AN: Hi Guys, I'm back. Life has been hell. But anyway, here's my first new fic. I'm sure you've all heard of the Sentinel Universe and the 28 character meme going around. My meme will deal with the Sentinel Universe courtesy of Macx. So, read, enjoy and review please.

28 Midnights

Chapter 1: Book-reading

It was a normal day in West Central. Nothing was happening. It was business as usual. Midnight and Rodimus Prime had discussed Daemon's split personality, Rodimus had then mentioned that the situation with Daemon was eerily similar to the situation mentioned in DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Midnight had asked about the similarities mentioned which Rodimus explained. Now a year later on this lackluster day, Rodimus found himself entering Mid's office and after chatting, left a bookfile of DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for Midnight to read. Midnight picked up the file and glanced at it. Steven Parker, Midnight's interface then said, "Well, are you going to read it?" Midnight answered him saying, "Yes, I suppose I will." Steve shrugged then went back to sorting his partner's files. Every now and then he could hear his partner murmuring to himself as he read the bookfile. At one point, Steve heard a thump coming from Midnight's desk. He looked up to see that Mid was leaned back in the chair with his feet on the desk. Evidently, Steve thought to himself, Mid was enjoying the book. "No way." Midnight said. "Hmmm? What's wrong, Mid?" said Steve. "Nothing Steve." said Midnight. "It's could Mr. Hyde be dead yet Dr. Jekyll still alive to write that letter at the end of the story?" "Huh, that is weird," said Steve, "But I wouldn't ponder about it. Did you enjoy it?" "Yes," said Midnight, "But that is definitely one strange story. I guess I'll never fully understand." "Maybe not," said Steve, "Shall we leave for Alean?" Midnight nodded and within the hour he and his partner had left Cybertron.