Chapter 2

The next day...

It is another sunny and cheerful day as Tsukune woke up refreshed and ready to tackle a brand new day. He stretched his arms outward and yawned and tried to wipe the sleepiness from his eyes. He took his time taking a long hot shower and then got dressed quickly. He then toasted two pieces of bread and spread a full helping of strawberry jam and gulped it down as he ran towards the door and head towards school. He took his time walking, absorbing the unusual (if dreary) sites along the way and enjoyed the warmth of the sun happily shining down.

"It's gonna be a pleasant day today. I can just feel it!"

As usual, every time he meets Moka on the way to school, his heart skips a beat and he takes a deep breath as if in preparation to interact with her. To this day, he cannot believe she is the only reason why he suffers the academy in the first place. It is as if she has managed to put him on some kind of spell; the kind that he can't seem to shake no matter what he did. If Kurumu's power of Allure can ensnare any man that she stares at with her eyes then whatever spell that Moka has cast over him is even stronger than that. Whatever it all means he can't think about it too much, he'll just have to take his time and accept what will be...will be.

And as usual Moka greets him, gives him a big hug and so happens to kiss his neck and sink her fangs sucking his blood. His typical reaction as usual is to walk back and forth flailing both his arms up and down while his neck bleeds profusely like a faucet is comical indeed. When she tasted his blood for the first time since the incident yesterday, she thought that somehow his blood is different. It's as if turning him to a vampire made his blood even more addicting and even more sweeter still. She knew that turning him would change him but she didn't expect this pleasant turn of events and she's glad and proud that she did it. Now hopefully the rest his metamorphosis is as positive as the sweet blood that she tasted. She can only hope so!

"Come on Tsukune, let's go or we're going to be late!"

She took a hold of his arm and encouraged him to go faster. He can only oblige her and had no choice but to follow as the seemingly Outer Moka is more deceptively strong that she let's on. And as usual, Kurumu will meet them down the road and the succubus would grab Tsukune's head and suffocate his face between her breasts and Moka would protest this underhanded tactic with vehemence.

"Hi Tsukune, you missed me didn't you? Kurumu purred. "I know, I know you missed me so much that you can't quite get enough of me!"

As she flirted and teased Tsukune relentlessly, she looks at Moka and mouthed to her these words.

"How is he faring this morning? Did you observe anything unusual?"

"No, I would assume that whatever changes that happen won't show itself until much later.'

"I see..."

To Kurumu what she observed of Tsukune's behavior seemed liked the events that happens everyday. If for whatever reason he changed because of the turning, he is not showing any outward signs of it. If anything, he seemed more vital and energetic. He also seems to have built some muscle because she remembered quite clearly that he was on the skinny side in the past...

"Was he always this tall before because I could have sworn we were about the same height yesterday."

Yes, she sees the subtle physical modifications that the turning has wrought on his body. But Kurumu is not a girl to complain much. As long as he is alive and she is at his side; she didn't give worth a damn if he evolve into a vampire. When it comes to him, she can't be too picky about such things. Besides if anything he became an even bigger catch than before! Her mother would be so pleased to have a son-in-law that has a lot of potential and have a vampire pedigree to booth!

As usual, Yukari would somehow wrest Tsukune from Kurumu's clutches and almost drives both the poor boy and Moka to the ground because she tackled both of them for a big hug. She too is concerned for his well being. After the shocking incident yesterday, the young witch couldn't shake this feeling that her power could not save him. How is it that with her vast array of knowledge being the number 1 student in the Academy and her ever steadily increasing power fail the boy so miserably? What is she to do if an incident that almost killed the person she cares most about happens again and she can't do anything about it? What will happen if the Hollow attack again? Will her powers fail like they did yesterday? So many things to think about but the most important thing to her is that Tsukune is safe and sound and that is what matters most.

As usual, Mizore would follow the rest of the gang while sneaking behind the bushes and trees, observing Tsukune's every move. From what she could gather, he seemed to be alright. He looked unusually enthusiastic and most importantly alive. After the events of yesterday, she never EVER wants to see Tsukune sprawled at the ground lifeless; his life's blood spilling and soaking the ground where he fell down. She never wants to see him struggle to take a breath nor the agony that she saw on his face as he laid down unconscious fighting for his very life. And she most definitely don't ever want to see her friends crying as they desperately tried to revive him and save his life. Most of all she never ever wants to feel helpless ever again like the way she felt yesterday as tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks. If she is to be his future wife like what her mother wishes, then she needs to take the kid's gloves off and any monster or Hollow for that matter will get turned into a block of ice and be dealt with most severely.

As usual, Ruby is working on one of her million jobs around school and this time she is sweeping the leaves at the front gate. She greeted her friends with a warm welcome and gave Tsukune a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Those actions drew some jealous protests from the other four over such a blatant and sneaky tactic. Actually they're mad that they didn't think of it themselves! Ruby however, is glad that Tsukune feels so much better than he did yesterday. She is amazed that the turning has changed him so much already; his transformation giving him an accelerated healing factor it would seem. More pressing to her however, is the shinigami who has saved them. She hears along the grape vine that for saving the students from harm, the head master has granted him to attend the academy as a temporary student. The faculty believes that yesterday's attack was not the last and they believe that the attacks will continue in a foreseeable future unless he uncovers the mystery. So in order to ensure the students well being and safety, the school decided that it would be beneficial for him to have access the to all facilities and all the help that he needs that would ensure the success of his investigation. They also authorized that he uses deadly force should the situation and the necessity to do so arises. She is sure the Protection Committee will not welcome this news but quite frankly she thinks it's a good thing because any opportunity to stick something up their uptight ass is a good thing in her book!

Life in Yokai Academy was never the same. The Hollow attack has shattered the halcyon days of studying hard for exams, going to field trips, and school dances and everyone has every right to be afraid. Monsters in general have always enjoyed the terror that they incite in the humans. But if the animalistic Hollows are even more of a monster than they will ever be then that is something to be afraid of indeed! The atmosphere in the school could be quite summed up as "dreadfully" quiet as the students hurry to the safety of the school. But some question the academy's preparation for Hollow attacks and they voice them quite loudly. However, the Protection Committee silenced these critics with their unusually harsh manner and assured the student body of their safety. The students however, doubt their sincerity to protect them and everyone knows that no one can trust a committee member as far as a person could chuck a rock which isn't very far and not very much.

The shinigami however, is a different matter. Rumors had it that he defeated the Hollows single handedly especially the giant one that appeared out of no where in the horizon. Others heard that he had help from Tsukune and Moka's group. Still others hear that the shinigami decided to stay in the academy temporarily so that he can investigate why the Hollows have invaded the Youkai Academy and as to their motivation and purpose in doing so. Still others whisper that their savior is human. That issue divided some of the students into two camps: the people who supports him and the people who doesn't. Why would a human risks his life for a school full of monsters? Certainly he is powerful for a human but why help when it is clearly the academy's problem to solve. Supporters counter that the academy were as helpful as a deer frozen by head lights. Surely the detractors can obviously see that the shinigami unselfishly risked his life to save a couple of strangers. And besides he seemed the only one who knows the enemy very well, is it not more prudent for someone to fight an enemy he is familiar with? The debate between the two factions will probably go on and on...Regardless, it is a sure thing that the Yokai Times is running a special story about the incident as soon as possible.

Ichigo who has been patrolling the school grounds actually had mixed feelings about all this. When the headmaster who clearly did not expect the accident to occur practically begged him to conduct the investigation and to protect the students. He really can't say no to a guy who was on his hands and knees and were in the verge of tears could he? As for the fact that he is protecting a school full of monsters, well that's a stretch even for him. Clearly half the student body doesn't like the idea and practically wants to kick him out. Anyway he doesn't really care whether or not they like him, he gets the same flak from everyone in his school back home so this isn't anything new to him. However, has a job to do and it is his duty to protect their ungrateful sorry asses even though he didn't have any obligation to a school full of monsters. Students full of monsters huh, now that takes the cake. He has seen enough weird shit during his term as a Shinigami, so how is this any different?

He finished patrolling on school grounds a third time when suddenly he heard a scream. He went to the source of the disturbance as quickly as possible. A Hollow has appeared and predictably, it attacked a student. He sighed, he wonders why would the Hollows want from this place anyway? Obviously they were after something and it is this object or person or whatever is important enough that they would invade in full force. However, it would be better to think about the why the Hollows have invaded for another time as he needed to finish his rounds and then call it quits so he can go back to the dorms and to prepare for school tomorrow. But first he has to save that student first...

"WHO ARE YOU? You do not wear the school's uniform so you must not be a student here. This is a clearly a job for the Protection Committee so quite frankly leave this to us!" She said haughtily

"Ah ya so while you blab away your gibberish; you're actually endangering a life and getting in my way instead!"

"SILENCE, I Keito did not give you permission to speak! We will show you how the Protection Committee get the job done!

"Ok whatever you say so, you do that while I go save that student there."

Before she could stop him, he used his shunpo technique to close in on the student grabbed her waist and flashed step right beside the so called enforcer again.

"He's so fast, I could barely see him move!"

"Ok oh so powerful enforcer person, do your stuff!"

"We'll show the power of the Protection Committee!"

She signaled the others with her to surround the Hollow and attack. Before they could do anything though the Hollow easily defeated each one of them quite easily in fact.

"Wow, good job guys way to go. Keep up the good work why don't you!" Ichigo mocked them.

"SILENCE, clearly they were not up to this. You will see what an enforcer can really do!" she bragged.

"Hey be my guest enforcer ma'am you go do that. Although I do expect a little gratitude when I save your sorry ass later ok?"

She ignored that jab and attacked the Hollow. She is actually doing a job keeping up with it and had a few good shots in. However, her efforts in the end were futile as she tripped and fell down from the relentless attack and the Hollow moved in for the kill. Ichigo had no choice but to intervene and quickly shunpoed in front of her and block the attack with Zangetsu. He then shoved its arm out of the way and quickly capitalized on the opening. He ended up flash stepping behind it and put Zangetsu away as the Hollow disappeared to nothingness. He turned around looked at the enforcer and said to her.

"Your welcome!"

He turned his back and walked away but he then is surrounded with boken swords pointing at him. Keito got up and dusted her uniform. She could not believe it, an enforcer of the Protection Committee defeated by a monster and has to be saved by and outsider. On top of that, while she struggled to fight with the Hollow, this stranger destroyed it in one blow. She cannot face Lord Kuyo ever again for this humiliation! This stranger will pay for his insolence!

"Weapons are a violation of school regulations, you are under arrest for brandishing a weapon and using it in school ground!"

"Are you kidding, you say this horse crap now, AFTER I just saved your life!"

"It was just a lucky fluke and clearly I was not ready for the enemy. Next time you will see the true power of the Protection Committee!"

Ichigo simply stuck Zangetsu deep into the ground and a glow started to emanate from him. As his spiritual power rose to new heights he lets a strong burst of energy that blew away all the thugs away with such force that they flew perhaps 20 feet away some striking the school walls and some going through trees. He then shunpoed quickly to where Keito is and punched her in the stomach that doubled her over in pain and then fell to the ground.

"Don't think I need my weapon to defeat any of you!" he said ominously

He then got Zangetsu off the ground and disappeared leaving Keito and her thugs on the ground. Unbeknownst to all of them, a student with a video camera hiding behind some bushes captured the whole incident...Later that day the all the students were watching the whole thing in the internet with mixed results.

After school Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari went to the classroom where they all conducted their business as the newspaper club. The agenda is most pressing and it had to do with the Hollow attack and the Shinigami who saved the school from destruction. They realized that they have a big story in their hands and they want to capitalize on the situation. With the rising interest especially the mysterious shinigami, they are sure that they can give out a lot of issues this time. Now if only they can get an interview with him...

It so happened that he is walking the hallway aimlessly and he looked into the room and said his greetings to the others. He would have kept going if it wasn't for Kurumu who got his arm and dragged him back into the room. Moka then explained that they were in the newspaper club and they wanted an interview with him. They promise that they will make him look good in the article and it would help the students get to know him better so what he is doing is not misunderstood. Ichigo seemed reluctant to do so but all the three girls gave him that look that said "please." With such a cute display and blatant arm twisting, he couldn't resist and agreed to do the interview. Kurumu asked the questions to start things off...

"So Ichigo is it?" All the ladies of Yokai Academy want to know if you have a girlfriend?" she asked seriously.

"Uh ya...well with school back home and my job as a shinigami taking up my time; it would really be unfair to her if I'm gone most of the time and hardly see her so the answer would be no."

"So do mean to say that if it wasn't for your job, you'll probably make some lucky girl happy?"

Moka embarrassed that Kurumu would ask Ichigo such a question elbowed her and Yukari whom turned a tad pinkish in the face magically conjured a gag so Kurumu would stop asking any more embarrassing questions and resumed the interview.

"Ichigo can you tell us what is a Hollow and why are they attacking the academy?"

"Now that is good question. A Hollow is a spirit that has not gone to the Soul Society or in other words "heaven." Since they linger on with the living, they may become corrupt and as they get corrupted they acquire the skull mask, transform, and then have the familiar hole usually at where the heart use to be. They become mindless, instinctual creatures. In order to fill the emptiness inside them, they consume human souls. As for the second question, I don't know what the answer to that yet. I do speculate that they have found this world by accident but that's too much of a stretch. I would assume that this world is hiding something and they are trying to find it. What that object will be, I have no clue."

"So they will continue to attack until they find what ever it is they are looking for?

"Again I'm really not sure but if they are trying to find something, then they wouldn't give up in finding it. In fact I think that someone is manipulating them to invade this place but again I don't have the evidence to back that theory up."

"So moving to another subject. How did you become a shinigami?" Moka asked.

"Well, that's a long story. Let's just say that a friend in my hour of need lend me her power and then after losing her and her powers to a powerful enemy; my teacher initiated the chain of events that caused me to become a shinigami on my own."

The interview would have continued if it wasn't for the fact that they were rudely interrupted. The door got kicked in and Kuyo and a several of his enforcers were with him. The gang got up but Ichigo stay seated and didn't move a muscle. He looked like he is bored but his eyes are always moving, always scrutinizing as if getting ready for something to go down.

"Are you Ichigo Kurosaki?" he asked.

"Ya who wants to know?" Ichigo answered.

"You are under arrest for raising your hand against enforcer Keito and violations of several school regulations! Are you going to go quietly or do we drag you screaming to jail?"

"I'll let you in on a little trade secret pal. The headmaster of this school asked me to protect this academy. And I'm not a student of this school so technically your rules and regulations does not pertain to me. So you can shove your precious rules up your ass, buddy!"

"Your uncouth manner can use some work and your ignorance quite refreshing. However, I am here to lay down the law. How is it the headmaster chose you when the Protection Committee is here is already established to do this most important job?"

"Oh so how enforcer Keito and her henchmen got beaten and almost got their soul consumed by a Hollow and ultimately bailing them out is your idea of "protecting" this academy? Wow, I'd sue the idiots who filled your brains with so much mush, if I were you."

"Are you trying to insult me!"

"Well, the mush for brains finally gets it, congratulations you just gained a new level!"

Moka and the others were so shocked as to what was happening couldn't help but snicker at that insult. Not only is Ichigo not afraid of the Protection Committee and Kuyo for that matter. He is also insulting him in his face and is actually winning the war of words! Kuyo glared at them and snickering stopped and everyone looked up and were going about doing something else. One of his cronies who couldn't keep his cool raised his boken and tried to brain Ichigo with it. But Ichigo was even faster and he raised his left hand and caught the wooden blade mid strike and said to him without taking his eyes off of Kuyo...

"Come back and take a shot me when you know how to use this, alright."

Then with a flick of his wrist he broke the sword to its hilt and nonchalantly threw it towards the fellow who attacked him. The missile sailed passed the fellows head and got stuck on the wall behind him. The crony, swallowed a lump on his throat and judiciously retreated towards his fellows. The others then surrounded Ichigo with their swords pointing at him. He sighed at the idiocy that seems to have gotten it's claws on these people.

"If you point those things at me you'll better know how to use it!"

Too fast for them to react and too fast for the eyes to follow. Everyone is shocked yet again when Zangetsu is suddenly let loose and then he sheathes it again on his back in one motion.. The feeble boken swords were all cut simultaneously in one pass. They too retreated towards the back cowering and noticeably shaking.

"I see that talking to you and asking you to come quietly is in vain. You have forced my hand to use brute force. Understand that this is not punishment but so that you can learn a valuable lesson in humility."

At those words, Ichigo stood up went up to Kuyo glared at him and said.

"If you're so anxious for a fight, then just bring it!"

Quite suddenly Kuyo punched Ichigo with such force that he flew through the desks and slammed and destroyed the wall. As the pieces what used to be the wall fell, he is surprised that he is not there. However, he heard shocked exclaims from everyone in the room and he finally sensed that someone was behind him and he knew that this isn't going to be as easy as he thought it would be.

"Nice hit, the first one was free the rest you're going to have to earn!"

Ichigo then kicked him so hard he flew towards the black board, through another room cleared the class room of all the desks, went through another wall and then a window and finally hit the ground and causes a crater and got buried with rocks from the impact. Ichigo then watch from the window as the crater exploded in flame and incinerated the area and a yuko appeared. It looked like a fox on fire with nine tails swishing to and fro angrily. He then landed on the ground and finally unsheathed Zangetsu. The flame that emanated from the monster is so hot that it melted the ground it stood on into slag. Every time it walked, it's footprints are burned onto the concrete. Ichigo waited for Kuyo to make his move.

As the yuko walked around Ichigo, it looked for an opening but he couldn't find one. It seemed that its opponent has been in a lot of battles and wouldn't leave such a careless mistake. As he circled, Ichigo didn't follow it's movements and just stood where he was unmoving.

"The fool, he will pay for such carelessness with his life!"

He then lunged with full force with his fangs and claws closing in for the kill. But Ichigo knew the attack is coming and simply raised his arm and lowered his sword protecting his back from the lunge and look at him in the eyes and smirked at him. He then flicked his wrist to shove him away and in one motion tried to get a hit but Kuyo is able to dodge the strike.


"No sir, but you're doing a good job making a mockery of yourself!"

He then raised his nine tails where energy gathered and coalesced into balls of incandescent flame. As the fireballs formed it spun faster and faster until he is finished and used it on his enemy.

"Ichigo look out!" Moka warned.

Sensing that the pin wheel of fire is perhaps too strong to deflect, he quickly gathered his energy and without flinching released it in one motion.


A huge beam of energy raced to meet the wheel of fire and when they met they canceled each other out and a huge explosion occurred. The force of the blast caused a strong wind and a blinding light. When the smoked cleared a huge crater formed where the two attacks met and annihilated each other. The shinigami stood there waiting for the next attack to begin.

"I see that you are a worthy opponent. Let us see if you can withstand the power of my ultimate form!"

Kuyo then transformed yet again. This time he has turned human but the only difference is that he is half human and half fox. All the fox parts were in flame and his face and his body had some tattoos. He stretched a little bit and suddenly disappeared and reappeared right in front of him. He then kicked Ichigo and he flew towards the school, crashed into its walls and leveling that entire section. Ichigo got up a little slowly but doesn't seem to be hurt to badly. He then looked where Kuyo was before but he isn't there now. He then sensed an energy attack coming and flashed step into the air. The fireball then exploded and incinerated the entire building. Clearing the smoke towards the air. But he didn't expect his enemy to suddenly appear and again he finds himself flying. Ichigo then tried to slow himself down, flipped and used his sword to slow his momentum to a stop when he reached the ground. He gouged a vertical line perhaps 21 feet before he could came to a complete stop.

"I am impressed that you are still alive, but I assure you that all your efforts will be in vain in the end!"

"Will you just shut hell up! Don't think that I'm defeated just yet!"

Without warning he disappeared and appeared behind Kuyo. Surprised that he can still move this fast when he is already on the ropes he couldn't avoid the slash at his chest and Ichigo drew blood. Angered that he got injured and being so careless; Kuyo threw a bunch of punches and kicks that Ichigo desperately tried to block. He missed a right hand and he finds himself flying and destroying another school wall. He got up quickly but could not dodge the fireball in time so he braced himself for the impact.

The girls gasped as the fireball hit Ichigo with a direct hit. When the smoked cleared, he is breathing heavily and blood ran down from a cut on his right eye. Everyone drew a sigh of relief. They should intervene seeing as their friend is at a disadvantage, but nobody really lifted a finger or did anything to help. They were so transfixed and mesmerized at the amazing battle that is occurring here and seeing it with their very eyes. They are amazed that Ichigo has lasted this long with Kuyo. The last time they have fought him it took almost all of their strength to defeat him and yet Ichigo is fighting him in equal terms. No one can really brag that they could do what they are seeing here today. But it seemed that he is at his limit and Moka begged Tsukune to remove the cross so she can help him. Tsukune refused and said to her.

"This is a fight between two equal opponents. To interfere now would just insult Ichigo's efforts up to this point."

"But he won't last long if he keep this up!" Moka protested.

"Moka trust in him, he has more power than you think!"

"How do you know that Tsukune?" Kurumu asked him curiously.

"Don't you feel it...his power is overwhelming. I never felt so much power. It's like the kind of power that you release every time I take the cross off of you Moka!" he said quietly.

Ichigo struggled to stand up strait. That last attack took a lot out of him but he's not out yet. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve. But he really can't keep taking damage like this but that thought is interrupted when Kuyo renewed his attack. He again threw a lot of fast punches and kicks but Ichigo blocked all of them. When he saw an opening he took it and he is able to get a right cross in that sent him flying. He then quickly gathered his energy and used Getsuga Tenshou again. The attack hit his opponent head on and Ichigo thought that he got him. However Kuyo emerged from the attack unscathed.

"Is that all you got, I barely felt that one!" Kuyo bragged.

Ichigo surprised that his attack failed to do damage laughed. This situation reminded him the fight with Byakuya Kuchiki so long ago. His stubbornness almost caused him that fight but somehow in the end he won anyway. Old habits are so hard to break it would seem.

"What so funny!"

"It seems to be futile trying to defeat you in this form. I should have known better and used it in the first place!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You'll see. Just stand there and watch!"

He then braced his right arm with his left while pointing Zangetsu away from him. He started to glow and black spiritual energy surrounded him. The gang then felt Ichigo's Yokai power flux and spike so much that it almost overwhelmed but the most powerful monsters watching this fight. He then said a familiar word that would release the power of his zanpakuto to it's final form...


A blinding light and explosion of power burst forth from Ichigo. His tremendous power is felt all over the academy as far away as the dorm and beyond the school's borders. The gang had no words to say to what they have witnessed. Tsukune is right, this power that they feel is almost like the power that Moka releases when the Rosario is removed, the power of the vampire. When the smoke and energy disappeared Ichigo stood there ready for battle. They observed that he is the same but the only difference is his sword shrank into an ordinary black bladed daito. Now he is wearing a black long sleeved ankle length shikakusho that had a red lining and is closed at his chest. The ends of the coat were tattered and it flowed listlessly here and there from the force of his power.

"Tch,,what is that, this form is how you would beat me..."

He stopped mid sentence because he felt someone behind him. When he disappeared and sneaked up behind him he couldn't tell because he didn't see when he moved. He quickly turned around to take a swipe at him but he got nothing but air. He looked around to see where he is and when he found him on top of the clock tower, he went after him. When he got there he punched and destroyed the clock tower itself but he didn't hit him. When he looked again, he is at the ground. He disappeared and when he appeared on top of him he missed but destroyed a huge chunk of the floor which is but a mile across and 20 feet deep.

"What happened, you're so slow!" Ichigo mocked him.

He then hit where he was but he disappeared. He appeared again right beside him and the same thing occurred, Kuyo missed and he missed badly. He begins to get frustrated and challenged Ichigo.

"Is that all your newfangled power can do because all your doing is a lot of dodging!"

Ichigo stopped and stood still and waited...

"Ah there you are!"

Kuyo threw several fireballs at him. Ichigo just stood there and it seemed that he intends to take them all on. The fireballs hit simultaneously and a huge explosion swallowed Ichigo whole. But an even larger explosion swallowed the attack's power and Ichigo stood where he was before unscathed and glowing with his power.

" Wow Ichigo is really strong!" Moka said impressed. "How did you know Tsukune that he is so strong?"

"I don't know really." he answered her. "It's hard to explain but it's as if someone or something told me, you know what I mean?"

"Almost like my other self?"

"No, not really but something similar to that I guess."

He stopped talking and he then concentrated on the war that is happening on school grounds. Moka doesn't know what to think. Is this mysterious insight a symptom of the "turning." She does not know and it's no use speculating over that now. She'll just have to check up on it later and continued to watch the fight.

Finally it gotten a lot serious as Kuyo and Ichigo meet each other and hit each other so hard that the shock wave shattered every window of the school. They then disappeared and appeared and moving so fast that no one could keep up with their speed. Tsukune however, can see what every hit, every dodge, every movement and every attack that was evaded, every move that is successfully on target, everything that he for some unknown reason could see but the others could not. The only evidence that they still there and did not disappear from reality is the shock waves that they felt and the loud sound that is like thunder.

Ichigo briefly saw an opening and took advantage and attacked it head on. Kuyo flew and hit and decimated a building. The fallen debris scattered as the pile exploded and a huge fireball flew towards Ichigo which he deflected away from the already damaged school and exploded into a bright light as it hit the sea. But Ichigo who was up in the air, did not see him disappear and hit him from behind. He then flew towards the ground and hit it with tremendous force. He emerged uninjured and dodged another one of Kuyo's fireballs. They then met head to head but couldn't find an opening. It would seem that they were evenly matched and they can't find an advantage over the other. So they separated on the opposite sides and then sensing what the other is trying to do, they began glowing and building up tremendous energy. Kuyo fired the biggest fireball the gang has ever seen and again Ichigo said the familiar words.


It might be the same technique but this time the beam attack is solid black. The two of them followed their respected attacks and as they met the biggest explosion rocked the very foundations of the academy and a huge tremor and shock wave could be felt all over the world. In the end when the attacks dissipated and the only two of them stood on opposite sides for a long time. Ichigo however, turned around and waited for his enemy but he never came as a spray of blood gushed out of his wound and he fell unconscious and turned back to normal.

The gang let out a loud cheer and it would seem that the whole school witnessed the amazing fight and cheered him on too. Kuyo's people got him and carried him out of the battlefield discretely. His friends all went up to him and and congratulated him on his victory.

"Ichigo that was amazing!" Yukari said. "I think I'm in love with you too...tee hee."

"What you're cheating on me now Yukari?" Tsukune teased her.

Yukari didn't say a word but she did wink and stuck her tongue out at him. Tsukune laughed at her reaction. Moka and Kurumu is shocked that he of all people would dare to flirt with another girl right in front of them and it's Yukari of all people! He saw that they were pouting and tried to placate the two of them but in the end they laughed and everything is alright again.

"So Ichigo, how does it feel to beat one of the strongest monsters in school?" Kurumu asked as if interviewing him.

"Feels pretty good. I doubt that he'll make a fuss for awhile after being beaten so badly in front of the whole student body."

Suddenly a roar of a Hollow could be heard not far from the forest and a scream of one of the students followed after. Ichigo sighed and floated up the air and looked up and located the disturbance.

"Alright you guys, get everyone out of here...It would seem duty calls again!"

As he flew of to eliminate another Hollow, the students cheered as Moka and the others sheep herded all of them to safety.

to be continued...

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