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Italics and Bold are Neji arguing with himself. Just Italics are thoughts.

"Hina-chan, this is all happening so fast. I have to say, I don't approve," Shino stated firmly as he sat beside Hinata in the Hyuuga kitchen. Kiba was seated across from them while Akamaru was taking a snooze on the floor. Currently, they were watching as various Hyuuga Branch servants were bustling to and fro with miscellaneous items such as invitations, fabrics and centerpiece arrangements all for the Uchiha-Hyuuga wedding that would be taking place in 3 weeks. Her team was taking a day off from their search for Daisuke in order to regroup their leads, which was so far, none. Nonetheless, it was nice to visit the lonely female counterpart off their group. Hinata gave an exasperated sigh she would only allow in the presence of her teammates before slouching over to rest her chin on her hand.

"I know, but what can I do? It's for the good of the clan," she mumbled, idly picking at the tablecloth.

"And what has the clan ever done for you?" Kiba proclaimed in his boisterous voice.

"It's not that simple, Kiba-kun," Hinata retorted. Her teammates stared at her in hopelessness. She no longer seemed saddened by the arrangement, but more annoyed if anything. Shino cleared his throat to break the silence.

"Have you talked to Sasuke about this?" he questioned. Hinata shook her head.

"I never see him and when I do, we don't have time alone to talk things over."

"Where is he now? Why isn't he helping you with the wedding arrangements?" Kiba inquired as scratched his head in confusion.

"He's with Naruto-kun picking out their attire for the ceremony. They should be back soon," she replied in a bored manner.

"We'll leave when he returns so that you may have a chance to speak with him," Shino offered. Hinata's eyes widened and she shook her head vigorously.

"No, I never get to see you two either! Please, stay. I'll find time to talk to him later," she said quickly. Kiba seemed to like the arrangement since a wide, fang toothed grin was beginning to form on his visage.

"Can we stay for dinner too?" Kiba nearly begged like a starved child.

"Kiba, let's not impose," Shino began to reprimand.

"I'd be happy if you could," Hinata smiled back. Kiba fist pumped the air and Hinata was sure Shino was rolling his eyes behind his glasses.

"We appreciate your hospitality Hinata-chan," the Aburame interjected, never one to forget his manners. Hinata waved her hand in an 'oh-it's-nothing' gesture before she was tapped on the shoulder by a passing by servant. Turning to see who could be calling her, she found none other than who she'd begun to think of as her little messenger, Hyuuga Hiroshi.

"Hiroshi-kun, what's the matter?" she asked. Hiroshi shook his head before beaming at her with his usual overexcited grin.

"Nothing's the matter, Hinata-sama. I just wanted to let you know that Uchiha-san is nearing the gates with his blonde friend I know how you prefer to be waiting for him," he replied, adorable smile never leaving his face.

"Thank you some much, Hiroshi-kun. I'll be there in a moment," she stated before dismissing him with a smile of her own. "If you'll excuse me for a minute," she addressed her team before sliding out of her chair.

True to his word, Hiroshi's message of Sasuke and Naruto approaching the gate was correct. They hadn't yet seen Hinata since they were caught up in whatever conversation they were holding. The pair were out of earshot so Hinata couldn't quite catch what they were saying that was making the oh so stoned face Sasuke blush as if though he were trying to rival his fiancée. The Uchiha stopped in his tracks, causing the Uzumaki to stare at him in confusion. Hinata watched intently, wishing she could hear what they were saying. Sasuke began to wring his hands; his mouth looked like what he was saying was coming out in a stammer. Naruto's face contorted into one of discomfort, unsure of how to respond to Sasuke's unheard comment. Silence befell the two as they both stared at the ground.

This is maddening! Hinata thought. I want to know what they're saying!

Words where no longer necessary for the best friends since Sasuke decided he'd had enough of words. Instead, he cut off all possibilities of further conversation by grabbing either side of Naruto's face and smashing his lips to the blonde's. Naruto's azure eyes went as wide as Hinata's lavender ones, his hands flying, unsure of where to go till they finally made contact with Sasuke's shoulders to push him away with his unwanted kiss.

Oh Kami! Sasuke's…he's a…with Naruto…Kami! Were the only coherent thoughts Hinata could form. Sasuke was gay? And he loved Naruto?

Hinata's bewildered eyes continued to watch the awkward scene, wanting to be in on all the details. Naruto had his hand behind his head in his signature style, the other hand hesitantly patting Sasuke's shoulder in a comforting manner. The way Sasuke's face fell, Hinata could tell it wasn't going over well.

He's letting him down, she thought sympathetically. Almost predicting his reaction, Hinata watched as Sasuke regained his cold composure and pushed Naruto's hand away from him. Angrily, he stomped towards the gate where Hinata was trying her best to pretend that she hadn't witnessed what she had.

"Sasuke-danna! Did you find what you were looking for to wear for the wedding?" she began to sugar coat. Sasuke grunted in response. Hesitantly, she tiptoed to kiss his cheek before taking his hand.

"Come inside, we have company," she continued, tugging him toward the kitchen. The dark eyed ninja was still smoldering but nevertheless followed her. Once inside, Hinata realized there would be more drama as she saw who decided to enter the kitchen as well: Hyuuga Neji.

"Leave," Sasuke sneered. Hinata could feel his grip tighten on her hand.

"I live here, therefore I have a right to be here as well," Neji retorted calmly, though his eyes were blazing.

"Sasuke-danna, please, let's not cause a fray," Hinata interjected. Again, her voice fell on deaf ears.

"I don't want you near Hinata," Sasuke spat back. "I thought I made that very clear to Hiashi." Hinata's eyes widened for the second time at Sasuke's behavior. Now Hyuuga Hinata was never one to have a temper, but this was simply infuriated. Angrily, she snatched her hand from his grasp.

"You asked my father to order Neji-nii-san away from me?" she stated more than questioned, feeling the argument tense up. "You can't decide who can see me or not!"

"You bas-"

"Stay out of it Kiba," Shino reprimanded him, not wanting to cause Hinata further trouble lest they be banned from visiting her as well.

"And you!" Hinata pointed angrily at Neji. Neji had the decency to be surprised. "Why would you keep that from me?"

"It was not my place, Hinata-sama," Neji stammered, off guard and a little hurt that Hinata was upset with him.

"Not your place? When has that ever stopped you from doing anything?" she continued her rant, livid tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"We should leave," Shino said quietly, beckoning Kiba to follow. Quietly, they attempted to slip out unnoticed.

"Now look what you've caused, you've made my friends leave!"

"Hinata, quiet your voice!" Sasuke ordered. Something stirred once again in Neji.

"Don't order her around!"

"Stay out of this, Branch!" Sasuke quarreled. Hinata's tears were now beginning to form into sobs.

"Stop it! You're ruining my life!" Hinata exclaimed before storming off to her room. Neji was about to follow her, when Sasuke held up a hand to stop him.

"Let her. It's none of your business and she has steam to blow off," Sasuke said coldly before taking a seat at the table. "I'm serious when I say I don't want you near her."

"I care not."

Sasuke gave a stoic chuckle.

"Love her all you like, but she's still marrying me and there's no way you can stop it, Branch," he stated, emphasizing on his final word.

"Uchiha, she's my cousin and I've no desire to pursue any sort of romantic relations with her. What could possibly posses you to think that is beyond my reasoning."

"Don't play stupid, I saw the way you looked at her!" Sasuke sneered. Neji gave a mental sigh. I thought I hid it well.

"With familial affection, nothing more."

"Sick freak," Sasuke cursed under his breath. Neji had the urge to state the fact the Sasuke's own parents were fourth cousins and distant incest was quite common in the Uchiha clan when it thrived, but decided that today was not the day to be throttled or upset the Heiress further. With that, Neji strode out the room as proudly as his wounded side would allow him.

Hinata was clutching her pillow tightly before her newly grown temper prompted her to throw it at the wall. She wiped the back of her hand against her eyes, angry with herself that she cried when she was angry. Exasperated, she threw herself on her bed. Too much was happening too fast. The wedding, Sasuke's feelings for Naruto, Neji being banned away from her, it was all too much to bear. It was at times like these when she needed a friend.

"ANBU," she whispered quietly, almost as if she were summoning him. He hadn't been to see her all week and she'd grown lonesome. Almost hopefully, she chanced a glimpse at her window, hoping he'd be there. But alas, he was not. Her door swung open, startling her since most people knocked before entering.

"Otou-san," Hinata said quietly. Hiashi nodded his head in greeting. Not bothering to rise from her bed, Hinata remained flat on her stomach with her face buried in the pillow. Without saying anything, he sat beside her.

"I know it's difficult to take in all at once," he began.

"I agreed to this."

"You did, for the sake of the clan. For that, I am grateful and proud."

Hinata's eyes widened for the umpteenth time that day. Her father was proud of her?

"I heard the argument," he explained.

"Why would you order Neji-nii-san away from me?"

"Sasuke-san requested it."

"Why would you agree?" For a moment, Hiashi remained quiet as if contemplating what he would say next.

"I believed it to be for your own good. Neji fostered so much hatred towards you and you needed to focus solely on being Sasuke's wife," he said finally.

"…Neji-nii-san does not hate me."

"I know that, which is why I spoke in past tense. Still, some sort of animosity must've remained."

"Nothing remains, Otou-san."

"Still, it's not my decision in the matter. If Sasuke-san does not want you with Neji, he has the right to tell Neji to keep his distance."

At her father's comment, Hinata perked up. Turning onto her side, the blue haired kunoichi faced her father for the first time since he entered her room.

"To tell Neji?"

"That is correct."

"Not me?"

"…What are you getting at?"

"Nothing, Otou-san. Simply curious."

Pride slightly wounded, Neji had already retreated to his room. In the silence his thoughts went into a frenzy, unsure of which side to buy.

She was holding his hand.

But she assured the ANBU she didn't love him.

But it's obvious that she feels something for him if she's parading around with his ring and kissing him!

She kissed you too.

….Not in that manner.

She admitted that she'd grown fond of you.

She's grown fond of the ANBU.

You are the ANBU!

She doesn't know that!

Why don't you tell her?

…I can't.

Defeated, Neji sat at his desk before resting his head upon it.

Hinata-sama was happy with him till I walked into the kitchen. I ruined things for her. I should just do as I'm told and avoid Hinata-sama, at least until I can form a coherent thought relating to her.

On his desk lay his ANBU mask. Neji gingerly picked it up, turning it over in his hands.

As for the ANBU, he is merely a distraction. He should avoid her too. Gomen, Hinata-sama. I'm so sorry.

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