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AN: I have no idea where I'm going with this, it's 3am and I can't sleep. I don't even have a plot set up here, I don't even know what character I'm doing yet.

Dear Sasuke,

Sometimes, I dunno..

When it's cloudy and cold out, and I glance at the shadows dancing on my walls, I can see shapes that don't look quite right. It's like people, or maybe it's monsters, and either way I can't help worrying they're gonna jump out of that wall and get me.

It is, only me here, after all.

I've been told I over analyze things.. I wonder if the shadows dance because I chose to analyze the wall too much. Or perhaps none of this is real.. Wouldn't it be scary if the shadows were real people, calling out to me from some other side, the real world, calling for me to come back, but I just don't hear them?

Not yet, anyway. I know I don't belong here, but either way I'd rather not go with the shadows. They still scare me.

Today someone called my name, and my heart leapt into my throat – I couldn't believe you were back, just couldn't grasp it! I was confused, and let down, again, when I saw that the dobe calling my name wore a strange face. Kiba, tricking me with that funny sound.

He asked me if I was feeling alright.

Everyone seems to ask that nowadays...

I feel just fine you know.. It's lonely here, but it's nothing new. You said so yourself, how painful it is to love and lose, than to he born alone like I was. I still miss you, every day. People come here a lot, saying things at me with that awkward face, and I know they'd rather be anywhere but here.

I'd rather they'd be anywhere but here, too. Sometimes the shadows look like you, and I grin and huge grin and talk to them, but I'm really scared of it. I know none of this is real, none of this makes sense. It's just me, the way I always was.

The way I always will be.

Even though I can't really send this anywhere useful, promise me when you get this you'll say something back – I wanna hear your voice, see your face..

The shadows scare me, so please, come back and hold me tight, and never let me go.. Cuz sometimes, it's just too much Sasuke, it's too hard.

Sometimes, I dunno..