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Fang let out a frustrated growl as he crumpled up another piece of paper and threw it at the wall. It fell with precision onto the floor beside the waste basket, on top of the pyramid of other crumpled papers.

"You'd think," he muttered under his breath, careful not to wake the still sleeping flock, "that I'd be able to write how I feel, even if I can't say it."

His irritated gaze fell on the clock and he realized that his watch was over. With a final sigh he dropped his pencil on the table and walked over to one of the two hotel beds. Quickly identifying which lump was Max, he gave her a shake before walking over to the bed he was sharing with Iggy and Gazzy and flopped onto it. In seconds he was asleep.

Max woke up the second Fang's hand touched her shoulder. Instantly she was sliding out from beneath the covers and heading toward the cheap hotel chair that had been placed right where it could see all the entrances to the room.

"It's pathetic," she thought, "Even in a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere we have to post a watch."

Doing a quick sweep of the room ,her eyes rested on the sleeping forms of the Flock, before they focused on the pile of papers that were piled beside the trash can. Curious, she picked them up and dumped them on the hotel table. They were all written on cheap hotel stationary, which meant they had to have been written sometime since the Flock got there.

She didn't hesitate to pick one and open it up. It read,

"Dear Maximum Ride,"

That was all it read, so she picked up another of what could only be Fang's writing. She opened up the next one,

"Dear Max,"

It too stopped there, so she grabbed another.


I have something really important to"

The rest was scribbled out, and Max, truly curious now, opened another,


There's something I've been wanting to tell"

This one just stopped, and so Max opened another, and another, searching for the reason he was writing. They all said pretty much the same thing, and none of them got to the point. Finally she opened the last one. In big bold letters it read,




Smiling, she ripped off the bottom of the paper and grabbed the pencil. She wrote,


I love you too.


She walked over to Fang and left it by his head so that it would be the first thing he saw in the morning. After waking Iggy up, she flopped down on her bed in the same way Fang had.

Her last thought before she fell asleep was,

"Fang sure knows just what to say."

Well, I hope you enjoyed this one! I sure had fun writing it! I thought it would be fun to show how Fang struggles to put his feelings for Max into words. Please let me know what you think!