It was a gentle summer day, and the leaves were rustled by a cool breeze in the tree above where two boys lay. The black haired boy looked up at the sky from the auburn haired boy's lap.

"Shigeru," he asked. "Will we be together forever?"

"Of course we will, Satoshi, we're best friends." Shigeru replied, and they both went back to watching the clouds pass by.

It was a few hours later, when both boys moved to head home, only to be caught unawares by the large storm thundering towards them.

The younger, Satoshi, had felt a certain unease building inside of him, but had been so comfortable with Shigeru that he hadn't paid it any attention. Now he wished he had as Shigeru pulled him along as he ran home, trying to beat the storm. However, due to Shigeru's longer legs and faster speed, he accidentally dropped Satoshi's hand and by the time he realised, Satoshi had been left behind in the thick forest, hopelessly lost.

Not knowing what else to do, Satoshi huddled at the base of a large tree. He was soon in floods of tears, and then he heard the voice.

"Oi, boy, come with me." Satoshi looked up from where his head rested on top of his knees and saw a small yellow pokemon sitting in front of him. "Come on, then."

"Are you talking to me?" Satoshi whispered, shyly.

"Who else?" The pokemon turned as if to walk off. "Well, are you coming or not?" Satoshi quickly scrambled to his feet and followed the little yellow creature to a tree nearby that had a hollow base. "We'll wait the storm out here." Satoshi nodded, as they squeezed into the hollow. "I'm Pikachu. Who are you, boy?"

"My name is Ash Ketchum, but my best friend, Shigeru, calls me Satoshi."

"Well then, Satoshi it is. You don't really seem like an 'Ash' to me." The rain fell then, in a heavy curtain, blocking off all other sights and sounds outside of the tree. Satoshi started to shiver and so he curled up in a ball, the pikachu by his side.

When Satoshi woke, the sun was shining into the hollow and the pikachu was still sleeping, cuddled up to him. He heard people calling his name and the noise woke the pikachu.

"Hmm, " Pikachu yawned. "They've come to find you, Satoshi. Come see me sometimes, yeah?" And the pikachu scampered out into the sunshine.

Satoshi crawled out of the hollow and moved in the direction of the voices calling him. As soon as he was in sight of them, Satoshi was swept up into his mother's arms and was carried all the way back home.

When he related the story to those concerned adults, they never believed him about the pikachu, and when he told Shigeru, he found out that you weren't meant to understand the pokemon, they only spoke their name over and over again.

Satoshi soon learned not to mention it ever again, although he continued to visit the pikachu, as well as communicating with other pokemon in the forest.


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