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Chapter 2: Hey Kiddies

The first thing Sheppard noticed was not the dull pain of his headache, or the warm ground beneath him, nor was it the sounds of someone whimpering and pacing, but the shear lack of comprehension for what was going on. He couldn't recall what had just happened and he wasn't really sure where he was. However, one thing was certain, something had gone seriously wrong.

Finding his eyelids very heavy, Sheppard slowly tried to open them, his headache quickly rising to the front of his mind. Wincing as his vision was flooded with light, Sheppard managed to gasp out, "Rodney?" as the whimpering became more coherent and turned into panicked murmuring.

Instantly the murmuring stopped and Sheppard's vision went dark again as a figure crouched down in front of him. A shaky hand gripped his shoulder and gently pulled him into a sitting position. Sheppard felt dizzy and watched as the world spun about him and three McKay's wavered in his vision.

McKay looked worried, sweat breaking out across his brow, which was furrowed in anxiety.

"How do you feel?" McKay asked, his voice only confirming his uneasiness.

Sheppard squinted at his friend for a moment, before barely getting out, "Horrible." Sheppard's eyes widened, while McKay bit his lip, at the sound of his own voice. It was different, it was younger, it was… "What happened?!" Sheppard squawked out, his voice hitting notes he never thought possible.

McKay opened his mouth to explain, when Sheppard's headache hit him full force, a spike of pain racing through his body. Letting a small cry, Sheppard found he was unable to bare the brunt of the pain and felt his world The last thing he remembered was McKay reaching out to steady him and calling his name, "John." John… yes, something was definitely wrong.


"I didn't know this would happen!"

"Well that's quite obvious Rodney, but the fact is it did happen."

"I had no way of knowing what was going to happen besides what the computer told me! It was perfectly safe!"

"Aye, I believe you, but understand Rodney, they probably won't. Not only has their physical state been severely altered, but their mentality as well. They're quite literally children now!" There was a loud sigh and the voices continued on like this, even as his cloudy mind began to rise once again from the blessing of unconsciousness.

Scrunching up his face, Sheppard slowly opened his eyes, remembering how last time he had opened them too quickly. Surely enough, he was once again flooded with bright, florescent lights as soon as his two lids were apart. Wincing, Sheppard tried again and managed to blink away most of the light as the infirmary on Atlantis came into view.

"Hello John!" A young, happy voice filled his mind and Sheppard sat up and turned his head towards his right.

Also sitting up in the bed next to him, was a young girl that did not look much older than seven. Her skin was dark and her hair was short and a color that reminded him of caramel. Her face was happy and a small smile played across her lips as large, bright beautiful eyes looked upon him like they had been friends forever.

Realizing who his infirmary friend was, Sheppard gave a rather unsure smile, "Teyla…?" His voice was also young and child-like. This didn't bother him as much as it had on the planet, and Sheppard turned away from the girl for just a second as he glanced over his own body.

It seemed that he too held the body of a young boy, as his legs now only reached to the middle of the medical bed and his hands were smaller, more slender, and not as scared or as rough as he remembered.

"Are you okay?" the voice came back to Sheppard and he looked over at who he was not sure was Teyla.

"I think so… my head doesn't hurt no more," Sheppard said, not even realizing the innocent tone to his voice. "You okay?" He asked back, his own young eyes widening with concern for his friend.

Teyla pursed her lips and nodded a happy smile, her short hair bouncing with the movement. Sheppard gave Teyla a short nod, before his mind was elsewhere and he looked curiously around the infirmary. Even though he had seen everything many times, his young mind looked upon them in wonder and excitement.

Then the boy's eyes fell upon the owners of the arguing voices that had helped awake him from his sleep. McKay and Carson stood toe to toe, obviously trying to argue as quietly as possible but not managing it very well. Their backs were slightly turned towards the children and they huddled as their voices carried over through the infirmary.

"They've been fighting like that ever since I woke up," Teyla's voice caused Sheppard to snap his head back to look at his friend. At his questioning look, the girl continued, "Uncle Rodney is very, very upset and Uncle Carson isn't too happy either. They keep yelling and then getting all quiet, and then yelling… it woke me up, but I don't mind." Teyla lowered her look a little, as if embarrassed at the fact that she had seen the two men arguing over the situation.

Sheppard gave her a reassuring smile and the beds were close enough that he could reach out and put a small hand on her shoulder.

Leaning back to his own bed, Sheppard gave his "uncles" one more glance before asking, "Do you know what happened? I don't remember much." Sheppard put his lip out in a small pout and Teyla placed her finger on the edge of her chin as she looked up in consideration.

"Nopes! But I do remember Uncle Rodney mentioning somethin' abouts an Ancestral device that made us kids!" Teyla seemed overly proud of herself for remembering the information.

Sheppard allowed his smile to grow a bit, "Well good. I know McKay-"

"Call him Uncle Rodney! It shows respect, and my father always said to show respect to your elders."

For a moment, Sheppard gave Teyla an odd look before obviously deciding the girl was right. He shrugged and continued, "I know Uncle Rodney is the smartest man here! If anyones can fix us, he can!" Sheppard now held a confident smile and Teyla joined in. Then the boy thought of something, "Where's Ronon?"

Teyla hunched her shoulders a little when she giggled, then leaned back and pointed to the bed next to hers. Sheppard almost laughed as well when he saw his friend (now a young boy and his dreads only come down to his shoulders ) sleeping deeply in the medical bed, with a pile of trays next to him on the floor.

The Satedan's arm was draped across his stomach and his head was tilted back as loud snores erupted from the boy's mouth. Only one leg was under the blankets and the other stuck out unceremoniously as the other arm of the boy lay limply over the edge.

"Minute he woke up he was hungry, hee, I've never seen someone eat so much!" Teyla explained, holding back a fit of giggles as the image of her friend scarfing down the trays of food once again entered her mind.

Sheppard let out a little laugh of his own, his imagination greatly over exaggerating the picture of Ronon eating. "Yeah?! I bet the cooks are real anxious to get him back to normal!" Teyla let out a full blown laugh at this and for a few minutes the two kids couldn't stop the laughing fit that plagued them.

"Well, well, it seems we're feeling a little better. How are ye John?"

A little startled at the sudden appearance of Dr. Beckett at the side of his bed, Sheppard turned to face the Scot, the last of his laughs fading away and being replaced with a happy smile. "I'm good," the boy piqued, his eyes wandering over the kind doctor's face.

"Good, that's good," Carson said, nodding his head and looking for something to say. When the man said nothing more, Sheppard looked from Beckett to the figure standing some ways away from the group.

Sheppard's face was curious as he stared into the blue eyes of his friend, the scientist tried to smile. Sheppard frowned when the edges of McKay's mouth were about to lift, then changed their minds and remained neutral.

Taking in a deep breath, Sheppard sat up a little straighter, "You'll fix us! You fix everything!" His voice held as much confidence as a seven year old could muster. The sheer earnestness in the child's voice alone convinced almost everyone in the room. Sheppard looked on at McKay expectantly.

McKay looked bleakly at them, not really sure if he should answer at all. Raising his hand, McKay opened his mouth to say something when the infirmary door hissed open. Changing his mind instantly, McKay lowered his head and rubbed the back of his neck as Dr. Weir and Major Lorne entered the room.

"Rodney," she said as she nodded to the scientist, indicating he should follow her to the beds. McKay obeyed and as Weir approached Carson she nodded to him then turned to the three children (Ronon still out like a light) in the beds. "How are the kids doing?"


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