oh, ok." Totosie walked over to the middle of the shop in front of the racers.

"On your mark, get set, Go!" And the racers took off. (All except Sukamaria whose Motorcycle didn't start.)

"Deg frag it moron!" and Sukamaria took off.


Kagome and Inuyasha, aka, Miko Dogs, were in first place closely followed by Ayame and Koga, aka, Wolf Cubs. Close behind them were Rin and Sesshomaru, aka, Awkward Couple 2.O. Kilala and Shippo, aka, Cute Cubs, were neck and neck with Sukamaria and Yamelias, aka, Mean Mutts. Can you guess who came up with the names? Yep, the one and only, Sukamaria.

"We're winning!" yelled Kagome to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha screamed almost when he saw Kagome, who was driving, looking back instead of at the rode ahead.

"Not for long!" The Wolf Cubs swerved to the Miko dog's right.

Meanwhile everyone still at school was back in homeroom. (They go to homeroom 1st period, right before lunch, and last period)

"Kagome, Kagome Higurashi? Has anybody seen Kagome? How about Mirokue? Sango? Where are they? They were supposed to report back during this period." He looked around at the 10 empty seats and shook his head.


The Mean Mutts successfully passed up the Cute Cubs. Making them take fourth right behind Awkward Couple 2.O. Miko Dogs came close to crashing when the Wolf Cubs passed them up.

"Shit!" yelled Kagome while trying to get control of the motorcycle. Inuyasha tightened his grasp around Kagome's waist. Kagome gained control of the motorcycle.

"Darn it! We're losing!" she yelled. Inuyasha was bewildered by the fact that they had almost crashed and all she cared about was the race. Kagome sped forward. Mean mutts were neck and neck with Awkward Couple 2.O.
"Rin! If you don't slow down I'll tell everyone what happened last weekend!" yelled Sukamaria. Rin's eyes went wide as she slowed down. Sukamaria could only giggle as she passed them up. All she was going to tell was that Rin ate 3 whole steaks, not the other part. She giggled again. Yamelias shivered.

"This girl is scary." He thought.

Ayame was screaming in delight that she and Kouga were in 1st. Sadly the glory was only short lived because they were passed up by Miko Dogs and Mean Mutts. She knew she wouldn't be able to get back into 1st place because-

1: they were a block from the school and

2: It would be Kagome and Sukamaria she was up against and everyone knows (well not everyone) how they get when racing.

Miko Dogs and Mean Mutts were neck and neck (wow I noticed Mean Mutts are neck and neck with a lot of people) they both knew that it would all come down to the final second, whoever chickened out first, meaning whoever stomped on the breaks first, sadly neither of the boys knew that.

"Is that all you've got?" yelled Kagome. Sukamaria smirked.

"We'll see about that!" she yelled back.

They entered the school premises and everyone(excluding Miko Dogs and Mean Mutts) slowed to a stop. Kagome and Sukamaria pushed on until Kagome saw a fence.

"Stop!" she yelled. Her and Sukamaria slammed in the breaks.

Sango ran over to them.

"And the Winner is," She looked at the two teams, "it's a tie!"

Sukamaria and Kagome jumped up, not looking a bit shaken up by the crash.

"Deg frag it moron!" they yelled in unison. Inuyasha and Yamelias stood up, looking like they had just seen a ghost.


There you have it! 615 words and getting longer. Notice how I snuck my favorite phrase in there. O.o