Just Eat the Cake

Ryuzaki wants Light to eat some cake. OOCness, slight hints of shounen ai. Oneshot.

The spirits of Soichiro Yagami, chief deputy of the Japanese NPA, were low. And it wasn't just him.

The Kira investigation had come to a complete stalemate. Light had been officially accepted into the investigative team, but after that, all pretense of progress had withered and died.

Even their new, 23-story skyscraper filled with cutting-edge technology had not prevented the team from sinking down to what, in Soichiro's opinion, was their all-time low.

Ryuzaki had been doing nothing for a week but following Light around and attempting to get him to eat cake.

Matsuda, Mogi, and Aizawa half-heartedly followed his orders, but nothing new had been uncovered. Only Light was really giving the investigation his all, but he hadn't found anything either, although accurate research was slightly difficult when there was a guy following you around with pieces of various cakes trying to get you to eat them. And that person was also handcuffed to you, so you couldn't get away from him.

In short, Soichiro felt as though Kira had thrown them all into a pit of dead-ended quagmire that they were slowly sinking into. Ryuzaki was already at the very bottom, dead or at least insane; he, Matsuda, Mogi, and Aizawa were struggling only slightly; and Light, the only one really doing anything, was only just brushing the rock where Kira stood, laughing at them, with his fingertips.

Things had gotten so that Matsuda had bet Aizawa 2,000 yen that Ryuzaki had gone insane, a theory greatly supported by all the attempted force-feeding of cake to Light.

"Come on. Just a piece."

"No thanks."

"You know, it tastes really good."

"Not interested."

"Not even if I say please? You know that's probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence."

"I said, not interested."

Ryuzaki squinted at Light, barely disguising the disapproving look on his face. The polite approach isn't working, he thought. Time to switch tactics. Try the guilt-trip approach.

"You know," he began, "this is a very difficult type of cake to make correctly. And Watari made it especially for you, Light-kun. Don't tell me you're going to blow off all his efforts and not eat it?"

Light could feel himself starting to snap. Ryuzaki had been going at him constantly for the past week. "Eat this cake, Light-kun." "Don't be stingy, Light-kun." "This cake tastes wonderful, Light-kun." The damn handcuffs only made it worse, because they meant that he couldn't get away from him.

"Come on, eat it. You'll hurt Watari's feeling if you don't, Light-kun."

Enough was enough. Light wheeled around to face Ryuzaki. "Ryuzaki, you seriously need to stop!" He started yelling. "I have had it up to here-" he gestured wildly above his head- "of you constantly going at me saying 'Eat this ca-mmph!"

He stopped abruptly as a piece of cake was placed in his mouth.

"Finally," Ryuzaki said, smirking evilly.


Light pulled the fork out of his mouth and whapped Ryuzaki upside the head with it.


"Will you stop fooling around for one second?!" Light pulled himself out of his angry reverie. "This cake is actually pretty good, though..." He trailed off, chewing thoughtfully.

"Yes. I pride myself on my ability to find the best-tasting cakes."

"Why don't you pride yourself on your ability to find Kira instead of trying to feed me cake?!" Another whap with the fork.

"Ow." Ryuzaki rubbed his head. "Light-kun, I swear you hit harder when using a fork than just plain punching."

Light opened his mouth with an angry retort at the ready, only to have something else fed to him.

Ryuzaki smiled.

"Make sure you eat the strawberry too. That's the best part."