PB/N- Okay, these are some explanations that one of my Twilight obsessed friend came up with. I own nothing, so enjoy!

Explaining Renesmee:

Jacob and Bella had an 'affair' the night before Edward and Bella's wedding. Then Edward and Bella had their turn for some fun, and Bella got preggo by Jacob and Edward, and the two babies morphed into one. That's the heartbeat she got.

Renesmee and Jacob's child:

Renesmee has vampire and human in her, and Jacob is half wolf, half human. They had a kid, 'Joe', gets in a fight with himself about how bad he stinks. Here it is:

"Werewolf. Ew. Vampire. Ew. Human. Yum!" Joe says. Then he bites himself, and dies from the venom reacting with the werewolf.

Explaining Jasper:

Confuses the heck out of you with emotions. Kinda shy, has trouble not killing humans. And Awesome. :D

Her opinion on Edward:

She (insert heart here)'s Edward; he's her hottness, amazingly wonderful, so much better than drugs.

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