This is NOT an update. You should know I don't update this story anymore =P.

No, I'm writing this to ask you something...

See, as I was reading a fic today a great idea came to me. Another Criminal Minds/Higher Ground crossover, and while I only have the basics so far and will not have time until at least the weekend after next, I really like it.

Problem is, I have a problem with finishing fics, in that I never do. That was why I was so proud of 'Touch' - the first lengthy fic I managed to finish. I'm thinking maybe I can avoid that trap by not actually STARTING a new story, but rather continuing one in a different setting, if that makes sense.

'Meeting the Past' is not really going anywhere - I think I have part of a next chapter written out, but it's been like half a year, or something. I am not very passionate about this story anymore...

I was going to have JJ meet again with Peter and, I believe, Sophie... next chapter would be the actual meeting.

Now, though, I'm wondering if I can close off that part of the story - the part that is clearly a sequel - and continue with the idea I mentioned above. I have no idea how long it will last, if at all - but I'd like to try.

So what do you think? Do you want to see THIS story continued or not?

I should add that if I do continue with the new idea, I won't just start out of the blue. I will make some kind of bridge between the two parts - it'll be hard, but I'll really think about it, if I ever have the time these coming weeks.