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Chapter 16: Three Years Later (The Epilogue)

Jude and Tommy have now been together for three years. Their relationship has had its ups and downs. But there were a lot more ups than there were downs. They had their fair share of arguments but none that lasted very long. Their love saw them through anything that came across their path.

They were rarely ever apart either. Their schedules were always planned out so that they never had to spend more than a few days away from each other. They even went on tour together. These two were definitely inseparable. They had been living together ever since Jude's eighteenth birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, it was time for Jude's twenty-first. Tommy had a wonderful day all planned out in the country. He had bought an engagement ring and today was the day, he would ask the most phenomenal woman in the world to be his wife.

Tommy left work early to pick up Jude. He didn't even have time to get out and open the car door for her. She was so excited that she ran and jumped into the car and slammed the door shut. Tommy kissed Jude and then whispered, "Happy Birthday. I love you."

Jude whispered back, "I love you, too." Then Tommy put his car into gear and started off on the day's adventure. Time seemed to pass by so quickly. It wouldn't be long until they reached their destination. Jude looked out the window to admire her surroundings.

It was a beautiful winter day, the snow was falling all around as the happy couple were riding down an isolated country road. Jude had never felt so content in her entire life. It seemed as if everything was finally going her way. She was in love with the most amazing man she had ever met and she was hoping that tonight would be the night that he would propose to her.

Jude was lost in her thoughts when the car began to spin out of control. The temperature had dropped and the snow had turned to ice. Images of her life began to flash before her eyes. She saw herself as little girl, a teenager, then as a rock star. She even saw herself as she was falling in love with Tommy. Then everything went black.

The car had skidded off the road and hit a tree. The car was badly crushed on the passenger side. Tommy was shaken up and his body ached. He shook his head wearily as he tried to focus his eyes. He looked over to his right and saw Jude badly mangled between the dashboard and her seat. He spoke to her but she didn't answer. Tommy saw blood streaming from her forehead. He called 911 and they said they would send help immediately. Barely a second after he hung up the phone, Tommy passed out.

Later when Tommy awoke, he was laying in a hospital bed with a cast on his right leg. He chest ached from broken ribs and his head pounded from a concussion. His eyes had trouble focusing but he could see someone sitting in his room.

He squinted and could barely make out that it was Sadie, "Where's Jude? Is she okay?"

Sadie got up and came to Tommy side, "I'm so sorry Tommy. Jude's gone. She didn't make it."

Tommy felt like the life had been drained from his body. It couldn't be true. The woman that he loved and that he was going to spend the rest of his life with couldn't be dead. A rush of tears flowed from his eyes, he screamed, "Oh My God, it's all my fault. I never should have taken her out to the country on a snowy day. I should have know better. She's dead because of me. Why? Why her? Why not me? I would take her place in a heartbeat if I could Sadie, please believe me."

Sadie could tell that Tommy was serious. She cried as she tried to comfort him, "I know that you loved her more than anything. You would never have done anything to hurt her. Accidents do happen. But she didn't suffer, the doctor said that it was instant. She felt no pain."

Those words were no comfort to Tommy. At that moment, he wished he were dead too. He asked Sadie if he could be alone for awhile. She nodded and said that she had to go and plan the funeral. It was going to be in two days in the church where Tommy was planning to ask Jude to marry him. It was the church that he had hoped they would get married in.

Tommy was released from the hospital the next day. Kwest drove him home, then Tommy asked him to leave. He wanted to be alone. Tommy only had one day to prepare himself for the most dreaded day of his life. The day that he would have to say goodbye to Jude forever. It was then that he had a thought, he grabbed a piece of paper and began to write. Then he wadded it up and threw in on the floor. This happened over and over again until he had exactly what he wanted on the paper. He laid his head down on his desk and fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

The next day he woke up and got dressed. Kwest picked him up and drove him to the church. Not a word was spoken until they got to the church, then Kwest said to his friend with tears in his eyes, "I'm so sorry Tommy. Please know that I am here for you."

Tommy patted his friend on the back and nodded his head. Then holding on to his crutches Tommy made his way to the front pew of the church.

The minister gave a sincerely touching speech about how life can be gone in matter of seconds. He talked about what a talented, loving, and giving person Jude was. When he was finished, he asked if there was anyone who wanted to say a few words about Jude.

Tommy grabbed his crutches and stood up, "I would." The crowd was extremely surprised that Tommy would have the strength to say anything today. Everyone could see the anguish he was in. The pain that he felt was so evident.

It took him a minute, but Tommy made his way up the steps and stood behind the alter. He looked up and breathed in deeply and then he gave the most beautiful speech about the woman that he loved:

The past three years of my life have been so full of love and happiness. I don't regret a single day that I spent with Jude. Loving her was the best thing that I have ever had the pleasure of doing. She changed me in ways that I never thought possible. There was never a day that I doubted her love. She made my world a brighter place and I will always be grateful to her. She made believe that forever was possible and it is. I know that I will love Jude Harrison for the rest of my life. My heart will belong to her forever because this isn't goodbye, it's just I'll see you later.

There was not a dry eye in the church that day. Little did the people in the congregation know that would be the last time they ever saw Tommy Quincy. After the funeral, he packed his bags and left town. No one ever knew where he went but everyone knew that one thing was for certain. Tommy Quincy and Jude Harrison had shared a deeper love than anyone could ever comprehend, a love that time could not erase and even death could not cease.

The End

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