AN: Basically how things woulda played out if I'd been in this position. XD

'The reason you felt tired as everyone around you did is because you believed you needed sleep. We are not like them, we do not need true rest, nor do we need food and water. How is it I can take a bullet and not bleed? We are truly different, and when you fully realize this, you will no longer be weighed down by these weaknesses.'

Nevva pondered these words as she stared from the hotel balcony, into the streets. Saint Dane was teaching her everything she needed, wanted, to know. It felt good, and yet at times nerve wracking. Even with his patience, she felt any moment he'd grow tired of her and leave. She struggled still with changing her appearance, and although her acting was brilliant, she was having trouble letting go of her old habits.

It was nice to know she'd never die from lack of sleep, and lack of food.

'But what if I die from boredom?'

Car tires screeched down below, but no accident came to be. Disappointed, though guilty for it, she turned to go inside and find something to clean, if nothing else.

Saint Dane was in the adjoining room, most likely planning out the next weeks' events. She felt a twinge of irritation as she stood in the empty yellow tinted room. 'I wish I could entertain myself like that for hours, instead of being stuck alone in a hotel room envying someone for their planning skills.' Sighing, she pulled a loose strand of brown hair behind her ear and glanced around.

Nothing to clean, it seemed. She prided herself on being orderly, and the maids had come in while she was out earlier. Increasingly frustrated, she turned on the TV and found

nothing good on. Leaving it on, she got up and began stomping around the room for the sake of exercise over anger. She tried thinking of the things Saint Dane had told her earlier that day, imagining the next time she'd meet Bobby and the key lines she was supposed to use on him. She said them to herself as she paced to and from the blaring TV, when suddenly their adjoining door flew open, to reveal a disheveled looking Saint Dane.

"Nevva, for godsake it's four in the morning! Keep it down, I can't sleep with all this noise.."

She took in his rumpled clothing and squinted expression, and glared. "Forgive me for saying so, but what the HELL – "

"Just because we don't NEED sleep doesn't mean we can't still do it to pass the time. Now go to bed." With that, he was gone and the door was shut.

Nevva sat down on the bed and turned off the TV. She stared blankly at the black screen and basked in her newfound revelation.

'He really IS evil.'