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"Murder isn't really as fun as it looks, you know."

In the past twenty odd minutes of silence, this was among the last of things I expected to hear. That being said, when I turned around to properly address the wrongness of this statement, it turned out I actually had absolutely nothing to say. Call it shock.

The demon traveler looked back at me with that steady gaze. "Well it isn't. It's hard work covering your tracks, it's time and effort to figure when and where you'll be killing someone, and no matter how you do it there's always someone who disapproves."

Flabbergasted, I decided to acknowledge him. "Well YEAH, it's murder! What the hell are you expecting, a pat on the back? Who raised you, Hitler?"

Saint Dane tilted his head with a genuine look of innocence. "Hitler was one of your.. Presidents, correct?" It amazes me how this guy plans on overthrowing everything without even bothering to pick up a history book and check out exactly what he's overthrowing.

"Sure, why not. Why do you have to be so morbid all the time? It's bad enough we've been stuck here for.. Probably two hours!" Oh yeah, did I mention that? Me and my worst enemy, stuck in a cave. I wonder when we'll run out of oxygen.

As if reading my mind, he smiles like everything's just perfect. "We're not in any danger, if anything it's a good excuse to relax and have some one on one time, don't you think?"


We lapsed into silence for another few minutes, which should have come as a relief, but of course just made things really tense. Well it did for me anyways, Saint Dane seemed okay with the dead silence. He was distracted enough to be examining his shoe.

"Why murder?"

"What about murder?" His eyes remained focused on his foot, which was now idly waving from left to right on his heel.

"You started talking about murder for no reason – why?" Was he gonna tell me some strange riddle? Pass on yet another offensive moral that would totally be relevant the next time we meet?

"If there's no reason to talk about it, it's impossible to tell you why, Pendragon." The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, as my eye was ready start doing soon.

"You know what I mean! Why murder, why now?" I tried to pierce him with my stare. His gaze lifted to meet mine, holding a certain look of intensity. Leaning forward, he answered, ".. Why not?"

I slammed my head against the wall of the cave in frustration.

"I don't care what Press said, some things just AREN'T meant to be."