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Inspired by when I had a sore throat and in Breaking Dawn when Edward talks about Food Network :D


"Edward…" Bella hoarsely whispered.

"Hush love, save your lovely voice," Edward said, "Here have some of this,". He handed her sugar lumps and camphor (part of the bark of the laurel tree). The look she gave him was one of confusion.

"Okay, okay sorry love, but that's how I learned how to treat a sore throat when I was…human."

"With sugar and bark?!" Bella said as her voice cracked on the su in sugar.

"Carlisle, can you cure this?" Edward asked clearly stressed he could do nothing.

"Umm people don't normally go to the hospital for sore throats" he said sheepishly.

"Seth to the rescue!" Seth Clearwater said.


Seth hands her salt water. "Gargle with this!" Bella did. Seth then got a jar of honey in the shape of a bear and poured it into a glass of orange juice. "BABAM!" Seth said handing Bella the glass.

"…" Bella thought as she drank it. "Hey I can talk!" she said.

"You're a miracle worker," Edward said, "How did you do it?"

"Ancient werewolf secret! Howling kills your voice, how else do you think I keep my voice velvety smooth!" Seth said as he flipped his hair.

"I see," Bella said as Edward laughed.

Seth laughs a bark like laugh, "Just playing with you man! I got it off Google!"

Laughing, Edward said "Ancient werewolf secret indeed!"