It's been three years now since it happened. Since the life in Miami she knew ended. She had been taking a day off from work and decided to ask Horatio if he wanted to go to lunch. As she was heading toward the building, it suddenly just exploded. The sheer force of it knocked her to the ground, leaving her unconscious. Next thing she knew, she was waking up in a hospital. Later on, she found out that the whole team plus her dad, Kenwall Duquesne, was killed. Since then, she hasn't let go of the feeling that some how she could've prevented them at least from dying. Life hasn't been the same. Her mom worried about her every day since she moved back to Louisiana with her. She hasn't even said one word to anyone since she found out about all the deaths.

The doorbell rang. "Hi Calleigh. I just thought that I would come by and see how you were doing," her mom said cheerfully. Calleigh moved back to let Ms. Duquesne in. "So, how have you been doing," Ms. Duquesne asked kindly. Calleigh just shrugged. "I don't know why it's still so hard for you to talk honey. It's been three years." 'Man, mom doesn't get it,' thought Calleigh. 'It's almost like dad wasn't killed in that explosion to her.' Calleigh didn't even know if she even still had a voice, much less what it sounded like since she hasn't used it in so long. It's like it got scared out of her when she got knocked back. Even if she could use it, would she be able to FORM the words?

Calleigh handed her mom a cup of tea that she got and sat down next to her. "Did you ever really love that boss guy you had back then," Ms. Duquesne asked her. 'How did she know,' Calleigh wondered to herself as she looked at her mom, the surprised look on her face giving away what she was thinking. "Your dad could tell and told me. He often times called me and kept me updated about you." There was a small pause, at least until Ms. Duquesne said, "Some friends of mine and I are having a girls night tomorrow night. You outta come." All Calleigh did was shrug. "You need to get out and meet new friends Calleigh. Have some fun." 'Dang mom. Why do you keep fussing over me? I hate it when you fuss over me like this.' She kept that to herself though.

Calleigh turned on the TV.

"Just a few hours ago, this man you see on your screen,

Clavo Cruiz, escaped from jail. He was found guilty three

years ago for the bombing that occurred in Miami, Florida.

that killed fifty people and wounded ten others. He is considered

armed and dangerous and to be headed to Louisiana. If you have any

information, please call crime stoppers at 888-STOP."

By this point, Calleigh was frozen where she sat. "I wouldn't worry about it too much, pumpkin. He probably thinks your dead," reassured Ms. Duquesne. It didn't help though. Calleigh started shaking. Now that Clavo had escaped, he could be coming after her! "Would you feel safer with your cousin up in New York?" Calleigh nodded. "Okay. I'll start making arrangements."

That night, Calleigh couldn't sleep. When she finally could, they were full of nightmares.

When she woke up in the morning, she wasn't in bed like when she had fallen asleep. She started to panic. 'Where am I?! How'd I get here!?' She started breathing hard and her heart was about ready to pound out of her chest. She was in a dark room with no visible windows or doors. The place looked like a dungeon. Handcuffs lined the stone brick walls, fire lit torches were mid way up, out of anyone's normal reach, and some kind of big medieval machine stood in one corner looking as creepy as ever. It was probably some torcher machine. "Glad to see you're awake," came a voice from the other end of the room. Clavo. She'd never forget that voice. "Are you ready for some fun?" happy and care free. They finally didn't have anything to worry about.